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A Photo

3 Aug

Last April when we were in Florida I took this shot of my little one and I’m pretty in love with it.


We were in a safari place, taking a river boat tour.

She’s my baby girl.  :)

July 4th…Best Holiday…

12 Jul


Why? Because it is in my favorite season….summer!  The only bummer is that once it hits, you blink and summer is over. We spent ours celebrating last Saturday night at my husband’s golf club.

IMG_4011 IMG_4009

There were rides and games for the kids and psychics and caricaturists and tatoo artists too.  The highlight of the evening for me is when we all sat for a family caricature!  A lady nearby remarked that we all looked “so cute” and I asked if she wouldn’t mind snapping a photo…my fave!


And my hubs who cracks me up everyday thinks he looks better as a caricature than in real life :)

Then before we knew the fireworks started…they were stupendous and wonderful!

Oh summer hang on, we’re having too much fun!!! How was your 4th?!


The Last Hour of 1st and 3rd Grades

26 Jun


Today is the last day of school and all of us coincidentally are in blue, similarly to the first day.  It’s hard for me to believe they will all be together in the ‘big school’ next year…my babies!

For the past couple of half days I’ve been racing around, running to Target, stocking up as if I were hurricane prepping.  My last hour this morning will be a continuation of the stockpiling because we all know what it’s like shopping with kids!

Good thing it’s my favorite season!

Bunnies in Dirt

22 May

My soon to be 7 year  old has her school birthday tomorrow.  She requested her cupcakes in cones and  if I could incorporate one of her two favorite things in her life…rainbows or bunnies…she said she would be super thrilled.  Well, I did the rainbow cupcakes a few years back and while I did outdo myself that was not happening again!

I happened to score a load of PEEPS bunnies on sale after Easter for inspiration.  I prepared a box mix for cupcakes and filled ice cream cones halfway, which I had positioned in MINI cupcake pans.

After they baked and cooled I frosted in vanilla, pushed those bunnies in and they looked horrible! The frosting was all pushed around and messy.

SO………..then I crushed up some OREOS (literally put them in a Ziploc and took a mallet to the bag…felt so good!)  I used my OREO “dirt” to fill in the bad spots and it started to come together.

I’m really not creative but when the kids came home and I asked, they immediately said “Bunnies in Dirt”!  I got the idea from when we go to TGIFridays  and they serve the kids a dessert consisting of pudding, with the crushed Oreos and gummy worms in it and they call it “Worms in Dirt”.


My kitchen floor is covered with Oreo crumbs but otherwise they look okay, I think…?!

What do you think?


Do You Ever

14 May


I found this draft in my files…this picture with this title “do you ever” from last December.  I wish I knew exactly where I was going with it then.  But as of this moment this is what it inspires when I gaze at the picture.

Do you ever…..

…catch a glimpse on your child’s face of the adult that he will be?

…catch a glimpse on your big boy’s face of the baby that he always will be?

…want to hug your kid tight and never, ever let go?

I do.

I love my little man so much!

Mother’s Day and Piercings

13 May

While I feel very blessed on Mother’s Day, I do feel for those without Mother’s, or those so desperately trying to be a Mother.  I am a cognizant of the fact that Mother’s Day is a tough day for so many. And while I relish in a day where we celebrate our Mothers, the commercialization of this holiday, like so many of them, really does get to me.  Truly we should celebrate our Mothers everyday, right?


But I will step off my soap box to say that I did have a beautiful day.  My mother was with my sister, and that was fine.  The day was about just the five of us and the sun was sparkling which always picks me up.  I have laryngitis; that was my gift to the family as I received their beautiful gifts. :)


My husband and I love Indian food so we decided to introduce the kids to it.  Needless to say we were the only non-Indian family in the Indian restaurant on Mother’s Day!  The kids did put forth a good effort and tried a lot of the foods, but I’m not sure we will be returning with them anytime soon. :)

The other big news is that my little one got her ears pierced.  She was told she would have to wait until age 7 but that’s only 2 weeks away.  She begged and gave me this card in the morning which sealed the deal on early piercings!



IMG_3651 IMG_3654

How was your Mother’s Day?

4 Years of Blogging…TODAY!

10 May

Today is the day I started blogging 4 years ago.

I have been blogging for half the life of my twins and around two-thirds of my baby’s life.

Why do I do it? As I way to keep track of stuff like this piece my daughter just this minute handed to me…an early Mother’s Day she called it…


She says it’s me “dreaming of everybody HAPPY!”

I blog because I love to write.  Because I love to record the mundane (which becomes what it’s all about).  And, because I love to keep it real.

If you read my blog, I am very grateful for your interest.  I welcome your feedback; please give it to me anytime.

Thanks for sticking around. xoxo

1st Grade Spring Sing

7 May

During my little one’s spring sing this week she looked right at me and flashed this smile.

It was enough to get the tears going, as they are threatening to start right now just looking at the photo.  There’s just something about my baby hitting milestones that is so much harder to swallow.   And every event she has these days is symbolic of her growing up.

As I sat listening to her sing, choking back the tears, I thought about the twins spring sing.  It was two years ago but it feels like it could have been last month.  I know I tend to ruminate so much in these posts about time passing by.  I think I need to dedicate an entire blog post about it in the near future so I can explain myself.


She sang her heart out (while mine broke!)!  Despite everything I was feeling, I loved every minute of it.

And really…aren’t school shows the best?


My Little Author and Her Special Blanket

1 May

Today was an adorable and delightful day.


The torrential downpour that had overcome Long Island yesterday, turned into fog this morning, and dissipated into beautiful sunshine by afternoon in time for my little one’s author’s tea.

In first grade the students all write and publish books and then the parents are invited to hear them read.  It’s adorable and I can’t believe it’s been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I attended the twins authors tea…sigh, sob!



My daughter chose to write a non fiction book on one of the most important things in her world, her gockey.  If you’ve read the book you’ll realize gockey is the name for her special blanket, gockey being how she pronounced blankie as a baby, and the name has stuck. :)

The book details the life of gockey…where I purchased it, what it looks like, and what the future holds for my little one and gockey.  For an added treat today I allowed her to take gockey to school.  At the end of her story she pulled out the real live gockey from under her legs….it was too cute.


Days like today make me wish I could freeze time or at least slow it down it a little…..



She’s looking so grown up lately.  But I do love that she still has her gockey!

How many of you have kids with special blankets?


Daddy’s Birthday

25 Apr

I want to appreciate this very second, where on this morning my 6 year tip toes in my room and says “Mommy can I come into bed and snuggle with you?” I know the seconds are running away faster than I can catch them.  I know it won’t be long before the kids won’t want to cuddle.  I’m seeing more and more of the eye rolling from the older ones as I hear about how annoying I am.

Yesterday was their dad’s birthday.

They were so excited and those moments are what our birthdays are all about….


photo (3)

Have a wonderful weekend :)


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