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Winding Down…

29 Dec

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays have wiped me out! I’m so tired, and the kids are sort of draining me driving me really crazy during this long break from school. The day after Christmas the little one requested we spend the day going shopping for toys…can you imagine?!  Every year I tell myself I’m going to try to cut down on the excess but my husband has a large family so the kids end up getting a lot of gifts.  They are so fortunate…but I want them to appreciate what they have and receive and it’s tough instilling that when there’s so much coming at them.

Last night I watched my twins eating dinner in their new pjs (Santa always brings pjs) and I couldn’t get over the cuteness.

We still have a week to go before school resumes here and we are just taking it easy and hanging out.


(Ice cream is always great…even when it’s rainy and freezing out like tonight!)

If you, like us, aren’t vacating, how are you occupying the kids during the school break?

Our Annual Santa Brunch

15 Dec


Last Sunday we attended the children’s Christmas party at my husband’s golf club which is something we’ve been doing for the past few years. I really enjoy it because it’s a party focused on fun for the children.  There’s a DJ, dancing, games, a magic show, gingerbread cookie decorating, ice cream sundae making, and of course a visit from Santa who arrives via fire truck.  All of this is within a beautifully decorated environment with tons of delicious food. And, my children are old enough now where I can actually sit and enjoy some of the food!

IMG_7053 IMG_7055

IMG_7058 IMG_7063

I find that I’ve been feeling so much more happiness during the holidays the past couple of years just from witnessing the joy the kids experience whether it be with our elf, lighting the Chanukah candles or any of the many holiday traditions.

I’m starting to believe that when you have children this really can be the most wonderful time of the year!


What do you think?

So Many Holiday Shows!

12 Dec

Yesterday my little one had her Winter Festival. It doesn’t feel like it was 3 whole years ago her twins siblings had their kindergarten winter festival in the school, and then their first grade one. And then of course last year it was hard to believe I was sitting in my baby’s kindergarten winter festival and now here we are and this is the last winter festival I will be attending.

I arrived 45 minutes early for a front row seat to soak up every glorious moment.

One of the many highlights was when she played the glockenspiel :)


Now a few weeks back my 3rd graders also got to participate in shows of their own…Thanksgiving shows. So half the third grade classes performed at 9:00 and the other half at 10:15 and you guessed it…I had one twin in each cluster so we watched the same 3 plays twice and ironically my twins each performed the same play!

But, they were adorable! Both the pilgrim…
and the Native American!

Have you been attending some amazing performances too!?

Twins Turn 8 and Parties Offically Come to An End

27 Nov

Last week my twins celebrated another birthday.  It doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since they turned 7!!!

I had told them last year that in third grade we would be stopping the big bashes. Fall birthdays are rough as the friendships are still new…I’m over inviting half the class but if they just invite a few friends to a little celebration I worry about feelings being hurt. And the stress is all magnified times two…so…


In lieu of parties we did a quick overnight to Great Germ Wolf Lodge because my kids cannot get enough of that place.  The good news is that it was a great time to go as it was empty but the bad news was that I couldn’t breathe and my asthma kicked up bad this time in there. Because it was so empty we rode on every ride one thousand and one times. (It was a great time to go but honestly I don’t know that I’m ever able to return…my breathing was that bad…)

Both coming and going we stopped at Cracker Barrel restaurant because we don’t have any around here and it’s now part of our GW Lodge routine.  I really love those Chicken N Dumplins and the kids of course just love to go crazy in that store. I got a lot of good ideas for holiday gifts for the kids.


On the actual birthday, one twin’s teacher allowed me to visit, the other allowed instructed me only to send in treats. My daughter wanted those number custom 8 Dunkin Donuts because “no one does cupcakes in 3rd grade MOM”. I did have loads of fun visiting my son in his classroom. We played a game and then I made sure to embarrass him by showing all his classmates this adorable baby picture!


That night we did our birthday tradition of going out for Japanese hibatchi…it’s always a lot of fun.


