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Stylish Squirt

18 Sep

It’s a no school day and I was rushing to get out to kick boxing this morning. The kids all appeared at the car with very strange outfits on but the little one won the award for the most style! The outfit seems to clash beautifully :)

I know many moms who insist on a lot of control in the area of their kids attire. My feeling is that as long as they are not wearing shorts in the winter or pajamas to school it’s pretty much okay by me.

How involved do you get in outfitting  your child/ren?

Exercise with Children in Tow

9 Aug

While I looooove summer, the only downside is that I don’t have any free time.  I’m finding my house is messier and we have less fresh groceries because every task is kid accompanied…

That includes exercise.  I kickbox at small studio so there’s no daycare like you might find at a gym.   Luckily the kids are comfortable and familiar with the setting so that’s half the battle.

On the days I want to attend a class I start prepping the kids in advance.  We’ll discuss plans for the day in a positive way.  “Mom is going to go kickbox right before we go to the pool.”  This way the focus is on the pool.

Yesterday we had a full day of pool and beach and my husband was working late.  While we were still at the beach I asked the kids if they wanted to stay up late, watch me exercise, and have the potential of a great reward.  They agreed.

Since the class was in the evening I made sure to give them a filling dinner prior to leaving.  And oh my god this was their dinner conversation:
5 year old:  “god’s alive forever”
6 year old:   “yeah he and santa never die”
other 6 year old:   “neither does mrs. claus”

I couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

They each packed up a bag of toys and thing to keep them busy and when we arrived at kickboxing they settled right into their activities.

I got myself a spot in the outer region of class so I could keep ears and eyes on them.

Well they did chastise me a bit about my lack of speed.  I did have to share my water 3 times.  And, I did have to caution them to keep the volume down while they got into a very competitive game of hide and seek.

But otherwise, they really did a great job getting through the hour.

And the best part, for them, was yet to come.  The reward was a visit to Dunkin Donuts which is conveniently located within the same parking lot.  And lucky for them, ice cream addicts, this one has a Baskin Robbins within.

As we left the store x3 cones a guy by the door said to me, “Hey Mommy….you’re doing a great job…a great job…” How random and nice. On the way back to the car we passed 2 people who had kickboxed with me who praised the kids on their excellent behavior! It really helps to get good feedback!

How do you make time to excerise?

First Day of Summer = Best Day

20 Jun

Oh how I love the summer.

Sure it was over 100 degrees today but you won’t hear me complaining about the heat!  I love when it’s 8:30 p.m. and still light out.  I love short sleeves.  I love feeling warm.  I love the beach!  I love it so much that I picked up the twins early from school today for a beach outing.  (it’s their last week of school and every day is early dismissal at this point anyway!)

We went with my parents.  I’ve mentioned that they moved to NY a couple of months ago.  They are just loving how close they live to the beach and have been dying to get there with the kids.

My parents have endless energy so it turned out to be such a great time.  And it made me very happy there was one adult for each kid because I am usually outnumbered and it’s a little scary still with the kids and the ocean.

I literally had to drag them out of the water after a few hours.  Believe me I didn’t want to leave either but they are so fair and their skin is precious!

I took my parents back to their place and we all went for a swim in their pool which was a great way to clean off the 20 pounds of sand stuck to the kids.

Maybe it was the large dose of Vitamin D i got today, but I was revved up for kickboxing this evening despite the continued 100 degree weather into the night!  While I was there the kids played in the street until almost 9!

We all ended the day sweaty and happy.  Who else is with me on summer being the best season!!!?

Kickboxing Sidekicks

16 Apr

I wrote last November about how I started kickboxing and I’ve mentioned here and there that I absolutely love it. I’m in awe of myself to be honest because I am a very unathletic person who prior to this did nothing in the way of fitness!

My goal was to attend two classes every week but I’ve been managing to attend four (!) because I enjoy it so much.

It takes a bit of juggling and tonight I had to take the kids with me as my husband wasn’t home in time.  And there they were…jeering at me in class….

Look at mommy…..she’s so slow!

the little creeps

This would be followed by rolling on the floor laughter.  Chastising me united them as they became a sick ,little, name calling pack of thugs. (And the sad part is that I thought I was kicking ass tonight!)

They seem to have no idea how bad ass I have become. :)

Am I Having a Mid Life Crisis? (Turning 41 with a Boom and a Bang)

26 Feb

I had such a nice birthday weekend.  It started Friday night with my 4th kickboxing class of the week.  I continue to love it and be obsessed  At the age of 41 (today) I am approaching a good fitness level, for the first time ever.  And on top of that I simply love punching.  Kicking is okay too but punching has been exhilarating me.

And when my husband asked where I would like to celebrate my birthday I begged him to take me to Tiro A Segno.  This is the Italian gun club for members only.  His brother is a member and I so appreciate him letting us go.

I wish I didn't look so awkward!

We had the most delicious Italian meal with too many courses too count which was interwoven with trips to the basement for target practice.

So punching and shooting…what does that say about where I am in life?!

