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“Get Out of My World” — Minecraft Madness

15 Apr


When the kids get home from school they throw down their backpacks and try to grab their iPods…like little crack addicts they are yearning to get on and play Minecraft.  As soon as they complete their homework they congregate together and start virtually assaulting each other in the world of Minecraft.

And this is what I hear “Get out of my world!  Watch out for the creepers!  Look there’s a zombie!  I need food…who has food!  Hey who’s hitting me!?” And on and on.  Yet they tell me it’s fun.  If I allowed it they would play all. day. long!

Anyone else have Minecraft addicts?

Field Trip to the Planetarium

27 Mar

Today I was thrilled to be a substitute parent chaperone on for my little one’s field trip.  I hadn’t been able to snatch a spot as a chaperone on any trips for her and I had been bumming all year.  However when I showed up today as a last-minute sub and learned that the bus ride was 45 minutes I was a little horrified!!!!!  Here’s why:

1-I suffer from motion sickness.

2-Theres’s usually a kid who pukes on long bus rides and I’m not good with puke.

But alas we crammed on the nausea inducing bus (with the nauseous child and his vomit bag seated behind me) and made it to the Vanderbilt Museum Planetarium.  I remember going to the Hayden Planetarium as a child and adult and I was excited to see what was in store.

I actually was deluding myself a bit thinking I was going to see Laser Floyd or something…wishful thinking!

The lady who ran the show was a bit of a control freak which was sort of funny to witness in a room filled with over one hundred first graders.  But the kids were actually entertained for an hour learning about the solar system, planets and the constellations.   It was a great bonding moment with my little one….another one I wanted to freeze.  In the middle of it all she said, “Mommy can you take me here sometime?” :)

staring at the stars

staring at the stars


I just love this photo of her hair as she waited to go in!

Before we knew it our time there was over.  But I did learn something neat…a planetary mnemonic………..

Do you know the planets in the solar system?  Remember Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet…so…think about this…

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

Cool huh?!

(And thank god there were no pukers on the bus!)

School Drop Off

6 Feb

When my husband is working nearby (he is usually gone all day in Manhattan) he usually offers to drive the kids to school as a treat and a way to spend a little bit of extra special time with them. Today was one of those mornings; I decided to join the them as I wanted to check out the drop off process.

However, there was no process to check out because we got to school too early. The twins were more than happy to show me where I should escort them to wait for school to commence…
And I just had to snap a picture of them sitting there on the bench waiting for school to start…that look on my son’s face… :)
I’m glad I got to share in the moment today and I love that the kids have these dates with their daddy!

Do you ever have simple special moments like this?

Star of the Week

25 Jan

Earlier this week I was delighted to be able to visit my little one in her classroom for her Star of the Week festivities.

Each week a student in the class is the Star.  A poster is displayed all about that child and a parent visits to read a story and bring a treat.


Except in this case, my daughter wanted to read her own stories which was fine with me :)

Prior to my arrival the kids had come up with some adjectives on the easel to describe the Star of the Week and I got such a kick out of reading some of them…


I think they’ve described her pretty accurately :)

I relish every moment of these visits.  Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button…like when I entered the class and the kids were on the rug learning math and my little one spotted me, smiled big as can be and shouted MOMMY!

I try to savor these seconds…how about you?

Winding Down…

29 Dec

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays have wiped me out! I’m so tired, and the kids are sort of draining me driving me really crazy during this long break from school. The day after Christmas the little one requested we spend the day going shopping for toys…can you imagine?!  Every year I tell myself I’m going to try to cut down on the excess but my husband has a large family so the kids end up getting a lot of gifts.  They are so fortunate…but I want them to appreciate what they have and receive and it’s tough instilling that when there’s so much coming at them.

Last night I watched my twins eating dinner in their new pjs (Santa always brings pjs) and I couldn’t get over the cuteness.

We still have a week to go before school resumes here and we are just taking it easy and hanging out.


(Ice cream is always great…even when it’s rainy and freezing out like tonight!)

If you, like us, aren’t vacating, how are you occupying the kids during the school break?

So Many Holiday Shows!