I’m still getting a little choked up looking at the baby picture….how does time seem to moving faster as they get older?

Is Halloween Over Yet?!

29 Oct

We’ve already been to a fabulous Halloween party AND we trick or treated yesterday at my parents complex. If not for the trick or treating at my parents last year my kids would have had no Halloween due to Hurricane Sandy so we love this event. It’s contained and wonderful.

But we already have loads of candy, and the kids costumes are barely holding together.  I’m wiped out! We still have the real trick or treating and some school parades and parties to get through :).

As you can see, I, the unspirited mom, even dressed up this year to accompany my barbarian husband!  Are you Halloweened out or looking forward to Thursday?!



Big Birthday for My Dad Today

20 Oct

My dad has a giant huge milestone birthday today. He doesn’t like to me to talk about the number, but I will tell you it starts with an 8 :).

I told him that if I aged as well as he has I would shout my age from rooftops as I am half his age and feeling so weathered and run down already.

Anyway, we had a nice little family gathering for him yesterday, but as per usual around my kids there was no chance he could blow out his own candles!

Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!

Twins…Glorious Twins

7 Sep

2 days of school this week, 3 days off, 2 months prior of summer…makes for cranky annoying kids. I was at the point of no patience on Friday and dragged them to the park while I settled onto a bench with my Kindle. After the usual running around, yelling and fighting I didn’t hear them for a while so I went to check.

They had crawled under the play structure with their Rainbow Loom and Pokeman cards and were just chatting and actually enjoying each other. But the twins were curled up on each other in a way that seriously almost made me fall down and cry.


I had to quickly snap the photos without drawing attention to it.

The picture embodies the way I hope they will always relate to one another <3


First Day of School 2013

6 Sep

Well the third and first graders had their first day of school on Tuesday and I think it went pretty smoothly.

We don’t do a big back to school shop but I do get the kids new outfits for the first day.  The girls saw those dresses at the Children’s Place and both wanted them.  I was pleased because my big girl doesn’t even like to wear dresses anymore and the matching outfits worked out okay because they are at different schools.  My son on the other hand didn’t want any new clothes except new socks. (what a typical boy!) :)  He said his first day outfit would consist of lacrosse shorts and a “handsome shirt”.

As soon as they took off I headed out to our local Starbucks where I always meet up with a couple of friends to commiserate on the first day of school. Some years I’ve sat there with a lump in my throat, like last year when my little one went to kindergarten. This year, I felt alright.

002 009

It was a bit cloudy and humid in the morning but by the time the kids were delivered home the sun was shining beautifully and I was happy to hear all about the day. Of course they raced off and I heard barely anything!

We carried on another tradition that evening thanks to my lovely neighbors. On the first day of school they always give us an ice cream cake to celebrate after they wait at the bus stop with us!  We have our neighbors over for an ice cream party after school to talk about the first day.

First week was only two days as we have Thurs and Fri off for holidays.  It’s nice they are able to ease back into things.

How’s back to school going for you?

New Kicks

31 Aug

IMG_2373My 3rd grader’s choice of sneakers was another recent reminder to me that she is growing up too fast! (My husband said she looks like “a lady of the evening”!!!)

No more princess sneaks for this kid… :)


Hammer Time

15 Jun

If you have children, you know this time of the year, end of school, is often very hectic.  And add to that, the kids get a little haywire from the transition.

Lately we’ve been rushing around so much that it made me more able to appreciate a moment this morning.

Whenever the kids ask one of us what time it is, my husband and I, without fail, bellow, “HAMMER TIME!” and then we ALWAYS break into song.


This morning, when my son innocently asked the time, (they never seem to learn!) I responded appropriately which was followed by all 4 of us in unison screaming “U CAN’T TOUCH THIS!”.

I put on the video and everyone started dancing, followed by my son, innocently inquiring, “why is he wearing parachute pants?”

Love these moments :)


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