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Dad vs Son

15 Mar


My son’s first travel ice hockey season wrapped up last weekend and it was wonderful.  The season culminated with a fun game of dads vs sons and it was a complete joy to watch.


I was completely freaked out when the season started and I saw that schedule and the 42 games, 2 tournaments and roughly 80 practices we had to work our way through. But I am now such a convert.  I totally see the merits of a travel team.  The work we the parents put in on behalf of the kids is worth it to witness the growth, the bonding, the sportsmanship and a day like this day which will always be one I remember fondly. <3


Has your child ever competed against you or your spouse?

My First Travel Hockey Tournament (Officially A Hockey Mom)

20 Feb

Our Presidents Weekend was spent traveling to a suburb of Philadelphia where my son participated in an ice hockey tournament.  The entire family accompanied him and we got to experience the whole event for a few days including, taking over the hotel… (that’s the lobby)


Playing lots of screens in down time.


And of course playing lots and lots of ice hockey!

IMG_5133 IMG_5132



They made it to the championship game and I was on the edge of my seat.  I’ve mentioned I’m not an athlete myself and I’m still learning aspects of the game of hockey.  But this weekend I realized I truly love this game and I am prouder than ever to call myself a hockey mom.  The boys played their hearts out and most of them were so disappointed that they ultimately walked away with second place status in the tournament.  They wanted to win!


It was great getting to know the other hockey families and though the season is ending I’m hoping to see a lot of the same faces on the team with him next season.

Now if I can only figure out how to tie these damn skates….!


then I will be a legit hockey mom :)


A Story About Expectations and Being A Kid

17 Oct

My son is playing on a travel ice hockey team.  Most of the time my husband and I are split up managing the kids and the activities and I’m not able to see him play. But last month I was excited that we “traveled” as a family to nearby Queens to watch him play.


I actually felt a bit anxious as the moments got closer to the game, and busied myself snapping away photos…what I do always!


When we got home I was taken by one photo in particular and asked my son about it.


“This was right before you went on the ice” I said to him, “were you nervous about the game?”  He said, “No mommy, I was just staring at the Zamboni.”

He wasn’t nervous!  I was nervous!  Hockey is his passion.  It’s about having fun.  So here I was projecting my adult feelings about the game onto him when he was just being a child, being mystified about the big truck on the ice. :)

What a great lesson for me!  I want to look at this photo forever, slow down time, and remember that he’s still my little boy. :)


Last September Warm Weekend

28 Sep

We were so thrilled to have a day off today from soccer and hockey, and have the whole family home.  But what was even better was that the sun was shining and it was blazing hot.  I swear I must be afflicted with seasonal affective disorder because I seriously hate the cooler weather, even fall…I mean I think I’m the only person who doesn’t like fall, right? I even got married in the fall!

Honestly who needs to go pumpkin picking in this weather?! I wanted to go to the beach, but no one backed me up.  Instead we spent all day at a park and ended up mini golfing.


It was perfect. :)

Did you enjoy unseasonably warm weather this weekend too?

Family Fun at Lion Country Safari in Florida

19 Apr


I’m not being paid to write this post.  I felt compelled to share our experience at this amazing place.  We’ve been traveling to Florida for the past several years and basically hitting the same fun spots each time.  But it was while I was chatting with a friend a few weeks back that she told me about this Lion Country Safari….a safari in Florida you ask!? YES!  I don’t know about you, but I won’t be traveling to Africa anytime soon so this is about as close as I’ll get to a real live safari and wow it did not fail to completely wow me.

We headed there on a day when the weather was a bit iffy. You pay a fee per person in your car (you can also rent one there) and we found a coupon on the website.  You are provided with a CD to play as you travel through the safari.  The instructions are to keep windows up at all times.

And wow.  I’ll let my pictures do some of the talking.

IMG_7437 IMG_7431

IMG_7418 IMG_7441 IMG_7444

Other than the lions behind the fence all the animals roam freely; those zebras were right in front of the car blocking our path!

A total highlight for me were the giraffes….my favorite animal….they were everywhere and so gorgeous…

IMG_7446 IMG_7448 IMG_7452

The safari took us about 45 minutes and by the point the kids were done and ready to hit the amusement and water parks!


There are rides and fun stuff for the kids but also different things like paddle boats that you could take out for a ride.


And for an additional fee of 5 dollars per ride the kids each rode a camel :)

IMG_7486 IMG_7493

is it me or is the camel smiling in this shot?!

is it me or is the camel smiling in this shot?!

My daughter’s highlight of the trip was her chance to feed a giraffe.  I think this is one of the coolest shots I have ever taken.


I you tell I’d much rather the kids spend time in a place like this than that other place in Florida with all the mice & princesses!

Have you ever been here?



Feeling Refreshed After A Week in Florida

18 Apr

Yesterday we returned home from our trip to Boca Raton.  We’ve been fortunate to be going there almost annually the past several years around spring break to visit with my in-laws and catch some great sun.  This is their backyard…I mean can you just die?!


And the beach is usually empty just like that…….we typically have the ocean all to ourselves, just like we like it :)




When we weren’t at the beach we were in the pool…….or I should really say, the kids and their dad were in the pool, while I lounged and occasionally sat up and took photos!


The only problem is that I don’t take enough photos!!! :)


We did a few other fun things which I will detail in another post.

Today is about unpacking…the unfun part about vacations!





“Get Out of My World” — Minecraft Madness

15 Apr


When the kids get home from school they throw down their backpacks and try to grab their iPods…like little crack addicts they are yearning to get on and play Minecraft.  As soon as they complete their homework they congregate together and start virtually assaulting each other in the world of Minecraft.

And this is what I hear “Get out of my world!  Watch out for the creepers!  Look there’s a zombie!  I need food…who has food!  Hey who’s hitting me!?” And on and on.  Yet they tell me it’s fun.  If I allowed it they would play all. day. long!

Anyone else have Minecraft addicts?

Ice Hockey Season One

8 Feb

My son has been playing roller hockey for two or three years now and he really loves it.  This winter we enrolled him in ice hockey for the first time and his love for hockey has grown ever more.  His dad plays hockey; he idolizes his dad.  So I guess it makes sense that he has a love for the sport also.


It’s an absolute thrill for me to watch him.  I’m so uncoordinated.  I trip over absolutely nothing so you can imagine what I look like with a pair of skates on!  To see him play really makes me almost tear up!  He says hockey is his “passion” :)

So nice that he’s found it at age eight, huh?

Another Christmas Tradition–Gingerbread Houses

23 Dec

My sister in law’s children are grown, however, she is kind enough to come over every year with beautiful gingerbread houses for my children to decorate. They look forward eagerly to this day even though they decorate houses in school in Girl Scouts and my daughter was even invited to a gingerbread house party. But there’s something about this day with their aunt and their cousin that ranks high in the book of specialness!





Today we are baking cookies all day.  Just what the kids need…more SUGAR!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Violin Virtuoso

12 Oct

My 3rd grader has started playing the violin and it’s a complete trip.  WHY? Because I used to play the violin! She knows I played but I truly had no influence over her decision because honestly I really don’t care what my kids choose to play.

She’s so darn cute with the thing and everywhere I turn there she is…”do you like my playing mom?!”


I can’t even believe I’m posting this horrendous photo of myself!!!


thank goodness there isn’t a lot of resemblance to the above photo!



Her playing is horrendous, but I suppose that’s to be expected in the first few weeks.  But my answer to the question, always, is “yes I loooove to hear you play!”


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