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Family Fun at Lion Country Safari in Florida

19 Apr


I’m not being paid to write this post.  I felt compelled to share our experience at this amazing place.  We’ve been traveling to Florida for the past several years and basically hitting the same fun spots each time.  But it was while I was chatting with a friend a few weeks back that she told me about this Lion Country Safari….a safari in Florida you ask!? YES!  I don’t know about you, but I won’t be traveling to Africa anytime soon so this is about as close as I’ll get to a real live safari and wow it did not fail to completely wow me.

We headed there on a day when the weather was a bit iffy. You pay a fee per person in your car (you can also rent one there) and we found a coupon on the website.  You are provided with a CD to play as you travel through the safari.  The instructions are to keep windows up at all times.

And wow.  I’ll let my pictures do some of the talking.

IMG_7437 IMG_7431

IMG_7418 IMG_7441 IMG_7444

Other than the lions behind the fence all the animals roam freely; those zebras were right in front of the car blocking our path!

A total highlight for me were the giraffes….my favorite animal….they were everywhere and so gorgeous…

IMG_7446 IMG_7448 IMG_7452

The safari took us about 45 minutes and by the point the kids were done and ready to hit the amusement and water parks!


There are rides and fun stuff for the kids but also different things like paddle boats that you could take out for a ride.


And for an additional fee of 5 dollars per ride the kids each rode a camel :)

IMG_7486 IMG_7493

is it me or is the camel smiling in this shot?!

is it me or is the camel smiling in this shot?!

My daughter’s highlight of the trip was her chance to feed a giraffe.  I think this is one of the coolest shots I have ever taken.


I you tell I’d much rather the kids spend time in a place like this than that other place in Florida with all the mice & princesses!

Have you ever been here?



Feeling Refreshed After A Week in Florida

18 Apr

Yesterday we returned home from our trip to Boca Raton.  We’ve been fortunate to be going there almost annually the past several years around spring break to visit with my in-laws and catch some great sun.  This is their backyard…I mean can you just die?!


And the beach is usually empty just like that…….we typically have the ocean all to ourselves, just like we like it :)




When we weren’t at the beach we were in the pool…….or I should really say, the kids and their dad were in the pool, while I lounged and occasionally sat up and took photos!


The only problem is that I don’t take enough photos!!! :)


We did a few other fun things which I will detail in another post.

Today is about unpacking…the unfun part about vacations!





“Get Out of My World” — Minecraft Madness

15 Apr


When the kids get home from school they throw down their backpacks and try to grab their iPods…like little crack addicts they are yearning to get on and play Minecraft.  As soon as they complete their homework they congregate together and start virtually assaulting each other in the world of Minecraft.

And this is what I hear “Get out of my world!  Watch out for the creepers!  Look there’s a zombie!  I need food…who has food!  Hey who’s hitting me!?” And on and on.  Yet they tell me it’s fun.  If I allowed it they would play all. day. long!

Anyone else have Minecraft addicts?

Ice Hockey Season One

8 Feb

My son has been playing roller hockey for two or three years now and he really loves it.  This winter we enrolled him in ice hockey for the first time and his love for hockey has grown ever more.  His dad plays hockey; he idolizes his dad.  So I guess it makes sense that he has a love for the sport also.


It’s an absolute thrill for me to watch him.  I’m so uncoordinated.  I trip over absolutely nothing so you can imagine what I look like with a pair of skates on!  To see him play really makes me almost tear up!  He says hockey is his “passion” :)

So nice that he’s found it at age eight, huh?

Another Christmas Tradition–Gingerbread Houses

23 Dec

My sister in law’s children are grown, however, she is kind enough to come over every year with beautiful gingerbread houses for my children to decorate. They look forward eagerly to this day even though they decorate houses in school in Girl Scouts and my daughter was even invited to a gingerbread house party. But there’s something about this day with their aunt and their cousin that ranks high in the book of specialness!





Today we are baking cookies all day.  Just what the kids need…more SUGAR!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Violin Virtuoso

12 Oct

My 3rd grader has started playing the violin and it’s a complete trip.  WHY? Because I used to play the violin! She knows I played but I truly had no influence over her decision because honestly I really don’t care what my kids choose to play.

