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Sweet Siblings

1 Jun

working together 5/12

Sometimes I am overcome with gratitude for small moments.

The other night the kids were combing efforts to figure out how to get some new mermaids to change hair color while submerged in water (just one of one thousand birthday gifts!). While they focused on the mermaids’ hair, I got lost in theirs…

I hope, pray and dream that they will always stick close together. Do you have the same wish for your children?

a similar moment from 6/09

Halloween Hoopla

31 Oct

We haven’t even gone trick or treating yet and I’m sitting here scrubbing the little one’s stained and tattered costume!  Well, she has been to 3 parties and 1 parade for crying out loud!

We went to a really fun party last night at my husband’s golf club.  The DJ announced that whoever danced the best would win 100 dollars.

This compelled my money-grubbing girls to dance for 4 hours straight.  I kid you not.  I actually had to ask them to take a break and they were only convinced to do so when I mentioned ice cream sundaes were available for consumption.

The girls even managed to drag their old momma up on the dance floor.  My husband swiftly grabbed the camera and took some fabulous shots.

When my children look back at pictures and videos as adults, they will no doubt see me only as a blurred image of hair and nose as well as an annoying voice in the background of all videos.

Did I mentioned that my hubby donned his famous barbarian costume during all the Halloween parties?

He starts growing the beard at the end of summer and in no time has a full, bristly and smelly animal living on his face.  But I have to say that him being all decked out in costume at his snooty reserved club made me love him more.  (Barbarian dad is greeting the twins at the bus stop right now!) And you may have noticed in those awesome pictures that I had a little devil thing going on that I bought at CVS right before we left.  My daughter beamed when she observed that we were the only adults in costume. :)

The party had an amazing makeup artist who spent almost 20 minutes on each child.  The girls looked amazing.

But what about my son?  Yes he was at this party.  Face painting, dancing, and  pumpkin decoration were of no interest to him.

The little man who chose to sit at the table and eat for 3 hours straight.

But the fun didn’t end there!  The twins had their school parade this morning at 9 while the little one paraded at 9:30.  I miraculously was able to see all of them with some reckless fast driving, Imitrex for the migraine I awakened with, and lots of caffeine.

I honestly couldn’t believe how relieved I was to get to the little one’s nursery school in time to see her parading…this being the last ever nursery school parade after 4 years!

Mermaids blow kisses too!

The two other parties we attended were cute as well.  The kids had a blast.  Last step is trick or treating to commence in one hour….can’t wait. :)

Happy Halloween from a barbarian, devil, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dorothy and a mermaid!!!!!!!!!


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