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Back to School Shopping With Hanes®

31 Aug

A few weeks ago at the Getting Gorgeous Event in NYC, I learned  Hanes® is expanding its exclusive apparel partnership with Box Tops for Education®, offering families two great ways to raise money for their local schools while stocking up on apparel essentials. Hanes introduced the Hanes4Education program in March 2011 as a way for schools to earn valuable Box Tops when they order printed Hanes shirts from suppliers for spiritwear, school uniforms and other school events. Now, Hanes is expanding the partnership to products sold at leading retailers by adding Box Tops to packages of Hanes children’s underwear, socks and outerwear T-shirts as well as select bonus packs of adult underwear and socks.

I had the opportunity to grab some Box Tops and therefore win money for my twins’ elementary school.

I really do love collecting Box Tops and it’s even impacted my husband and kids who always pile them up on my desk from our various food items.  So it makes sense that I would be excited to find Box Tops now on Hanes products!

I went with the kids to Target the other day to get some much-needed back to school underwear and socks x3.  MY CHILDREN noticed the Box Tops on the Hanes packages and gravitated to them!

My little man has decided he is no longer a briefs man, but a boxer briefs man!  Oh my god I wish he would let me take a photo of him in his Hanes Boxer Briefs.  I am dying from the cuteness.  He loves them. And of course, they have to be black and grey, just like his daddy’s!

The girls loved all the patterns they could choose with their Hanes Bikinis.  I honestly cannot believe how excited this household is about new underpants!!!  Once we got home it was hard for me to get them to put clothes back on…we had about 2 hours of underwear parades. :)

And you know how it is shopping with kids…nothing wrong with having an ICEE at 9:30 a.m right? :)

maybe my favorite picture EVER!

Gift card provided for product purchase and review.

Hanes Makes Sleepwear!

23 Jun

I’ve worked at hospitals since 1995 and since 1995 I’ve been wearing hospital scrubs to bed.  Pretty sad.

I just can’t be bothered to buy pajamas because they never end up lasting or feeling comfortable enough.  But I recently had an opportunity to try out the capri sleep set from Hanes…..awesome experience!

Well, I’m not shocked that they are extremely comfortable because that seems to be Hanes strength…comfort!  The other thing I love is that they are cool.  (Tangent — Have you found your body temperature rising since you had kids?  I used to be cold all the time and now it’s just the opposite.)

And the final aspect of these pjs that I like is that I can walk outside and get the newspaper without being embarrassed because they are cute!

Check them out and all the comfortable clothes for the family at Hanes.com.

(Sample provided for review.)

Hanes Review and Giveaway! Enter to Win…

9 Apr hanes_logo_130x114


I was happy to see the Hanes table at Getting Gorgeous last weekend.  Hanes was showing off their new cushion-socks and a ComfortFlex Fit bandeau.  Cushion-socks!?  I was intrigued and so excited to nab a few pairs to try out.  The background is that I have the most achy feet.  It takes forever for me to find comfortable shoes and I am easily irritated by socks that are usually too tight OR too loose and then sliding down in to my shoe (hate that).

I’ll admit I was suspicious when the gals at the Hanes table told me the the Hanes Casuals Cushioned Low-Cut Women’s Socks would not slide down my feet.  I mean why would these socks be different than all my others?

But boy oh boy did my feet get a treat!  I’m all about these socks that are plush, snug (without being too snug), and warm (cold feet over here…)  And, THEY DON”T SLIDE DOWN!  My feet get comfortable with Hanes!

Here are the official details about these fab socks:

  • Extra-soft cotton blend feels soothing, heel to toe.
  • Cushioning through the sole pampers your every step.
  • A hint of knit-in stretch assures better fit and feel.
  • Ribbed stretchy top stays up comfortably all day.
  • Cotton/acrylic/polyester/nylon/spandex/natural latex rubber

The best part is that Hanes has offered to let one of you try them out too!

One (1) Just Another Manic Mommy reader will receive 3 packages (3 socks per package!) of Hanes Casuals Cushioned Low-Cut Women’s Socks.

To enter? Easy.

