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Down to the Wire and the Santa Lists Keep Pouring In…

24 Dec


I told my 6-year-old that everything is already in production but she insisted on leaving this for our elf.  It is the strangest list I’ve ever seen a child ask for with highlights including:

  • copy machine in color
  • pliers and tweezers for teeth
  • cast set with x-ray machine

This child of mine is a little, well different, but this list…whoa!

If you celebrate, hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Santa Caught on Tape® Review #catchsanta

17 Dec


I mentioned that other day that my kids are beyond nuts during this time of year. First off my twins have their birthdays in November and then we roll into the holidays. Like I always tell the kids, they are soooo special and sooo lucky because we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas and as I go on to talk about the meaning of that the only word that starts reverberating in their brain is PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! And lots of them!

I love Santa Claus and there’s nothing better than seeing my kids’ excitement and anticipation about Santa. I am devastated that my 3rd graders are starting to ask little questions here and there which indicates to me that the magic and the belief might be coming to an end sooner than I would like…

Or maybe not…after I show the kids the most amazing video…Santa Caught on Tape.  Check this out: http://youtu.be/qnUMZykZm0M

It’s Santa arriving in MY LIVING ROOM!  Proof that he exists!!  The kids are going to flip and I can’t wait to show them on Christmas Day.

Here are the details about this new web service:

Santa Caught on Tape®, (www.santacaughtontape.com) a new Internet service from Park Bench Media has created a sneak peek for children that will allow them to see Santa in the act without the need to stay awake all night.

Imagine the wonder on Christmas morning when parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can share a video clip with their loved ones of Santa putting presents under the tree in their own home? Well, wonder no more. Simply take a picture of your Christmas tree on a smart phone or tablet and Santa Caught on Tape will do the rest.

“Santa Caught on Tape came about from stories my wife and I were recounting to our two boys of the failed attempts we had as children to catch Santa on Christmas Eve,” said John Brancaccio, Creator and Executive Producer, Park Bench Media. “The technology is there to support it, so why not offer a product that allows parents to share in the Christmas magic.”

Visit http://www.santacaughtontape.com to upload a photo of your tree and within a few days a professionally edited video of Santa in your living room delivering presents will be sent in return. No two are alike and children will think the impossible has happened: Santa was caught on tape! This service is available for $19.99 and provides a 45-60 second HD quality video clip that can be downloaded to any smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

It took 2 seconds for me to snap a photo of the Christmas tree with my iPhone, upload it to the site, and I was done.  It’s so easy and if you use the code Santa_BLOG_20 at checkout you can receive 20% off your order.

This is the coolest thing ever! Snap your photo to get your video before Christmas arrives!

Our Annual Santa Brunch

15 Dec


Last Sunday we attended the children’s Christmas party at my husband’s golf club which is something we’ve been doing for the past few years. I really enjoy it because it’s a party focused on fun for the children.  There’s a DJ, dancing, games, a magic show, gingerbread cookie decorating, ice cream sundae making, and of course a visit from Santa who arrives via fire truck.  All of this is within a beautifully decorated environment with tons of delicious food. And, my children are old enough now where I can actually sit and enjoy some of the food!

IMG_7053 IMG_7055

IMG_7058 IMG_7063

I find that I’ve been feeling so much more happiness during the holidays the past couple of years just from witnessing the joy the kids experience whether it be with our elf, lighting the Chanukah candles or any of the many holiday traditions.

I’m starting to believe that when you have children this really can be the most wonderful time of the year!


What do you think?

Our Annual Santa Party

12 Dec

One of our holiday traditions is to attend a children’s Christmas party at my husband’s golf club.  The kids get to talk to Santa, decorate gingerbread cookies or houses, dance eat candy and basically do it up all at one event.  This is our third or fourth year attending and it was an absolute pleasure!!!!

Past years my 7-year-old daughter was deathly afraid of Santa so that made parties like these very hard!

I’m finding that I can actually sit and eat my meal these days at events which is so utterly fabulous after so many years of keeping track of 3 babies and preventing injury or escape while in public!

Before we left I had a mandatory photo shoot in front of our tree :)


It’s too bad my manic tendencies had me making our holiday card weeks ago because this was really the perfect shot!

