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Please Say Hello To Laura Ingalls Wilder

28 Jan

Today my little one had to do her biographical presentation.  Parents were instructed not to buy costumes and just to make a simple outfit from something at home.  She has the same wonderful teacher that my son had and I cannot believe it was 2 years ago that he had his presentation.  (Give that a click…it was then I recounted my 5th grade presentation as Amelia Earhart!)

I am DYING from the cuteness of my little one as Laura Ingalls Wilder and I can’t wait until she returns home from school to hear how it all went down.


I’d say we did well with the look huh?!

P.S  Are you like me and did you spend your entire childhood watching Little House on the Prairie?  I’m older than a lot of my mom friends and they have no clue about the wonders of this program.  I could talk about it for hours.  And some nights the hubs and I jump for joy when we find it on the Hallmark Channel and continue to get immense pleasure from it.  When he does find it he’ll shout out “Manly!”

P.P.S  Now that I’ve revealed this you probably think I’m more batsh*t crazy than ever and that I somehow influenced this choice of character for my daughter.  Nope!  What I love is that her big sister, an avid reader, who has read the books made the suggestion.  It was a great one.  :)

Happy 2015

1 Jan


The holidays swallowed me up these past few weeks, but it’s been nice.  One of the gifts I received was a Kindle to replace my broken one.  It’s just a basic Kindle because I find my iPad is heavy to read with and as some of you probably know, you cannot read in sunlight with an iPad; I’m already daydreaming about summer!

I’ve always been an avid reader but having kids has at times derailed me from that love.  However, this past couple of weeks, when it’s been quiet, instead of being on HERE…i.e…Facebook, WordPress, Instagram or other time sucks…I’ve been reading and it has been really great.  I finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I am well into Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  I’ve mentioned that I’m a library lover so I rarely even buy books.  I love that you can loan books on the Kindle.

It’s been great to be really reading again and that’s what I’ve decided I want to do more of in 2015.  I have a couple of other intentions for myself but I’m going to keep them private. :)

Are you reading anything right now?  Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

If I go quiet again on here you’ll know where to find me….in my Kindle :)

My Little Author and Her Special Blanket

1 May

Today was an adorable and delightful day.


The torrential downpour that had overcome Long Island yesterday, turned into fog this morning, and dissipated into beautiful sunshine by afternoon in time for my little one’s author’s tea.

In first grade the students all write and publish books and then the parents are invited to hear them read.  It’s adorable and I can’t believe it’s been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I attended the twins authors tea…sigh, sob!



My daughter chose to write a non fiction book on one of the most important things in her world, her gockey.  If you’ve read the book you’ll realize gockey is the name for her special blanket, gockey being how she pronounced blankie as a baby, and the name has stuck. :)

The book details the life of gockey…where I purchased it, what it looks like, and what the future holds for my little one and gockey.  For an added treat today I allowed her to take gockey to school.  At the end of her story she pulled out the real live gockey from under her legs….it was too cute.


Days like today make me wish I could freeze time or at least slow it down it a little…..



She’s looking so grown up lately.  But I do love that she still has her gockey!

How many of you have kids with special blankets?


Reading Time

29 Sep


Over the past couple of weeks I attended all three kids back to school nights.  One of the messages that came across loudly is how important and how much reading needs to be happening on a regular basis.  So, we’ve really been trying to make it a daily routine in the house…after homework, after dinner, after all activities and sometime before bed.  It’s almost a bigger challenge to accomplish than homework, but once the kids settle into it, they look so cute!

Do you have any tricks to get your kids reading on a regular basis?

Reticent Reader

16 Feb

My daughter came home from school yesterday buzzing about Anne Frank. She told me she had chosen a book about her from the book basket at school and had enjoyed learning about her. Typical of my big girl, I knew what was coming next. She begged me to get her more books on Anne Frank. Not tomorrow…right now!
I can’t ever say no to a request to go visit the library, so off we went.
She couldn’t even wait until we were home to rip into the books and was getting irritated with her little sister who kept breaking her concentration in the library.

My daughter takes everything to heart. She soaks up the world and feels for everyone. She once saw a story on the news about a baby panda bear in China that died. She CRIED FOR 3 DAYS about that panda. So I’m a bit concerned she’s going to get wrapped up in Anne Frank, similarly to the way she did with Ruby Bridges last year (she still talks about Ruby A LOT). She’s planning on recreating Anne’s diary as her next project.

In the meantime I’m going to focus on the positive….that she is an eager, sensitive and creative learner who loves reading, more than my other two. Do you have a child that loves to read?

Sibs Storytime

18 Jun

The kids all gathered in my sons bed tonight and took turns reading books to one another. It was so cute. You know I just love when they have love moments!

Hope the love continues all summer long :)

4 Year Old Portrait and Description of Mom

28 Apr

My little one came home with these sheets after reading Is Your Mama a Llama?  in school.

I love that she chose big to describe my nose. :)

(while my friend’s son chose small to describe hers!!!)

New Book: My First Day of Kindergarten by Kristin J. Minuto

24 Mar

Do you have a child approaching kindergarten?

If so, you should definitely check out one of the books we’ve been reading lately,  My First Day of Kindergarten.  My kids were amazed (and it surprised me how excited it got them) that I know the author, Kristen Minuto, a very sweet mother (and teacher) from my town.  It makes reading the book so much more exciting for us and my daughter has even exclaimed, “I really love how she writes!”… I’m not kidding!

My kindergarteners are pretty mesmerized when I read it, as they draw comparisons between their classes and routines and the ones they are hearing about as they follow a little boy through his first day of school.

It’s really a bright, colorful and adorable book that I would absolutely recommend.  We actually started reading books like this as my kids entered nursery school.  I know we’ll be getting a lot of use out of this book as we start talking about kindergarten with my 3-year-old.  You can check out My First Day of Kindergarten here or here.  And speaking of adorable, here is my son’s artistic representation of it from his homework journal :)

Don’t forget how important it is to read to your kids!  What children’s books are you reading these days?

Love the Libary

16 Feb

I’ve always loved the library. I can remember, vividly, my childhood and elementary school libraries fondly.

When I got married and moved in with my husband in a new town for me, I promptly found the library and obtained my card which solidified my husband’s assertion that I’m a nerd.

So naturally, as soon as my babies were old enough to leave the house, we traveled to the library! Now that they are school age, they are able to take advantage of the wonderful story times. And I sometimes get a moment to relax in one of my favorite places.

On dreary days when we want to leave the house, it’s always fun to go the library. One near us has a nice toy area, another has computers for the kids. But really, I just love, love, love watching my kids get excited about books. :)

Who else loves the library as much as I do?


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