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The Last Hour of 1st and 3rd Grades

26 Jun


Today is the last day of school and all of us coincidentally are in blue, similarly to the first day.  It’s hard for me to believe they will all be together in the ‘big school’ next year…my babies!

For the past couple of half days I’ve been racing around, running to Target, stocking up as if I were hurricane prepping.  My last hour this morning will be a continuation of the stockpiling because we all know what it’s like shopping with kids!

Good thing it’s my favorite season!

Do You Remember Field Day?

23 Jun

I attended field day at both kids schools over the past couple of weeks and the delight I observed was contagious!

IMG_7905 IMG_7920 IMG_7947

I was so thankful the twins were playing for the same team this year…grey!

IMG_8082 IMG_8098 IMG_8084 IMG_8116 IMG_8121 IMG_8129

Field day really marks the beginning of the end of school, so there’s lots of joy around here.

We are saying farewell to 1st and 3rd grades!


First Grade Play “Over the Bridge”

19 Jun

Last week my daughter performed in her musical class play which was based upon the book The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  My little one was one of the goats, the nanny goat.


She had quite a few lines to learn, and did an amazing job.  I was quite honestly impressed with the entire production.

IMG_8066 IMG_3835



The teachers, the children…all so special.

The play was professionally filmed with the option to purchase the DVD.  We cannot wait to view it. :)

Has your child every participated in a school play? What a great experience!



Mom I Gave Back the Violin TODAY…Third Grade Spring Concert

10 Jun

That’s what my daughter exclaimed when she got off of the bus today.  She was delighted, FINALLY, that she made it through her year of the violin.

When she decided to sign up to take violin at the end of last year I was excited for her.  I started violin in the 4th grade and played through the 12th grade.  I asked if she knew I had played.  She said she had but that her choice had nothing to do with me.  I thought it was a nice choice actually because, though she is a tiny petite thing, she has beautiful long fingers…maybe that would give her an advantage…?!

For the first week or so she practiced a little and then, nothing. I’m sure you can imagine how it went from there.  As the weeks wore on she became very disenchanted and wanted to quit. The violin is tough after all!  I told her she could absolutely quit, but not until she completed the year.

Her complaints turned to anxiety as her spring concert approached…she would be on stage playing her violin in the orchestra.


Nightly cram sessions in pjs like this in the kitchen started happening. It was then I saw her really making an effort, but it was also too late at this point, only days before the concert! “I’ll just blend in” she wisely told me. :)

me playing the violin in elementary school!

me playing the violin in elementary school!

When the big day arrived I was excited to see both of my twins all dressed and ready to go. The 3rd graders also had prepared songs on their recorders.
IMG_7829My husband and I were actually a little nervous for my daughter when we arrived at the school for the concert!!! But when the orchestra appeared and I found my little peanut, my nerves diminished.  She looked so adorable, so mature, and very confident!


And she did it.

Her recorder was a breeze after that!


Next up was my little man.  When he was a kindergarten, I got a call from his music teacher basically giving me the heads up that he was failing music.  You heard me correctly.  My 5 year old failed music.  So we never have really high expectations when it comes to this guy and singing. :)


After the concert I said gee son it didn’t look like you were singing, it appeared like you were only moving your mouth.  He said “I wasn’t singing I was lip singing which is better than singing.”  I guess this guy has never heard of the term lip syncing. :)

So there you have it!  We made it through a year of violin and music!

Oh and did I mention that my son has signed up to play the sax next year!!!? :)

What’s your experience been like with your kids and musical instruments?


1st Grade Spring Sing

7 May

During my little one’s spring sing this week she looked right at me and flashed this smile.

It was enough to get the tears going, as they are threatening to start right now just looking at the photo.  There’s just something about my baby hitting milestones that is so much harder to swallow.   And every event she has these days is symbolic of her growing up.

As I sat listening to her sing, choking back the tears, I thought about the twins spring sing.  It was two years ago but it feels like it could have been last month.  I know I tend to ruminate so much in these posts about time passing by.  I think I need to dedicate an entire blog post about it in the near future so I can explain myself.


She sang her heart out (while mine broke!)!  Despite everything I was feeling, I loved every minute of it.

And really…aren’t school shows the best?