Oh and today’s fortune cookie was awesome:


Sounds like a good birthday resolution :)

Rainy Days and Target

24 Feb

I really have no right to complain about the rainy, lousy weather today because the weather this week has been stellar. I’m glad we took advantage of the mild sunny climate because today was definitely a couch potato day.

notice who's always coveting the remote?!

I’m so amazed at how they can be crying and clawing at each other one minute and snuggling the next. It was all I could do to peel them from the couch to pick up a few prescriptions at Target (I bribed them).

The deal was that they could go to the dollar area and pick whatever. I’m so thrilled this tactic still works!

What was totally annoying is that by the time we made it over to the pharmacy they were closed for lunch. How freaking irritating is it that this multi billion dollar corporation cannot stagger lunch breaks in the pharmacy?

Because you know at this point the kids were out of snuggle mode and into clonking each other on the head mode. And you also know there was a crowd of 50 people all waiting for their meds and witnessing my kids transform into demons. We got mixed looks of amusement and disgust as I tried to get everything sorted out.

But now we are home…it’s Friday…and I have kickboxing tonight!

What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

Pnuemonia x2

4 Feb

My son has been hacking up a lung and completely unresponsive to any cold meds.  Last night he developed a fever along with the hacking.  I told my husband I thought he has pneumonia.  He gave me the “you’re crazy” look.

I stole away for an hour to kickbox and it was amazing, just what I needed.  When I returned home I learned that my husband had given my son ibuprofen instead of acetaminophen for the fever.  I had just given the ibuprofen before I left so now I’m freaking that he has pneumonia and he has been overdosed on meds!  I ended up elevating his bed and he finally fell asleep.  And then, I took  a bath and some meds and got a little sleep.

Today took the fevery, coughing, sore throat, headachey and drippy nosed twins (yes his sister was coughing too but without fever) to the doctor.

They BOTH have PNEUMONIA!  Holy crap!  And the little one is getting over a bad cold.

So, today is a day of PJs and comfy stuff.  I’m making chicken soup from scratch.  We’re all okay being home bound and thankfully the kids are all comfortable at the moment!

Pneumonia is a first for us…have your children ever had it?

My New Love

10 Jan


Those of you close to me and those who are not…I know you’re sick of hearing about my new flame.  It’s only been about a month but I’m obsessed.  I’m changing and I can’t stop talking about it.  My energy level is up.  My happiness level is up.  And my body is reacting in all the right ways.  The fat is receding and the muscles are popping.  I’m learning new character changing skills and becoming a tougher broad.  I’m becoming more coordinated.  And I’m also thinking about what I put in my mouth…no need to overindulge when I’m feeling this way!  People are telling me I’m looking good thanks to you.  Sometimes I do feel very used, abused and sore, (even as I write this my butt is killing me) but I am aware pain is part of the process.  I’m determined for us to last because I’m committed…

I love you kickboxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I’d feel so passionately about a hardcore workout.  I’m a klutzy girl who likes to read in my bed.  But last week I went to four kickboxing classes in five days!  I’m on my way to being kick ass, or a least a little bit tough :)

Have you ever experienced a transformation like this?


I Worked Out Today

6 Dec

Well maybe that title doesn’t seem like big news, but for me it’s huge.

First of all, I’m not what you’d call athletic.  I do love yoga but I am otherwise pretty inactive.  I’d rather read and lounge then hike and run.  I fall down all the time, like over nothing.  In fact I recently fell down walking in my front door.  I was laying there like the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady.

So this is why I’m over the moon when I see any of my children demonstrating anything close to athletic ability.  It’s also why I don’t have a regular workout regimen.  There have been times in my life I’ve joined gyms, but pregnancies and taking care of babies backburnered my attendance.

Now you know my kids are taking Kung Fu.  They take it at a kickboxing place and their memberships constitute a family membership  i.e there is no added expense for me to take as many kickboxing classes as I want.  But until this year I wasn’t able to get away without the little one.  And then September hit and I procrastinated.

Here’s the thing about me.  I take a while to start things.  But once I do, I give it 100%.  That’s why I have a hard time starting new things.  My personality doesn’t allow me to quit easily.

I’ve been feeling exceptionally sluggish and blah lately.  So yesterday I decided I would go today to the 10 a.m. kickboxing class.  I was terrified!  All I’ve seen walking into these classes (which sometimes happen after the kid classes) is solid tough looking 20 year olds.

Oh that’s the other thing.  I long to be  Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil.

I want to be strong and kick assish instead of the weak tired mush I usually feel like.  I thought kickboxing would be perfect to target my goals….getting in shape and becoming fierce.

Though I was nervous and feeling dumb entering the class, I had made the decision, so there would be no turning back. Well.

I did it!  I finished my first cardio kickboxing class and I feel great!  It’s amazing how much I accomplished today.  I truly had so much more energy.  And here’s the plan.  I am committed to attending two classes every week and I’m putting it out there! I think that is doable and hopefully at some point I will do more…

I’ve chosen time I am kid free so there can’t be many excuses.   And speaking of the kids, I am role modeling for them how important it is to exercise and take care of yourself.  I have to say I’m feeling pretty delighted that I did it though I am quite sure I will be aching tomorrow!

What do you like to do to stay in shape?


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