12 Dec

Yesterday my little one had her Winter Festival. It doesn’t feel like it was 3 whole years ago her twins siblings had their kindergarten winter festival in the school, and then their first grade one. And then of course last year it was hard to believe I was sitting in my baby’s kindergarten winter festival and now here we are and this is the last winter festival I will be attending.

I arrived 45 minutes early for a front row seat to soak up every glorious moment.

One of the many highlights was when she played the glockenspiel :)


Now a few weeks back my 3rd graders also got to participate in shows of their own…Thanksgiving shows. So half the third grade classes performed at 9:00 and the other half at 10:15 and you guessed it…I had one twin in each cluster so we watched the same 3 plays twice and ironically my twins each performed the same play!

But, they were adorable! Both the pilgrim…
and the Native American!

Have you been attending some amazing performances too!?

My Last Halloween Parade

3 Nov

Here I was lamenting about all the “festivities” involved with Halloween, and then Halloween came.

I arrived at the little one’s little school awaiting the beginning of her Halloween parade. I stood there feeling old, watching the younger moms with their strollers and infants and toddlers, in awe that it wasn’t too long ago I stood in the same spot as my twins paraded. Then it hit me. After all the years of these parades, this was it, my last Halloween parade.

It’s not about the parade of course it’s about my babies growing up….faster every day. :(  I seem to be acutely aware of it at these events.  Do you, as a parent, find yourself reflecting a lot about time passing by?

But on the bright side I just have to share this photo of the candy sorting on Halloween night…it always makes me smile :)


First Day of School 2013

6 Sep

Well the third and first graders had their first day of school on Tuesday and I think it went pretty smoothly.

We don’t do a big back to school shop but I do get the kids new outfits for the first day.  The girls saw those dresses at the Children’s Place and both wanted them.  I was pleased because my big girl doesn’t even like to wear dresses anymore and the matching outfits worked out okay because they are at different schools.  My son on the other hand didn’t want any new clothes except new socks. (what a typical boy!) :)  He said his first day outfit would consist of lacrosse shorts and a “handsome shirt”.

As soon as they took off I headed out to our local Starbucks where I always meet up with a couple of friends to commiserate on the first day of school. Some years I’ve sat there with a lump in my throat, like last year when my little one went to kindergarten. This year, I felt alright.

002 009

It was a bit cloudy and humid in the morning but by the time the kids were delivered home the sun was shining beautifully and I was happy to hear all about the day. Of course they raced off and I heard barely anything!

We carried on another tradition that evening thanks to my lovely neighbors. On the first day of school they always give us an ice cream cake to celebrate after they wait at the bus stop with us!  We have our neighbors over for an ice cream party after school to talk about the first day.

First week was only two days as we have Thurs and Fri off for holidays.  It’s nice they are able to ease back into things.

How’s back to school going for you?

Today I’m Feeling Sad…

3 Jun


I found this in my kindergartener’s backpack last week.

She said she was sad because one of her classmate’s wouldn’t sit next to her in art.

Though I hate to think of her sad, I just love how she used art to express feelings.  I told art is one great way to get her feelings out!

Do your children ever draw how they feel?

2nd Grade Pizza Friday

20 Apr

In my community, kindergarten and 1st grade are spent in one school and there are lots of opportunities for parents to get involved in classroom projects and field trips.

Once they hit second grade, however, it’s big league.  Immersed with grades up to fifth it’s hardcore and there are very few chances for parents to be involved with the kids during the school day.

So I thought I was very fortunate to have secured a coveted spot as a parent volunteer on Friday helping to serve on one of a few special pizza Fridays.  The twins were happy and immediately grilled me as to which side of the cafeteria I would be serving on, which thrust me into another twin mom dilemma, given that they both were on opposite sides of the cafeteria.

But ultimately, I ended up serving on my son’s side because it was via his class that I signed up to be a volunteer.  That didn’t stop me, however, from visiting with my girl twin to get some midday smooches.


She and her pals were more than happy to ham it up for the camera.

Her brother on the other hand got a little cool for his momma when he was around his friends.


It was such a thrill to see them in their element!  I was told there are so few 5th grade parent volunteers to serve the students because by 5th grade the kids absolutely do not want their parents coming around :(

It’s unfathomable that another school year will be soon completed…

Do you grab opportunities to help out at your child/ren’s school?


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