My Little Author and Her Special Blanket

1 May

Today was an adorable and delightful day.


The torrential downpour that had overcome Long Island yesterday, turned into fog this morning, and dissipated into beautiful sunshine by afternoon in time for my little one’s author’s tea.

In first grade the students all write and publish books and then the parents are invited to hear them read.  It’s adorable and I can’t believe it’s been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I attended the twins authors tea…sigh, sob!



My daughter chose to write a non fiction book on one of the most important things in her world, her gockey.  If you’ve read the book you’ll realize gockey is the name for her special blanket, gockey being how she pronounced blankie as a baby, and the name has stuck. :)

The book details the life of gockey…where I purchased it, what it looks like, and what the future holds for my little one and gockey.  For an added treat today I allowed her to take gockey to school.  At the end of her story she pulled out the real live gockey from under her legs….it was too cute.


Days like today make me wish I could freeze time or at least slow it down it a little…..



She’s looking so grown up lately.  But I do love that she still has her gockey!

How many of you have kids with special blankets?


“Get Out of My World” — Minecraft Madness

15 Apr


When the kids get home from school they throw down their backpacks and try to grab their iPods…like little crack addicts they are yearning to get on and play Minecraft.  As soon as they complete their homework they congregate together and start virtually assaulting each other in the world of Minecraft.

And this is what I hear “Get out of my world!  Watch out for the creepers!  Look there’s a zombie!  I need food…who has food!  Hey who’s hitting me!?” And on and on.  Yet they tell me it’s fun.  If I allowed it they would play all. day. long!

Anyone else have Minecraft addicts?

Field Trip to the Planetarium

27 Mar

Today I was thrilled to be a substitute parent chaperone on for my little one’s field trip.  I hadn’t been able to snatch a spot as a chaperone on any trips for her and I had been bumming all year.  However when I showed up today as a last-minute sub and learned that the bus ride was 45 minutes I was a little horrified!!!!!  Here’s why:

1-I suffer from motion sickness.

2-Theres’s usually a kid who pukes on long bus rides and I’m not good with puke.

But alas we crammed on the nausea inducing bus (with the nauseous child and his vomit bag seated behind me) and made it to the Vanderbilt Museum Planetarium.  I remember going to the Hayden Planetarium as a child and adult and I was excited to see what was in store.

I actually was deluding myself a bit thinking I was going to see Laser Floyd or something…wishful thinking!

The lady who ran the show was a bit of a control freak which was sort of funny to witness in a room filled with over one hundred first graders.  But the kids were actually entertained for an hour learning about the solar system, planets and the constellations.   It was a great bonding moment with my little one….another one I wanted to freeze.  In the middle of it all she said, “Mommy can you take me here sometime?” :)

staring at the stars

staring at the stars


I just love this photo of her hair as she waited to go in!

Before we knew it our time there was over.  But I did learn something neat…a planetary mnemonic………..

Do you know the planets in the solar system?  Remember Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet…so…think about this…

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

Cool huh?!

(And thank god there were no pukers on the bus!)

School Drop Off

6 Feb

When my husband is working nearby (he is usually gone all day in Manhattan) he usually offers to drive the kids to school as a treat and a way to spend a little bit of extra special time with them. Today was one of those mornings; I decided to join the them as I wanted to check out the drop off process.

However, there was no process to check out because we got to school too early. The twins were more than happy to show me where I should escort them to wait for school to commence…
And I just had to snap a picture of them sitting there on the bench waiting for school to start…that look on my son’s face… :)
I’m glad I got to share in the moment today and I love that the kids have these dates with their daddy!

Do you ever have simple special moments like this?

Star of the Week

25 Jan

Earlier this week I was delighted to be able to visit my little one in her classroom for her Star of the Week festivities.

Each week a student in the class is the Star.  A poster is displayed all about that child and a parent visits to read a story and bring a treat.


Except in this case, my daughter wanted to read her own stories which was fine with me :)

Prior to my arrival the kids had come up with some adjectives on the easel to describe the Star of the Week and I got such a kick out of reading some of them…


I think they’ve described her pretty accurately :)

I relish every moment of these visits.  Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button…like when I entered the class and the kids were on the rug learning math and my little one spotted me, smiled big as can be and shouted MOMMY!

I try to savor these seconds…how about you?


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