Come to think of it, the whole day is really a photo shoot. If you hadn’t noticed, I loooove taking photos of my kids and now that I’m rocking a real camera I’m pretty much unstoppable!


It’s very rare I’m in a picture because of this but I begged my husband to help me make the family picture happen….and it did :)

The kids were called together to listen to a magic show.  Though my son seems to be too cool for anything these days, even he was amused.


When Santa came there was a massive line and hoard of freaking kids.  I urged my kids to wait and since we were the only ones left in the dining room the DJ worked the party just for my kids!

this may be the favorite shot of the day

this may be the favorite shot of the day

When it was finally time for Santa I was thrilled to snap a shot of all 3 on him, which has never before been done!


My son said “okay mom but don’t put it on Facebook or blog!”

I tell you this Santa was so engaging and adorable. He had lengthy conversations with the kids which may have explained the long but worth the wait lines.


I’m finding that as the years go on I am acquiring more holiday spirit. I really relish in the kids excitement and innocence and know these days are numbered.
Do you enjoy this time of the year?

Interfaith Elf

11 Dec


Our Elf, Smiley, has been back since the day after Thanksgiving and the kids are beyond thrilled. Since we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas it’s been fun finding different ways to meld some of the traditions, like when our Smiley perched himself on one of our menorahs.  My daughter placed tea and a candy cane nearby for nourishment. :)

Do you have an elf? Are you celebrating multiple holidays this month?

Santa I’d Like an iPad, Says the Four Year Old

19 Dec

Little one saw Santa at school last week.  And once again she asked for an iPhone, iPad, DS and XBOX…and her whole class heard it!

Let me remind you she is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!!

It is my job this week to remind her of what has already been purchased and hidden in her dad’s closet what she REALLY wants.

Are any of your children asking for things they WON’T be receiving for the holidays?!

Santa Party

12 Dec

It’s funny.  I’ve written a lot in here about how I am not festive so the holidays require a lot of effort.  But right now, I’m not feeling that way.  There is something so wonderful and innocent experiencing this joyful time of year with little ones who really believe in Santa Claus.  I am cognizant of the fact that these believing years are short so I am relishing in the magic of it all right now.

My husband’s golf club throws some wonderful parties for the kids so we excitedly headed over to the annual Christmas one this past weekend.  This party used to be a bit challenging.  When the children were babies it was so hard keeping track of them.  And up until this year my daughters were afflicted with santaphobia!

But this year they all couldn’t wait to see Santa and give him their wish lists.  Many of the children ran to the window to watch him pull up in a fire truck.  My children, however, wisely chose to wait by his chair so they would be first in line!

It was so seriously cute watching each of them have an earnest conversation with Santa.

I was especially happy for my daughter who really overcame her fear of him….not that I ever thought anything was wrong with fearing this big guy with a strange suit on…..but she wanted to overcome it and she did.

And once again the girls hit the dance floor and had tons of fun, AND dragged their old uncoordinated mom out there.

I have to say I’m going a little crazy with gifts this year!

I’m feeling so much gratitude for my family.  I want to be in the moment and hang onto to every moment with the kids these days and watching them talk to Santa helps me do that. :)

Do your children believe in Santa Claus?

Say Hello To Our Elf

2 Dec

Last year a friend gave us The Elf on The Shelf.

I had no idea what it was all about.  All I knew was that I would see those boxes all over Barnes & Noble, you know, when I used to take the little one to story time.

Well hello it’s just about the cutest scam incentive around to get kids excited about behaving because Santa, or in this case, his elf, is watching.

The children named him, Smiley, though the girls insist my son chose the name and they hate it. And they tell this story every. day.

So this is our second year of Smiley.  I didn’t know when he is supposed to reappear.  I decided Dec 1 would be good.  (and then I actually read the book and did some research and it seems that he comes back on the Thanksgiving night…but considering I was getting goody bags ready for 31 children…that would not have been ideal.)

This morning I heard screams of delight.

Smiley came baaaaaaack!  Mommy Smiley’s heeeeereeeeee!

So then my first grader began her litany about how she’s behaving and what she wants.  Then she figured she’d better write it down.