She’s so darn cute with the thing and everywhere I turn there she is…”do you like my playing mom?!”


I can’t even believe I’m posting this horrendous photo of myself!!!


thank goodness there isn’t a lot of resemblance to the above photo!



Her playing is horrendous, but I suppose that’s to be expected in the first few weeks.  But my answer to the question, always, is “yes I loooove to hear you play!”

Saying Good-bye to Saturdays (Fall Soccer Season Begins…)

14 Sep

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always super excited when any of my kids simply take an interest in a sport, being someone who lacks entirely in the athleticism department. Not only do the kids seem to love soccer, it appears that they really know what they are doing!  So naturally, I am just beside myself and in awe (as they fly around the field) that MY DNA is swirling around in those little bodies :)  It’s really cool watching them in action.

that's my little guy, the corner kicker!

that’s my little guy, the corner kicker!


That’s what makes it somewhat tolerable being on the soccer fields, all, yes all day, every Saturday until November. Little one played at 9. Her sister played at 11 and the big guy played at 2. He will also have an additional afternoon game starting next Saturday which will make our grand Saturday total of 4 GAMES per Saturday!

IMG_6573 IMG_6549 IMG_6531

For now they are happy, so I’m happy. I guess it beats fighting with each other!

Are you finding your weekends crowded with sports also now that fall is here?  We’ve got hockey up tomorrow…

Summer, My Favorite Season…OVER

1 Sep

I’ve been trying to squeeze in lots of pool and beach trips in the last week of summer. They’ve been great.

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

boogie boarding

boogie boarding

But I always feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy as they days get darker early…confirmation that summer is over.
The kids have driven me a bit batty this summer but truth be told I have loved spending the time with them and I will miss them terribly on Tuesday morning. Good thing I will have my Starbucks girls to keep me company.
Meanwhile, while many are out partying tonight, this is what we were doing…

food shopping...this is how we roll...

food shopping…this is how we roll…

Enjoy the last day of the last summer weekend :(

Annual Adventureland Expedition

11 Aug

Every summer for the past few we have been delighting the kids with the promise of an Adventureland visit at least once during the warm months. The love it so much and I know my husband gets a little thrill taking his children to a park that he used to go to as a child. It’s been pretty wild watching them grow literally on the rides each summer….starting out as little peanuts who barely made the height requirements for anything fun.

We did have a very scary incident on a ride one year and I am absolutely thrilled that definite changes have been made on that ride, I’m pretty sure, because of the concerns I raised. I feel very pleased about that and how everything was handled.

This summer’s visit was no different in that there was total enjoyment.  What was different is that the little guys are now big guys meeting many of the height requirements enabling them to go on the some of the bigger rides without an adult chaperone…very exciting!


I love it when the twins seemingly bond with one another, and since the little one was too little to ride on the big rides without a parent they did seem to be together a lot and I was LOVING it!


Luckily the little one wasn’t too daunted as she had some good times with her dad.

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

No way was mom gonna walk around with soggy underpants all afternoon!!!

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

After 4 hours at the park we spent the next 5 hours at a BBQ.  I love summer!!!!!!!

And I love big bro walking his sister out of the park…!


Is going to an amusement park part of your summer ritual?

Slow Down Precious Summer!

2 Aug

We got some new school backpacks yesterday so school is officially around the corner. On July 4th, as I sat at the pool with my husband, he said, “that’s it summer is going to fly from here.” He’s right! I blinked and it’s a month later!


We continue to have fun swimming everyday at our pool or the beach and I am just amazed at how fearless the kids are in the water.

We’ve also been exploring all the parks in the area.  I get wistful how they’ve mastered the monkey bars when I remember how I used to run from one teetering toddler to the next at different edges of the park.





They participated in a soccer clinic the other night for 2 hours which, no big shock here, was tons of fun for them.  It was a nice mini break for me and since my husband got home from work a tiny bit early we were able to run off and grab a quick bite to eat.


We are headed to the beach again today which makes me very happy.  How is your summer going?  I was speaking with someone last night who told me she couldn’t wait for it to end and I could barely process what she was saying…I could live summer all year-long. :)


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