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12 Sep


I was shocked and delighted when I checked my son’s homework sheet last night and saw myself  listed as his hero  as he really is a daddy’s boy. When I told him he made me happy he said,

Actually you and Daddy are both my heroes but you’re more my hero because you do sensitive things.

So nice to be positively regarded after last week when my 5 year old slipped this note under my door where I had sequestered myself while trying to make a phone call.

I guess you win some you lose some! :)


The Power of Words

7 Mar

The other night my son told me he hated me and couldn’t wait until I died. (All because I had the audacity to pick up the remote and program some Lego show to record later that evening…for him…while he was watching Sponge Bob AND playing on his DS.)

He then stormed off to his room and hid under his covers.  When he came out a little later I told him that was the meanest thing anyone had ever said to me.  He returned to his room.  Moments later he approached and handed me this card:

Dear Mom,

I am so sorry for saying to you I can’t wayt in til you die.


Though the card makes me smile, I can’t help but wonder how he got so vicious!  I’m no saint and the kids hear me say things I regret, but no one here ever speaks about wishing someone dead.  I wasn’t kidding when I said it was the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me!

Are you ever astonished at what comes out of the mouths of your babes?!


17 Jan

I awakened yesterday morning to the sound of my children singing happy birthday to Martin Luther King!  It was so seriously cute.

They had no school and I have a cold so I stayed in my bed a little longer than usual to rest.  When I stumbled out my daughter asked,

Can Martin Luther King hear us in Heaven?

I told her I bet he can.  She said,

Well I know God hears everything so if he didn’t hear us sing God will tell him happy birthday.


Then we got going to the children’s museum.  It’s really close to us and I wanted to get there right at 10 when it opened because the place is always really mobbed.  I brought some passes I won which was a huge score because otherwise I would have been out close to 50 bucks for two hours of hell fun.

My son complained that it was going to be lame and that he’d rather be playing video games.  But then he saw this giant climbing thing and all bets were off!

Though we’ve been to the museum a few times, they have no prior memory of it.  This climbing thing was always off-limits to them because they were so little.  It saddened me, in a way, to watch them crawling around with big kids.

We did bubbles, building blocks, musical instruments and all sorts of  migraine inducing fun stuff.

After 2 hours I they had had enough.

But not before they stared at themselves…all of them…for another 20 minutes!

How was your MLK Day?!

Say Hello To Our Elf

2 Dec

Last year a friend gave us The Elf on The Shelf.

I had no idea what it was all about.  All I knew was that I would see those boxes all over Barnes & Noble, you know, when I used to take the little one to story time.

Well hello it’s just about the cutest scam incentive around to get kids excited about behaving because Santa, or in this case, his elf, is watching.

The children named him, Smiley, though the girls insist my son chose the name and they hate it. And they tell this story every. day.

So this is our second year of Smiley.  I didn’t know when he is supposed to reappear.  I decided Dec 1 would be good.  (and then I actually read the book and did some research and it seems that he comes back on the Thanksgiving night…but considering I was getting goody bags ready for 31 children…that would not have been ideal.)

This morning I heard screams of delight.

Smiley came baaaaaaack!  Mommy Smiley’s heeeeereeeeee!

So then my first grader began her litany about how she’s behaving and what she wants.  Then she figured she’d better write it down.

Dear Santa,

I always try my best to be good. 

But I really can’t because of my sister and brother. 

I want an iPad and a real magic wand and a happy napper and a wogelle (???) pet.


I love how all my kids are asking for iPods and iPads and their parents don’t even own any.

Now in addition to moving that Smiley to a new spot this evening I had to remember to take the letter!

So tell me about your elf.   And any elf moving tips would be appreciated.:)

A Little Grapefruit Before Bed

17 Nov

Our lovely neighbors always bring us citrus fruit from Florida.  My girls begged to have some


before dinner tonight.

They sucked it down like it was a milkshake…strange to me, being not a fan of grapefruit (unless it’s grapefruit juice, with some Grey Goose and some cranberry juice :) )

Are you ever surprised about what your kids consume?

They STILL Say the Cutest Things!

16 Nov

My twins are turning 6 next week and I am in complete denial.  Even though the majority of the children in this house are in 1st grade, they are still cracking me up with what comes out of their mouths.

Like at dinner tonight, my daughter was sitting with her sister on one side of the table, a bench.  She says

Move over…I’m on the edge of glory!

She complained that when she had to sleep with her sister she did too much

talk sleeping

Then I hear my son this morning tell his sister,

Hey did you hear that?  It was so cool.  I sneezed and coughed AT THE SAME TIME!!!

This is a guy who, while in Home Depot this weekend, shouted out

I wish I lived here.

Christmas stuff! Or why my son wants to live in this aisle at Home Depot

My son STILL requests his morning waffle with no

black of cook

(and my husband and I actually have incorporated black of cook into our conversations)

And my littlest monkey had a friend over yesterday.  I heard her say she’ll be right back.  Moments later I hear,

Do you know why it’s taking me so long in the bathroom? Because I’m MAKING A DOODEE!!!!!!

At which point her friend came into the bathroom and they had a conversation about princesses.

It’s getting really crazy over here as holidays and birthdays approach so I’m glad to crack a smile once in a while.

Do you record the cute things your kids say?

Wendy’s, Leaves and Vino on Vets Day

11 Nov

These holidays where the kids are off but my husband is working really blow allow me to spend some great quality time with my three demons angels.

The day began with me awakening to the twins wrestling each other, on top of me, including a hard knee, foot or whatever to my stomach.  Before I opened my eyes I was aware of a killer migraine.

My son had a friend come over.  I have been so bad about these things called play dates.  They are almost impossible to do for one of your children when you have a lot of children.   I was trying to do some cooking and keep the girls distracted and away from the boys and it wasn’t easy!

