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Star of the Week

25 Jan

Earlier this week I was delighted to be able to visit my little one in her classroom for her Star of the Week festivities.

Each week a student in the class is the Star.  A poster is displayed all about that child and a parent visits to read a story and bring a treat.


Except in this case, my daughter wanted to read her own stories which was fine with me :)

Prior to my arrival the kids had come up with some adjectives on the easel to describe the Star of the Week and I got such a kick out of reading some of them…


I think they’ve described her pretty accurately :)

I relish every moment of these visits.  Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button…like when I entered the class and the kids were on the rug learning math and my little one spotted me, smiled big as can be and shouted MOMMY!

I try to savor these seconds…how about you?

First Snow of the Year

3 Jan


Today we are all home frolicking in the much-anticipated snowstorm that has hit the northeast. I guess I shouldn’t really say WE as I’m actually curled up under multiple sweaters and blankets with a hot cup of tea just WATCHING the frolicking.

It’s so rare my husband gets a day off so I’m thrilled that his office closed today.  And more thrilled that I didn’t have to be the one clearing the driveway :)

Last night as we watched the snow come down the kids were bouncing off the walls beyond excited.  We let them stay up late hanging out with their friend who lives a couple of houses away and was over hanging with us.  She snapped this photo which is so funny:

family sandwich

family sandwich

Did you have snow today too?


Unity Day, Sigh

9 Oct
our town was awash in orange today

our town was awash in orange today–my 3 were no exception :)

Today was Unity Day in our school system all around. All students were asked to wear orange “to show their support and help those being harassed or bullied”.

Did you know that in my real life I am actually a practicing licensed clinical social worker?  So this kind of event should be right up my professional alley? But in reality, I find them cringe worthy and irritating.  For one thing the girls had no orange shirts so that meant I had to go purchase some.  Much more than that though is the overkill of this kind of day.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I am very anti-bullying and absolutely think it should be seriously addressed in the schools.  But do my 6 and 7 year olds have to spend a portion of the school day focusing on it?  Please, they need every precious minute possible trying to discern that common core curriculum.  (And by the way when I asked what they did today, my first grader said they read a book about bullying that she didn’t understand and the 3rd graders said they saw a movie and there was discussion.)

Sadly, there’s often a lot of pomp and circumstance when it comes to these things but then there’s my friend’s son who was terribly bullied last year in our district and she had tremendous difficulty getting a resolution despite following all of the appropriate channels and protocols.

When I tried to chit-chat about Unity Day at the bus stop, (where I already often at times feel like a pariah mom) I was schooled about how it’s important to have days like this “to heighten awareness”.  Well it’s interesting to read this article today, on the day of our Unity Day, which contends that not only are anti-bullying programs ineffective, but that they may be doing more harm than good.

Can you relate to my sentiments or do you want to school me as well?


Little Girl Growing Up

13 Aug


When I look at this photo of my soon to be 8-year-old I can see the teenager in her so clearly.  I squeeze my eyes tightly shut before I allow myself to imagine the young adult and onward.

I want to grab a curl and smooch her nose while she’ll still let me…

Annual Adventureland Expedition

11 Aug

Every summer for the past few we have been delighting the kids with the promise of an Adventureland visit at least once during the warm months. The love it so much and I know my husband gets a little thrill taking his children to a park that he used to go to as a child. It’s been pretty wild watching them grow literally on the rides each summer….starting out as little peanuts who barely made the height requirements for anything fun.

We did have a very scary incident on a ride one year and I am absolutely thrilled that definite changes have been made on that ride, I’m pretty sure, because of the concerns I raised. I feel very pleased about that and how everything was handled.

This summer’s visit was no different in that there was total enjoyment.  What was different is that the little guys are now big guys meeting many of the height requirements enabling them to go on the some of the bigger rides without an adult chaperone…very exciting!


I love it when the twins seemingly bond with one another, and since the little one was too little to ride on the big rides without a parent they did seem to be together a lot and I was LOVING it!


Luckily the little one wasn’t too daunted as she had some good times with her dad.

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

After 4 hours at the park we spent the next 5 hours at a BBQ.  I love summer!!!!!!!

And I love big bro walking his sister out of the park…!


Is going to an amusement park part of your summer ritual?

Today I’m Feeling Sad…

3 Jun


I found this in my kindergartener’s backpack last week.

She said she was sad because one of her classmate’s wouldn’t sit next to her in art.

Though I hate to think of her sad, I just love how she used art to express feelings.  I told art is one great way to get her feelings out!

Do your children ever draw how they feel?

Soccer Kids

16 Sep

Well I am thanking god that 2 out of my 3 children inherited their father’s athletic prowess because I am a big zero in the athletic department!

We are now into the fall soccer season which means our Saturdays are spent first with the kindergarten soccer team and the later in the afternoon with the second graders.

The weather yesterday was brilliant so I was more than happy to plant myself on the sidelines and play around with my fabulous camera and telephoto lens.

Really I could care less whether or not the kids excel at sports…or even play sports…as long as they are having fun…

Thankfully that seems to be the case…for now :)

Kids’ Lemonade Stand and Good People

10 Jul

Yesterday the kids had a play date and were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were going to create and work a lemonade stand.

This was thrilling for so many reasons on so many levels but mainly because a lemonade stand is just not doable on our street…where maybe one vehicle rolls down every two hours (don’t get me wrong…we love that!)

It was so adorable how the kids jumped up and down and screamed to try to get customers.  As I sat and watched I had one of those “moments” and started to feel a little choked up….how the kids are so innocent and adorable and how time is passing by.

Also though I was struck with the kindness of everyday people.  I mean people actually stopped their cars to get out and hand over a dollar for crappy lemonade…and some insisted on giving two dollars.  The “buyers” engaged the kids in conversation and gave them a lot of positive reinforcement and kindness.  It meant a lot to me and it’s a reminder that there are lots of great people in the world!

It was another memorable summer day and a time we will look back on fondly.  My friend wrote about it too and has some cute pictures…check it out!

Have you ever done a lemonade stand with your children?


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