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Push Ups With Grandpa

7 Mar

The other day I was talking about exercise with the kids and my son dropped down and started doing push ups.  I was completely amazed.  He easily banged out 10 fast push ups with perfect form.  He told me he does them every morning when he awakens!  I learned my husband encouraged him to start doing them, to build strength, but even he had no idea it was happening and how strong he is becoming.

So when my fit parents were over I asked my son to show my dad his push ups.  It was them my father challenged my little man to a push up competition.  My dad reads this blog and he hates when people bring attention to his age but I’ll remind you that he celebrated a BIG birthday last October for which we celebrated by vacationing in Cancun.

IMG_3284How many grandpas do you know that can do push ups?!

Watching these two compete was very sweet…I’m not quite sure who won. :)

Ice Hockey Season One

8 Feb

My son has been playing roller hockey for two or three years now and he really loves it.  This winter we enrolled him in ice hockey for the first time and his love for hockey has grown ever more.  His dad plays hockey; he idolizes his dad.  So I guess it makes sense that he has a love for the sport also.


It’s an absolute thrill for me to watch him.  I’m so uncoordinated.  I trip over absolutely nothing so you can imagine what I look like with a pair of skates on!  To see him play really makes me almost tear up!  He says hockey is his “passion” :)

So nice that he’s found it at age eight, huh?

Creative Ways To Eat Your Vegetables

18 Jan

Found my 6-year-old doing this the other night…


My children love that Pane Italiano I get at Trader Joes and I always encourage them to dip it in their soup, their gravy, etc.

I guess the little one took it to a new level…but there were no veggies left by the end of dinner! :)

Do your kids struggle to eat their vegetables?

New Year Means New Goals–Some Tips

8 Jan

It’s that annoying time of year for us regular gym goers when the parking lot becomes mobbed and the gym gets a little more crowded. By February the crowds seem to wane, with resolutions already falling to the wayside.

It’s gotten me thinking a lot about this whole resolution thing which is really goal setting in general. There’s my husband, who when I asked him on New Year’s what his resolutions were, said, “I don’t need a special day to make resolutions!”

I have a lot of limitations, but once I set my goals I’m pretty good at getting them done. For me, it’s the setting part that’s the hardest. Take the gym for example. I wouldn’t even go tour the one I was going to join (I could barely even think about it either) until I felt I was READY to join because I have the personality that is once I start something I MUST FINISH (or I simply don’t start).

I went to grad school right after college while some of my friends took a break before going to grad school. I did it this way because I knew that if I didn’t go straight through I never would go at all.

Where am I going with this?

When YOU think about setting goals for yourself consider who you are and what is really attainable for YOU.

In terms of the goal you set, make it: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, trackable.

Think about: WHAT you want to accomplish, WHEN you want to accomplish it, WHERE you want to accomplish it, WHO may be involved in helping you, HOW you are going to reach it, WHY you want to accomplish it.

As an example…we all hear people say “I’m going to get healthier in the new year.”  This is a wish.  Some goals based on this wish could look something like this:

I am going to eliminate all soda from my diet and replace it with water.  I am going to walk 20 minutes/day 2-3 week and I’ll ask my buddy to join me.  I’m going to fully commit to this for one month because my health is most important.  I’m setting a great example for my children.  At the end of the month I will evaluate my progress and set new goals for February.

What are YOU hoping to accomplish this year?

Happy Days

5 Jun

Well the warm weather and sunshine sure has been lifting my mood, which is good, because the kids have been complete tyrants, fighting non stop it seems.


I mean there we were in the park even and they started tackling each other like ANIMALS.


So later when my son started beating on his sisters again ( I have a thing about him punching the girls, even when provoked ) he flew into a tantrum and let me have it.  I know he was tired and hungry and I stayed pretty calm for once, though he did get punished.

He must have felt badly about some of the things he said and did because I was later presented with this letter which will be preserved and presented somewhere in his future!


Just a little over 2 weeks of school left :)

Kids Love Reiki Too

7 May

I had the most amazing experience with my 7-year-old daughter this past Sunday.


My friend, Sandy, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Reiki, held a class to introduce Reiki to children.  Being that my daughter seems to be the most spiritual and deep of my three, I thought it might be a nice experience for her, separate from her siblings.

And it was a phenomenal experience.

It was my daughter who, after the children were ready to try out the Reiki, said she wanted me to be the first person she did reiki on…


What a wonderful suggestion it turned out to be!

I am beyond thrilled that my daughter has acquired a lifelong healing tool.

If you live in the Long Island area and are interested in learning more about Reiki check out my friend Sandy’s web site:  http://namastereiki.com/

Wake Up Mommy, it’s Your Birthday!

27 Feb


Yesterday was my birthday. The kids were so excited. They raced into my room with kisses and wanted to be first to wish me a happy day. They gave me a lot of delicious hugs and love and I just can’t get over how excited they get to celebrate me!

Of course once I opened my eyes I realized that my daughter had 2 stickers on her face.

"Stickers for your birthday Mommy!"

“Stickers for your birthday Mommy!”

Given that she had just come from her bed I deduced that she HAD GONE TO SLEEP WITH STICKERS ON HER FACE. I work one day a week, on Monday nights, and somehow, I always end up dealing with strangeness on Tuesday mornings as a result.  Strangeness like stickers adhered to skin leaving heart marks…


But once the kids got off to school I was able to go kickboxing for the first time in 2 weeks which was great.


Seriously that flu knocked me over and I STILL don’t feel 100%.  But it didn’t damper all the love I felt on my birthday, which was awesome.


The little one even mustered up a tantrum to make my day complete. :)

Me and Mommy

21 Feb

“This is me running to hug you.”
5-year-old drew this for me after school yesterday.
It was just what I needed :)
(flu is still kicking my butt, and not in the kickboxing way I love!)

Back to School

20 Feb

The freezing winds at the bus stop this morning didn’t hamper the little one’s smiles.

Our 4 day mini break from school this week (abbreviated because of so much school missed during Hurricane Sandy) was anti climactic because we were all sick. I feel bad about that.  I’m hoping the kids appreciate the return to routine today as a change from lying around the house.

Isn’t it kind of a nice feeling sending them all onto the bus after several days at home? :)

Little Man Big Brother

19 Feb

On Friday my son was home sick with the flu. Though he had been up all night he was persistent in his desire to walk his baby sister to the bus stop with me. Although it was against my better judgement I relented and allowed him. As we walked outside they immediately started walking like this, arm in arm…amazing!
Of course as I write this now with us being holed up coughing on each other for the past 4 days straight, the story is a little different! Nonetheless I’m so glad I was able to capture this special moment. I think I need to remind them of it right now :) .


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