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First Snow of the Year

3 Jan


Today we are all home frolicking in the much-anticipated snowstorm that has hit the northeast. I guess I shouldn’t really say WE as I’m actually curled up under multiple sweaters and blankets with a hot cup of tea just WATCHING the frolicking.

It’s so rare my husband gets a day off so I’m thrilled that his office closed today.  And more thrilled that I didn’t have to be the one clearing the driveway :)

Last night as we watched the snow come down the kids were bouncing off the walls beyond excited.  We let them stay up late hanging out with their friend who lives a couple of houses away and was over hanging with us.  She snapped this photo which is so funny:

family sandwich

family sandwich

Did you have snow today too?


Annual Adventureland Expedition

11 Aug

Every summer for the past few we have been delighting the kids with the promise of an Adventureland visit at least once during the warm months. The love it so much and I know my husband gets a little thrill taking his children to a park that he used to go to as a child. It’s been pretty wild watching them grow literally on the rides each summer….starting out as little peanuts who barely made the height requirements for anything fun.

We did have a very scary incident on a ride one year and I am absolutely thrilled that definite changes have been made on that ride, I’m pretty sure, because of the concerns I raised. I feel very pleased about that and how everything was handled.

This summer’s visit was no different in that there was total enjoyment.  What was different is that the little guys are now big guys meeting many of the height requirements enabling them to go on the some of the bigger rides without an adult chaperone…very exciting!


I love it when the twins seemingly bond with one another, and since the little one was too little to ride on the big rides without a parent they did seem to be together a lot and I was LOVING it!


Luckily the little one wasn’t too daunted as she had some good times with her dad.

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

After 4 hours at the park we spent the next 5 hours at a BBQ.  I love summer!!!!!!!

And I love big bro walking his sister out of the park…!


Is going to an amusement park part of your summer ritual?

Slow Down Precious Summer!

2 Aug

We got some new school backpacks yesterday so school is officially around the corner. On July 4th, as I sat at the pool with my husband, he said, “that’s it summer is going to fly from here.” He’s right! I blinked and it’s a month later!


We continue to have fun swimming everyday at our pool or the beach and I am just amazed at how fearless the kids are in the water.

We’ve also been exploring all the parks in the area.  I get wistful how they’ve mastered the monkey bars when I remember how I used to run from one teetering toddler to the next at different edges of the park.





They participated in a soccer clinic the other night for 2 hours which, no big shock here, was tons of fun for them.  It was a nice mini break for me and since my husband got home from work a tiny bit early we were able to run off and grab a quick bite to eat.


We are headed to the beach again today which makes me very happy.  How is your summer going?  I was speaking with someone last night who told me she couldn’t wait for it to end and I could barely process what she was saying…I could live summer all year-long. :)

“Do You Want to Play Camping?”

26 Jul

Today was so beautiful and sunny and for me a warm welcome from the FRIGID fall like temperatures yesterday. We decided to take a break from swimming and use the break in the heat to play at home.

I have to say the kids did a great job entertaining themselves wonderfully with imaginative play. They concocted “camping” yesterday in between the rain and couldn’t wait to play again today. First thing this morning I heard them all buzzing “do you want to play camping?!” and they were outside at 8 a.m!

I’ve been a little lax with my blogging because I’ve been trying to be more present with them, with moments like these.


And then they ate their 212th Italian Ices of the summer!

IMG_2113 IMG_2114

Isn’t it great to see your children playing together?

Summer Nights

10 Jul


I snapped this as the kids were playing Red Light Green Light 1-2-3!

I could have sat around all night watching them :)

Anyone else feel like summer only just arrived and it’s already flying by too fast…?

American Girl Store Sojourn

25 Jun

So if you know me by now you know that I love summer, but I dislike more things, like crowded places that draw lots of children.  (oh there are many more on the list but I’ll save that for another day :) )It’s a struggle to be a parent who wants to make her kids happy, while also being somewhat of an antisocial introverted hermit who would prefer to lay around and read a book.

My kids may be the only ones in our town who have yet to visit Disney.  Oh the poor neglected imps!  The hubs and I loathe and dread the idea and most of our friends think we are crazy because the place is oh so fun which makes us feel like we might be crazy (how can an adult want to go that place, time and time again?!?). But I digress…

The girls, my girls, ages 7 and 6 have been BEGGING to go visit the American Girl Store since they got those darn dolls.  Seems like every little girl around here, by the time she is 5 or so, has a doll or wants a doll and most of them have some monumental visit to the store on the 5th or 6th birthday to pick out the doll or another and have a blast.

Well my neglected girls, shockingly, never did get those visits, though they did get the dolls, so I finally relented and planned the trip with a friend (whose daughter, my daughter’s BFF has been multiple times!) for right after school ended.

And for months and weeks the girls poured over the catalog and fantasized about the experience, while I dreaded it! But when the day finally got here, yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel excited for the girls who had awakened at 5:30 a.m. and dressed and were ready to trek into NYC for their experience.


We got a lot of sweet smiles from strangers in Penn Station and it was a reminder to me to continue to relish in the sweetness of these girls!


And truth be told I loved being with them.  My son was with his dad enjoying going to work with him.  I got to catch up with my friend while the girls buzzed about everything they AND their dolls were experiencing!


The food was not the greatest part of the day, but when the hostess said “how many dolls in your party?”, I did crack a smile!

“Feeding” the dolls was one highlight but definitely the major highlight of this experience was getting their hair styled and ears pierced.  Yes, you heard me right.  I paid real money for hair styles and ear piercings for dolls.  x2.  !!!!!!!!!!

IMG_1894 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898

The ladies styling the hair were so lovely.  They were a highlight for me in how they engaged the girls, got them talking about themselves and gave them tips for taking care of the dolls hair…really lovely ladies!  And the girls, well, they were beside themselves with the results!!!

Really truly all in all it was a super cute day despite all my grumbling and it was such a great opportunity for some family and friend bonding.

IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1904 IMG_1905

Today my daughter asked when we could go back.  I took a breath and said “not for many, many, many, weeks…”  She said “oh I’m SO GLAD you didn’t say months!” :)

Do you have any American Girl Store thoughts?  Are there any other cranky moms out there?

Group Hug

30 Mar


I walked in on my little guys in a three way in embrace the other day.  It was truly a miraculous sight!

Don’t you just love when they’re all having a love moment?!

More What The Kids Wear and Driving Me Crazy

26 Mar


Today the kids once again dressed so peculiarly stylishly that I wanted to snap a photo as a follow-up to yesterday’s post.

However, I could not get them to stand still long enough without fighting about where to stand, to snap a picture.  Yes you heard me. The fight was about who stands in the middle.

Have I mentioned that it is just DAY TWO of spring break and they are already driving me to insanity?

Are school break weeks longer weeks for any other moms or is it just me?!

What My 7 Year Old Does In Her Free Time

23 Mar

Having already mentioned that my husband frequently accuses me of being a nerd because of my love of reading and the library, I have also mentioned that my daughter has become a reader too with a specific interest in biographies.

After reading every Anne Frank book she could get her hands on, when she finished her homework one day after school she electively wrote a report on her.  Yes I said that correctly.  While the other two rugrats scrambled to watch SpongeBob or play on the iPods, my big girl got to work on this project:



Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with her :)

Does your kid ever do anything that blows you away?

When Children Text

5 Mar


I’m beginning to dread that day I thought it was wise to get those kids iPods!

(And this is one of the more tame samples between two of them…two who incidentally had the devices taken away for over a week for serious infractions, involving butts and iPod cameras and iMessaging.  I’ll stop there!)


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