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Post Mother’s Day (Thoughts and Treats)

16 May

You know I sometimes struggle on Mother’s Day.  I’m not a big holiday person to begin with, not very festive or enthused, and then I have even more contempt for a holiday that seems completely contrived by Hallmark.  I love mothering, and I love the attention my kids give me, but, I can’t help but think, on the day, of those without mothers, those without children, those who have lost children, and how that pain is magnified on that Sunday.   I love Anne Lamott’s take on Mother’s Day too.

So you get where I’m coming from?

But back to Mother’s Day as a mom of three little curly-haired monkeys who are the shining stars in my sky…

I love, love, love the handmade gifts and cards.  My daughter, as she gave me her present, said, “Mrs Solano told us to give you a tissue with the present to catch all your tears”.


They pull me out of bed at 7 a.m. anxious to show my a “very big surprise”.  They had “made” me breakfast.


Now, I don’t eat breakfast.  I’m just one of those people who has no appetite in the morning.  But what greeted me was a serving bowl filled with a box of rice krispies with the bottom layer drenched in milk and the top completely dry, a corn muffin, banana, glass of grape juice and a day old paper.  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was followed by a visit by my sister and my mother….some good grub and beautiful weather.

Oooh and the day wouldn’t have been complete without someone in the brood tantruming!


How was your day? :)

Five Year Old Style and What Kids Wear

25 Mar

I’m an admitted control freak when it comes to many aspects of parenting. But as long as my kids wear season appropriate and true clothing (i.e no costumes or pjs), I really give them free rein to come up with their own outfits and styles. I know many moms who dictate the children’s chosen outfits each day but unless it’s school photo day, I simply can’t be bothered and don’t care!


I never would have come up with the little one’s outfit today but I happen to think what she put together is darling right down to the bunny knee socks over the leggings!

Do you let your young children dress themselves?

Feeling the Love

5 Dec

My son is all about his dad.  And really, I’m cool with that as his twin his sister is all about her mom (while baby sister goes about half and half).

Maybe it’s all the heart to hearts we’ve been having, I’m not really sure.  But lately my little man has been all about his momma, as evidenced by the letter he gave me tonight.

photo (1)

And I’m loving every minute of it :)

A Love Note

6 Aug

My 6-year-old daughter presented me with this note the other morning as I was getting out of bed.
She said she had worked on it while I slept.
Here’s the translation…

Dear Mom,

I love you. Thank you for all your help and for my whole entire life. And all your care.

Needless to say, it really made my day. :)

(And what a stark contrast to the writings of her siblings!)

Birthday Celebration for My Mom Today

24 Jun

Today we gathered with my mom for a birthday dinner in her honor.  We had some pretty fabulous Italian food.  My mom was so happy that I accused of being drunk :)

My parents have had some pretty significant losses of family and friends in the recent years.  My father told me he is one of only two living members left in his fraternity.  I get the sense that my mother really appreciated her birthday today and it’s a reminder really that every day is a gift.

But unfortunately my mom had about zero chance of blowing out her own birthday candle! :)

Moms Drag Yourself Out

8 Jun

One of the hardest aspects of parenting for me is dealing with sick children.  For most of us it’s very difficult to witness your child experiencing pain, or any discomfort for that matter, but with me excessive worry is added; I cannot relax.

Unfortunately we have been hit very hard this year with tons of maladies and within the last 3 weeks it has been non stop one with or more being ill here everyday.  (also why I have been posting less).

So last night the kids and I were invited to a friend’s house along with others for a pizza party.  The little was hanging on me by end of the day feeling sick and I just wanted to curl up in bed and moan with her…thinking my husband would go with the twins.

I ran out to Target to buy more children’s meds and I realized I hadn’t had a break from the kids in a long while.  (I haven’t even been to kickboxing in a whole week as I was so sick.) So I decided to get it together and go to my friend’s home…and to try to enjoy the time.

It worked.

If you’re wondering who the only one is holding a beverage…that’s me!