Visit Hanes.com to check out the best-fitting most comfortable clothing.  Then, each of the following will earn an entry:

  1. Leave a comment with your name and email stating something you love about Hanes.
  2. Became a fan of Just Another Manic Mommy on Facebook, post on the wall, and leave a comment stating it.
  3. Became a fan of Hanes on Facebook, post on the wall, and leave a comment stating it.
  4. Become an email subscriber of Just Another Manic Mommy, and leave a comment stating it.
  5. Post a link to this contest on your blog, and then leave a comment on this post with your link.

Winner will be chosen randomly on 4/22/11 and notified via email.

Getting Gorgeous NYC 2011

4 Apr

I was so excited to attend the 2011 Getting Gorgeous event in NYC over the weekend.  I am in awe of my very talented friend Vera Sweeney and her partner Audrey McClelland who created these events about fashion and beauty for everyday women, or worn out moms like me!  Last year’s was a hit so I was excited to set out  in the morning with my buddy Elpida for a kid and husband free day of getting gorgeous!

The sun was shining, the traffic wasn’t bad, AND we got parking on the street.  We were already winning!  We arrived early and got in line…first, I might add!  As soon as we were allowed in we grabbed our free mimosas from the Simply Orange stand.  Like the nerd that I am, I went on and on with the guy about how much I love the Simply Orange juices.  I am very excited about the coupons I received.

I ushered Elpida to the service area as I knew we had to take advantage of being there in the beginning.

We learned about Hair Room Service and we’re still thinking about what a great service that is for moms!  I would have loved some at home hair styling before my surprise 40th :).  We were the FIRST attendees to get styled, and it was awesome.

Elpida’s hair is very straight, as in Japanese Hair Straightening straight so when she asked for waves we thought it was almost impossible………..but…………..I guess when a celebrity stylist works on you, anything is possible!

See?  Gorgeous already!  But check out my eyes.  So tired, saggy and baggy….but not for long!

We headed over to Lifetime moms where they were “serving” Diva makeovers!  We could get some help with lips, eyes or cheeks.  It was a no brainer for me and before long my tired eyes were being transformed into “smokey eyes”.

Elpida chose lips.  And we looked fab as we heard more about Lifetime Mom’s Drop Dead Diva series.

We got loads of goodies and samples which I will tell you more about when I try them.  But check out all the sponsors who were involved:

Degree — title sponsor

Tide to Go


Simply Orange Juice

Flip Out Sandals


Sarah Potempa

Dream Water

Goody Hair

Miraclebody (I’m still in love with my jeggings from last year’s Getting Gorgeous)


BJs Wholesale

Lifetime Moms

Weight Watchers

Hair Room Service

Amy Tara Koch

Sandals Resorts

Georgetown Cupcakes


For more information on Getting Gorgeous click here.

I’m off to rummage through all my loot from the event :)

Hanes Giveaway…Item of YOUR Choice (CLOSED)

30 Aug

Earlier this month I wrote about the Hanes Event I attended and how smitten I am with the new Comfortflex Fit Bandini Bra. Check out the video to get a feel for the event.

I already knew I loved Hanes panties and sweats (for myself and the kids) but I never realized there were so many versatile bra choices.    I’m also understanding that Hanes isn’t just about underwear.  Over at Hanes.com I discovered women’s tunics and kids polo shirts.  There’s also something great about TAGLESS shirts if you have a sensitive little guy like me who is always tugging at his shirt collar.

But really what I love most about Hanes is that the aim is to make the most comfortable clothing possible, and I am alllll about comfort!

I am excited to let you know that one (1) Just Another Manic Mommy reader will receive any one (1) item of your choice from Hanes.com.

To enter? Easy.

Visit Hanes.com to check out the best-fitting most comfortable clothing.  Then, each of the following will earn an entry:

  1. Leave a comment with your name and email stating what you hope to win.
  2. Became a fan of Just Another Manic Mommy on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall stating what you hope to win.
  3. Link this post on your blog.
  4. Send an email to your friends about this post and let me know.

Winner will be chosen randomly on 9/6/10 and notified via email.

