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Winding Down…

29 Dec

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays have wiped me out! I’m so tired, and the kids are sort of draining me driving me really crazy during this long break from school. The day after Christmas the little one requested we spend the day going shopping for toys…can you imagine?!  Every year I tell myself I’m going to try to cut down on the excess but my husband has a large family so the kids end up getting a lot of gifts.  They are so fortunate…but I want them to appreciate what they have and receive and it’s tough instilling that when there’s so much coming at them.

Last night I watched my twins eating dinner in their new pjs (Santa always brings pjs) and I couldn’t get over the cuteness.

We still have a week to go before school resumes here and we are just taking it easy and hanging out.


(Ice cream is always great…even when it’s rainy and freezing out like tonight!)

If you, like us, aren’t vacating, how are you occupying the kids during the school break?

Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars ‘High Tea’ Party #CadburyHighTea

28 Jul

I wrote about the heat wave we experienced here and though I was loving spending everyday at our pool, I felt it was probably a good idea to give my fair-haired sweeties a break from the sun. And what better way to do that, I thought, than by having a tea party, not just a tea party, but an ICE CREAM tea party!?!

Since my girls have been so into their American Girl Dolls, I thought it would be extra fun for them to invite their friends to bring their dolls too. So a plan was set in motion! The girls were so excited and were discussing it for days. They were completely wowed and delighted when I surprised them with the beautiful porcelain tea party set and hats that Cadbury sent us to have the party.


It was fun that we were having our English style tea party as the world was abuzz waiting for a new prince to be born!

Instead of tea we had lemonade and milk…lots of cookies…and of course….ice cream! Who knew that Cadbury even made ice cream?!   The Cadbury Ice Cream bar features the newest indulgent flavors:


Cadbury® Caramello™, Cadbury® English Toffee, Cadbury® Royal Dark™, and the party favorite…Cadbury® Vanilla Chocolate!

The girls had so much fun… with lots of giggles and licks!

IMG_6146 IMG_6143

IMG_6142 IMG_6136

IMG_6135 IMG_6131

My parents even stole a couple of Cadbury bars and were chowing down in the kitchen while I was distracted with the girls so they must have been good!

My daughter’s sign says it all…


And those beautiful hats? Well the party was long over, and my little one kept hers firmly planted on her head….while we went to dinner, while went to shopping, etc…but then we know she has a thing with hats!


*Thank you Cadbury and MomSelect for sending us the promotional party kit to have this awesome party!!!*

Milkshakes at Grandma and Grandpa’s House

8 Jul

Since my parents moved nearby it’s been great to have so many more opportunities to spend time with them.  Tonight they invited the kids over for dessert.

The kids were so excited when my dad said he would be making milkshakes as this is something I never do.  My father told them he would share his secret, delicious recipe with them.  He calls this shake a “black and white”. (I guess everyone did in the 40’s and 50’s!!!)

It was so cute watching the kids watch my dad and listening to their questions.

They were riveted and made mental notes of the ingredients…milk, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup!

But did they enjoy the final product, you may be wondering….

They say a picture says a thousand words… :)

(I love the happy grandma in the background!)

Do your kids enjoy any special activities with their grandparents?

This is How We Roll

19 Mar

A simple trip to the store can cause a lot of fighting, because the world is really crafted for people with only 2 children. One cart never adequately holds them all so when my husband is with me we get two carts.

Sometimes we park them in the middle of the aisle while I scramble one way and he scrambles the other to maximize our time. Today the kids did well with it as they discussed what ice cream flavors they would be choosing as a reward for good behavior.

We took them to TCBY for the first time and they had a blast putting every disgusting topping combination imaginable on their “ice creams”.

The days are long but the weeks fly by and I am doing my best to cherish every moment…how about you?

Love the Beach

15 Aug

One of the things I love most about where I live is the proximity to the beach.  In just twenty minutes I can be at some of the most beautiful beaches in NY.  Before children I would spend every summer weekend at the beach.  It’s always been the place where I feel most at peace, must be the Pisces in me!

So naturally once I had kids I couldn’t wait to take them to the beach and re experience some of my much-needed ocean tranquility.

I was deluded!  What kind of peace could I hope to acquire with a 1 year old and two  2 year olds at the ocean!!!  See my little guy holding his hand up?  He tried to manage without getting any sand to touch his skin!  I mean they looked cute and all experiencing it all for the first time but boy were they PIAs!

(I just had to post this picture because it may be the cutest one ever :) )

SO my hopes and dreams were dashed and I was beach less for a couple of years.

However, this summer we’ve gone a couple of times and it’s been great!  The girls are still playing together.

But now for longer and without as much fighting!

It was actually pretty monumental when I found myself relaxing!!!  Of course I had all eyes on them, but I was actually sitting…amazing!  My nephews were there too so the kids were in heaven, especially after they all got ice cream…

Oh it was such a great time, and the best part is that I see the kids loving the beach as much as I do. :)

Do you take your kids to the beach?

Coldstone Creamery Party

14 May

Today I had some great one on one time with my daughter. We just left a 6 year old girls only party at Cold Stone Creamery.

Who would’ve thought they do parties? The kids got to see how ice cream is made and walk in the freezer :)

Of course the highlight was when she made her own concoction: cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears, marshmallows, Kit Kats and sprinkles (gag!). Now she’s bouncing off the walls!

We’ve got another birthday party tomorrow. Is it me or are you also finding yourself going to way more parties in the spring?

Free Scoops at Carvel

22 Sep


On September 23, TOMORROW, Carvel will be hosting a Scoop of Thanks Event. Participating locations will be giving out free scoops of Swiss Miss Hand-Dipped Ice Cream.  (You may want to call ahead to make sure your Carvel is participating.)  Check here for more information and happy ice cream eating!


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