The moment I arrived I was handed a strawberry daiquiri!  I was with a bunch of other moms and you know how it is…moms get it…the anguish, the worry, the ups and downs that all come with the job.  I felt so much of the stress melt away.  Seems funny that it could as there were like 18 kids running around and we could barely hear ourselves think!


It’s important not to isolate yourself when you are feeling down and overwhelmed.  If you have the opportunity for companionship and camaraderie…jump on it!  I’m glad I did. :)

The Nurturer

19 Jan

I just love it when the kids are having a love moment.

Usually when mine are it’s my big girl who facilitates the closeness.  She’s got such a kind heart and loves to be affectionate with her siblings (when she’s not fighting with them!).

When I am unavailable she makes herself the stand in mommy to kiss boo-boos and help clean up spills. She’s never been prompted to do any of these caring things; she is just an innate nurturer.

What kinds of attributes do you observe in your child/ren?

On Mother’s Day

8 May

“We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.”   Henry Ward Beecher

My mom:

  • exercises more than her 3 children combined (runs a minimum of 3 miles a day!!!) although she is in her mid 70’s (sorry, don’t hate me for revealing that mom).
  • would appear at my bedside at any hour of any night during a thunderstorm when I was young to make sure I wasn’t frightened.
  • happily welcomes her grand-kids into her bed when she is visiting, even when it is before 7 a.m.!
  • took me to see the movie, Love At First Bite, when I was home from elementary school with strep throat but not feeling sick.
  • taught me to read before kindergarten.
  • never ever imposed any clothing restrictions on any of her children (which resulted in me wearing my favorite jean gauchos for about 10 days straight in 2nd grade).
  • crawls around on the floor with her grand-kids and pretends to be a monster.

A very happy mother’s day to my mommy and to every special woman, who has been blessed with the title, mother.

My thoughts are also with women who long to be mothers and are unable, for whom this day can be painful.

If you are fortunate enough to have a mother who you can call or see today, do so. :)

Mother’s Day Memories

7 May

I was present at my son’s mother’s day brunch on Thursday and my daughter’s mother’s day tea on Friday.  Here is my son’s artwork.

It says,

My mom is speshl.  She take me to good lunches.  She lets me buy taz (toys) and iscrem (ice cream).  I love you.

He read me a story and gave me a plant in a hand painted flower-pot with this message:

I’m growing like a flower, with all your love and care.  All your hugs and kisses, make the good times that we share.  I’m growing like a flower, we know that this is true.  So I made this in kindergarten to say, “I LOVE YOU!”

It was just the two of us with no sisters in sight and I know he enjoyed his rare special mom time.

In my daughter’s class, the moms were treated to special sashes, hats,a personalized book of artwork about mom and a cute video presentation.  The music playing was “You are the Sunshine of My Life”.  I felt myself getting choked up as I remembered singing that to my baby twins, everyday, during their meal times.

Those were some demanding times. I felt like a triage (the sorting of patients (as in an emergency room) according to the urgency of their need for care) nurse.  And then becoming pregnant when they were just 9 months old…

But there I go wandering away from my topic.  I find this happening more and more now that I’m middle-aged!

I mentioned that my daughter presented me with a book during our mother’s day event.

On one of the pages there are two princesses and she writes,

I like having privit tim (private time) with my mommy.

I’m truly seeing them grow up right in front of me now.  I’m hearing from them that they need more alone time with me, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve already had such wonderful mother’s day festivities so tomorrow is going to be low-key.  Can you tell I’m exhausted?!

What are your plans?

Here’s a nice article:

Why do we insist on judging mothers? (theglobeandmail.com)

The Female Parent

18 Nov

“I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”
— George Eliot

I am often the subject of my twins’ artwork.

Even my boy is really getting into drawing.

Mom your hair is YELLOW!!!

And the little one…she strokes my face and likes to take a clump of my hair to use it to stroke her own face.

The love for mother…I don’t even think we are conscious of how powerful it is!

As Thanksgiving approaches…I am grateful to both give and receive it.

What are you grateful for?


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