Getting Gorgeous NYC Event

11 Aug

I attended another blogging event coordinated by my most fashionable friend Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland.

An event about fashion and beauty targeted to moms makes so much sense.  I don’t have time for fashion and beauty in my life, and when I do have a free moment, my attitude is why bother!  That leaves me wearing  jeans and t-shirts every day looking and feeling blah.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I felt very un blah at Getting Gorgeous

Here are some of the highlights:

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi sent me flying high when he told me I have  “a great perky butt”. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Okay I don’t necessarily believe him but it was nice to hear in light of the fact that on a typical day I’m hearing things like what my 3-year-old said to me yesterday,”Mom you look like disgusting.”)

He told me this while I was being fitted for a pair of Miraclebody jeans.  The jeans that make you look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds.  Why would I not wear jeans that make me look lighter!!?  I ended up with jeggings, at Robert Verdi’s insistence even though I told him I have stayed away from leggings since I first saw them in the 80’s!  But damn I like those jeggings believe or not and it was nice to walk away with something different.

Skechers Shape-Ups started the day off by giving out trainers to some of the moms who decided to take part in the morning Skechers walk. I wasn’t there for that but did get to hear all about the new line of shape-ups for running which sounded cool.

Lia Sophia showed off pieces of their Fall 2010 jewelry line and gave each of us the choice between 4 of their pieces. I got this bracelet and I’m loving it.

I got to hear about Hanes and the new ComfortFlex Fit Bra again and got another easy size comfy bra.

I was excited to talk to the people at Tide because it really is the only detergent I use (this preference was inherited from my mom!).  The new product, Swash, eliminates the need for an iron or fabric freshener for moms like me that have no time or patience for ironing. I witnessed the demonstration: spray, give your clothes a little smooth and pull and the wrinkles are gone.  Wonderful!

Remington was there to introduce the Remington Pearl line along with celebrity stylist Richard Marin.  He and the other stylists were pampering some of the lucky moms with hair tips. I am beyond excited to try out  The Wet-to-dry flat iron..what a great giveaway!

Kmart Design showed off their top 5 Fall Fashion looks for under $50. I saw a lot of camouflage.  My son will be very excited if he sees me wearing some of those looks!

Thanks to Powermat I can now enjoying the freedom and convenience of charging without plugging and unplugging and keeping track of all mine and my husband’s chargers.  Awesome.

Oh and Kodak had a really cool booth set up.  I made a great photo collage from my own memory card that my in-laws are going to love!

Other sponsors were E.L.F. Makeup, Sarah Potempa and Shopafrolic.

Vera and Audrey did an amazing job.  It’s been a real wake up for me that just because I am being climbed on and spilled on and tantrumed on all day doesn’t mean I shouldn’t think about looking good! 

It’s true when you look good you feel better, right?

Bras and Massages…Hello Hanes Get Comfortable Event!

8 Aug

Last Thursday I was invited to a Hanes Event to “relax, reconnect and rejuvenate” and learn about the newest offerings from Hanes.  It was so nice to meet some other bloggers, learn some tips and get some treats! 

Here are some of the highlights:

I got a wonderful foot massage which was great (especially because I ended up walking 30 blocks afterwards to the train station!).  I chose feet (over hands) and it was delightful.  My masseuse, Carolyn was so lovely and calm. 

Then I got an expert bra fitting and walked away with an orange  ComfortFlex Fit Bandini bra.  It’s so uncomplicated when bras come in small, medium and large.

And the really cool part of the day was talking to Michael Maloney from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition about how to declutter drawers.

(Do I look a little stiff here?!!  I really should have tried the “comfortinis” being offered, but yes that’s soda I’m holding.)

One thing Michael talked about is how most of us buy new underwear, put them in the front of our drawers and shove the old pairs in back of the drawer instead of throwing them out.  So true!  And do you fold your underwear? It really doesn’t take long and there’s so much more space when you do. 

Needless to say, I look at my underwear drawer completely differently now!

After being massaged and organized I hit Getting Gorgeous on Friday for more pampering.  I’ll tell you all about it soon…


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