The special treat of the day was when I took them to their favorite lunch spot, Wendy’s.  The one we go to is always mobbed….I don’t get it.  But the little one put a smile on everyone’s faces over there after someone gave her some balloons and she bellowed to everyone in the place,

This is the goodest day ever!

We went to the park for a little while afterwards.  There was no one else there.  Geez the weather dips into the 50’s and everyone heads indoors it seems!

The kids felt a little chilly so we packed it up early, went home and bundled up and then decided to have some fun with leaves.

By fun, I mean I raked and the kids jumped in the leaves and threw them all around then demanded I make the pile again. :)

I was wiped out after all that fun.  The twins were fighting non stop so I dragged them into their rooms suggested it would be nice for everyone to have some quiet time.

The little one started chatting with her baby doll about the day and our adventures and within moments she passed out.  And to my surprise my big man fell asleep as well.

He was in a pissy mood so I guess I wasn’t completely surprised.  Earlier he was yelling at me,

Moooooom, I wish you’d named me Darth Vader

Now they’re all coming at me about dinner.  My daughter says it’s been awhile since I’ve made

beef stroke

And she’s officially put that in for her request.

Thankfully my husband just came home.  I heard my daughter ask him

why do you have old hands?

Put it all together and Veteran’s Day for me is being capped off with some vinoooooooooooo!  I know my head is going to hurt worse but I don’t care!

Did you do anything fun today? :)

Lunch Duty & Rethinking Kissing Boo Boos

27 Oct

Every Wednesday my little one stays after school for an enrichment program.  She loves it because on those days she has lunch at school.  (and on those days I have no kids until 2 pm which is still hard to fathom!  Making me think about a moment when the little one was a few weeks old and the twins were not even 2.  Someone, maybe my mother in law, came over for a visit and I took a shower.   I had 30 minutes alone and it felt I had gone on a 10 day cruise….for like 5 minutes…)

Yesterday I was on lunch duty at the school.  The cuteness was almost too much to stand.  I can’t even express the way it feels to see my kid so happy, so vibrant, and so social at school.

It confirms how essential a warm and wonderful teacher is to this process.  Her witch of a teacher from last year doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter when we pass her in the hall…can you imagine that?

The happy post lunch girl

By the end of the day she was tired, which was perfect for her brother to really aggravate her.  They started fighting and kicking each other on my bed and she cried.

I asked my daughter to go be a big sister and kiss what’s hurting on the little one. She comes right back and says

But mom…I can’t kiss her vagina!

(big brother had kicked her there, apparently)

To which the little one cried harder and said


It’s been a fun week over here.  How’s yours going?

All in An Average Weekend

23 Oct

He came into the kitchen, threw himself on the floor and told me all about his sister bothering him…

And I have a headache of her

…was the end of his sad tale.

Meanwhile, his sister was in her room writing down her woes on a chalkboard.

Names have been blocked out to protect the guilty innocent

So this basically says this is the worst day of her life and her brother and sister are terrible (“terdl”) and better stop it.  (The social worker in me thinks it’s pretty cool that she decided to vent her feelings by writing them.)

Then there was this evening with the little one telling me she has something stuck in her nose, but she doesn’t know what.  And of course my husband isn’t home.  But thankfully tweezers and a flashlight helped me to extract the little piece of felt she shoved up there because

it was on my floor and I didn’t want it there

Hey how was your weekend!?


Spirit Week and the Unenthused Mom

14 Oct

(And this brought to you at the end of a week of a 72 hour rain induced migraine and a cricket infested den…)

The kids had spirit day Friday at school.  Parents had the option to dress the kids in spirit shirts that you could purchase or clothes which display our “town colors”.  Since I don’t have any extra MAROON AND GRAY shirts lying around, two were purchased for the twins (because we only have about 500 other non MAROON AND GRAY shirts which say the name of our town on them).

So first off, I hate football.  When I started dating my husband I really tried to get into it but it’s just not happening in this lifetime.  And then I told you once how I attended a high school in the middle of nowhere in Jersey where football was the highlight of everyone’s lives (except mine).  And then there’s the fact that I am not a festive person.

Every mass email from the twins’ school principal this week has closed with “Go Trojans” or something along those lines.  (And really truly when I hear “Trojan” I do not think of a football team…!)  I think those Trojans even came to the twins school today with the cheerleaders for a pep rally.  Sigh.

I don’t even know for sure because I was one of the parent volunteers in my son’s class helping the kids construct flags.

To use to cheer marchers.

At a parade tomorrow.

Which will march to the FOOTBALL GAME!!!

(some faces blurred out to respect privacy of the other kids)

But I do truly love to volunteer in the classrooms because the kids are really so damn cute.  But I was also the mom who:

1-did not bring a glue gun (I’ve never even seen one of these things and people own them…and sometimes more than one! Go figure!)

2-forgot to bring the required pair of scissors

3-brought a 6 inch ruler in lieu of the required 12 inch ruler because we have fifteen 6 inch rulers in our house and zero 12 inch rulers (and surprisingly, the ruler was insufficient)

4-came accompanied by a fiery little red-headed baby sister

One little gal sitting next to my son was staring at me today smiling.  I said “Hi there, I’m his mom” pointing to my guy.  She says, still smiling,

I like your hair.


And all the kids loved playing with baby sister who came with me.  She was like a little pet in the class and fit right in with all the activities.

Okay so despite the fact that I am completely unenthused, I’m doing the best I can muster, for the kids.

The bus, by the way, was late coming home today, again because of the football pep rally being held at the high school!  My son told me all about it when he leapt off the bus,

Mommy the bus was late because the high school had a PEPPERMINT!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

I’ll be at the homecoming parade :), cheering with my spirit flag :) .

GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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