Dear Santa,

I always try my best to be good. 

But I really can’t because of my sister and brother. 

I want an iPad and a real magic wand and a happy napper and a wogelle (???) pet.


I love how all my kids are asking for iPods and iPads and their parents don’t even own any.

Now in addition to moving that Smiley to a new spot this evening I had to remember to take the letter!

So tell me about your elf.   And any elf moving tips would be appreciated.:)

Big Bad Santa

14 Dec

Santa is really too accessible don’t you think?  I mean, there he is at every holiday party, all sprawled out in the center of the mall, outside stores and let’s not forget visiting nursery school.  And when you have children who are Santaphobic, this time of year is not easy!

Today Santa visited my little one’s nursery school class.  Now I know my kids aren’t the only ones freaked by him, so why must the school torture my daughter (and me) by his presence? I guess I could have kept her home today like my wise friend, but I selfishly needed the 1 hour of freedom as we embark on her 3 week school vacation!

She really wanted nothing to do with him.  And I wouldn’t think about forcing the issue.  But when the teacher suggested I go up with her, the little one decided it would be acceptable if I told Santa what she wants…(but she still wouldn’t even look at him!)

Hi Santa…Little one would like a unicorn pillow pet please!

As the most unfestive mom on the planet, or at least in that classroom, it wasn’t easy!

You know it wasn’t always this way.  Little one used to love Santa.  When they first met she was just 7 months old and very much resembling Conan O’Brien.

(I’m sorry but if that isn’t the cutest Santa picture ever, then what is?)

So now my girls want nothing to do with him.  My favorite part of an article I read:

Analyzed or not, the forced Santa Claus issue ultimately serves no beneficial purpose. Parents, imagine yourself in your child’s place, especially if you’re a woman: Imagine being forced to sit in a giant man’s lap — a man who gives you the total creeps, a man with a straggly beard and funny look in his eyes, and you’re convinced he’ll do whatever he wants with your body, and nobody is around to rescue you. Fighting him off is not an option because he’s three feet taller and 150 pounds heavier than you.

How would you feel?

Santaphobia and the Santa Brunch

7 Dec

My husband’s club offer a great children’s party around the holidays.  We only started taking the kids last year because my daughter has always been deathly afraid of Santa, since the first time she met him at 10 months old.

She suffers from Santaphobia…An abnormal, persistent fear of Father Christmas.   I didn’t make that up!  Actually there is no scientific name for her broader condition, fear of adults in costumes.

But back to Santa, I mean she’s probably got a better head on her shoulders than the rest of us, because why wouldn’t you be afraid of a big man with a crazy red get up like that?

As she got older, the fear intensified.  We could barely be out and about around the holidays because just the sight of the Santa in the mall would practically give her an anxiety attack.

But this year, my big kindergartener was begging to see him.  She said she no longer was afraid and couldn’t wait to tell him about everything she wants.

So at the party, I took it as a good sign when she saw Elmo and didn’t flip out.

The little one, though she loves Elmo, didn’t want to go near him.  She preferred to almost disrobe as she proudly portrayed her Elmo undershirt.

But where was Santa, my daughter was nagging.

First we had to endure a cheesy magic show.  Have you ever noticed how completely weird these magicians are?  My husband reminded me that the magic was there to entertain the children, not me, but even my son appeared very nonchalant about the show when he was called up to participate.

Finally, that show ended and Santa was next.  We raced to the other room to be some of the first on-line.  After waiting an eternity, we were up, except something was wrong.  My hand was being gripped like a vice and my daughter would. not. move.  I looked down and tears were streaming down those little red cheeks.  Now both girls were refusing to go, so my little guy was the man and our only family member brave enough to visit with Santa.

While I held my crying girls, my husband snatched the camera from me to capture my little man on Santa.  Here’s a guy who can fix anything, build anything…..but to take a unblurry picture, well that’s an insurmountable task!!!

The girls decided they wanted to hang with Mrs. Claus, and dragged me up there too, and thus another blurry masterpiece was snapped.

When this event was done I felt like I had run a marathon, and it was only 2 o’clock!

Anyone else have a Santaphobic kiddo?



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