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Wearing A Costume

30 Oct

A couple of Saturdays ago my husband and I had a Halloween party to attend…costumes mandatory.  For most people, like my husband, this is an opportunity to have fun and do something that he loves to do, dress up.  For someone more introverted like me, this invitation initially made me groan and shudder.

SO, I’ll back it up a bit.  My husband starts growing his beard around August every year in anticipation of Halloween to don one of his two costumes….a Barbarian or a Bavarian.  He will dress up regardless of whether of not we are invited to a party.  He will dress up to simply trick or treat with the kids, or show up at my parents over 55 community Halloween party, or just to walk around town.  I love this about him. I have the matching Barbarian costume but it’s been worn several times so I went in search of a matching Bavarian costume this year.

I found one but wow it seems all costumes are made in a very revealing fashion.  I tried it on at the Spirit Costume store and pleaded with the 20-year-old sales girl to give me an honest opinion about whether or not my 43-year-old body could pull this off.  She said I could.  I still decided to wear shorts underneath so nothing would sneak out. :)

And this was our final look as a Bavarian couple right before we took off to the party.


I still wasn’t convinced.

But we got to our darkly lit Halloween party where we saw so many fun costumes and unrecognizable friends.  We laughed so much.  It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.  And I realized there’s something to this costume party thing.  Dressing up adds a different element of amusement and inhibition to a party.

Do you wear a costume for Halloween?


My Last Halloween Parade

3 Nov

Here I was lamenting about all the “festivities” involved with Halloween, and then Halloween came.

I arrived at the little one’s little school awaiting the beginning of her Halloween parade. I stood there feeling old, watching the younger moms with their strollers and infants and toddlers, in awe that it wasn’t too long ago I stood in the same spot as my twins paraded. Then it hit me. After all the years of these parades, this was it, my last Halloween parade.

It’s not about the parade of course it’s about my babies growing up….faster every day. :(  I seem to be acutely aware of it at these events.  Do you, as a parent, find yourself reflecting a lot about time passing by?

But on the bright side I just have to share this photo of the candy sorting on Halloween night…it always makes me smile :)


Is Halloween Over Yet?!

29 Oct

We’ve already been to a fabulous Halloween party AND we trick or treated yesterday at my parents complex. If not for the trick or treating at my parents last year my kids would have had no Halloween due to Hurricane Sandy so we love this event. It’s contained and wonderful.

But we already have loads of candy, and the kids costumes are barely holding together.  I’m wiped out! We still have the real trick or treating and some school parades and parties to get through :).

As you can see, I, the unspirited mom, even dressed up this year to accompany my barbarian husband!  Are you Halloweened out or looking forward to Thursday?!



Hurricane and the Halloween Party

18 Nov

Wow Halloween was forever ago it seems.  It came smack in the middle of hurricane hell.  Luckily we had the opportunity to attend a Halloween party the day before the hurricane at my parents (over 55) community.

The large party of costumed kids were probably 99% grandchildren of the residents, one smiling larger than the next as they watched the kids enjoy pumpkin decorating, face painting and a magic show.

But truly one of the real highlights was my husband all dressed up.  He loves to get his Barbarian costume on and he does every year.  This Halloween my son decided to be a Barbarian also.

like father, like son

After the party the kids had an opportunity to go trick or treating which was so awesome especially because Hurricane Sandy prevented trick or treating on the actual day of Halloween.
And when I say kids I mean all four of them!

We are still a bit out of sorts from having no power for 12 days.  Here I am sorting the Halloween pictures while Thanksgiving is in just a few days…crazy!

A Halloween Tradition

25 Oct

There’s a nursery not far from us that puts on a big display for Halloween.  My husband used to go as a boy to check out the central character, Otto the Ghost, and the kids love going every year.  That is, except for my son, who lately, as he approaches the age of 7, is too cool for almost everything.  You can see it on his face below.

But though he felt above it all he sure ran around the place like he was totally into it.

It’s a really fun time for them. There’s farm animals, fish tanks and tons of Halloween stuff to look it.

There’s also tons of Christmas stuff out too which is annoying…(let’s finish one holiday first!)

It was so cute hearing their comments about everything, like when my son said “who would ever want a skinny pumpkin!?”

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Candy Hoarders

2 Nov

I have about 15 lbs of candy on my kitchen counter.  And none of it was purchased.  The kids trick or treated for almost 2 hours and amassed a large load of sugar.  (I even found a giant Snickers in their loot…who in the world gives out regular sized candy bars on Halloween?!?!)

Today we spread it all out for inspection.

I asked the kids to put only their favorite candies in the green bowl and leave the rest on the table.  I talked about giving the candy away to children who don’t have candy (i.e. the garbage).

I left to empty the dishwasher and heard the twins arguing about Almond Joy…

That’s coconut and we don’t like it.

Yes we do!

No we don’t!

But I was thinking oh great they are really scrutinizing and getting rid of a lot.  And then I returned to the table.

So basically they have decided to give away roughly 15 of the 1,000 pieces of candy.

I don’t know what I was thinking.  It was a pretty dumb idea.  I’ve been having a lot of those lately.

What do you do with all the Halloween candy?

Halloween Hoopla

31 Oct

We haven’t even gone trick or treating yet and I’m sitting here scrubbing the little one’s stained and tattered costume!  Well, she has been to 3 parties and 1 parade for crying out loud!

We went to a really fun party last night at my husband’s golf club.  The DJ announced that whoever danced the best would win 100 dollars.

This compelled my money-grubbing girls to dance for 4 hours straight.  I kid you not.  I actually had to ask them to take a break and they were only convinced to do so when I mentioned ice cream sundaes were available for consumption.

The girls even managed to drag their old momma up on the dance floor.  My husband swiftly grabbed the camera and took some fabulous shots.

When my children look back at pictures and videos as adults, they will no doubt see me only as a blurred image of hair and nose as well as an annoying voice in the background of all videos.

Did I mentioned that my hubby donned his famous barbarian costume during all the Halloween parties?

He starts growing the beard at the end of summer and in no time has a full, bristly and smelly animal living on his face.  But I have to say that him being all decked out in costume at his snooty reserved club made me love him more.  (Barbarian dad is greeting the twins at the bus stop right now!) And you may have noticed in those awesome pictures that I had a little devil thing going on that I bought at CVS right before we left.  My daughter beamed when she observed that we were the only adults in costume. :)

The party had an amazing makeup artist who spent almost 20 minutes on each child.  The girls looked amazing.

But what about my son?  Yes he was at this party.  Face painting, dancing, and  pumpkin decoration were of no interest to him.

The little man who chose to sit at the table and eat for 3 hours straight.

But the fun didn’t end there!  The twins had their school parade this morning at 9 while the little one paraded at 9:30.  I miraculously was able to see all of them with some reckless fast driving, Imitrex for the migraine I awakened with, and lots of caffeine.

I honestly couldn’t believe how relieved I was to get to the little one’s nursery school in time to see her parading…this being the last ever nursery school parade after 4 years!

Mermaids blow kisses too!

The two other parties we attended were cute as well.  The kids had a blast.  Last step is trick or treating to commence in one hour….can’t wait. :)

Happy Halloween from a barbarian, devil, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dorothy and a mermaid!!!!!!!!!

And the Halloween Festivities Begin…

29 Oct

When did Halloween become such a giant holiday?!

I mean when I was a child, I had a costume.  I went trick or treating. That’s all.

You can’t believe the schedule of events my kids have for this so-called holiday…..which includes….a party we did not attend yesterday, a party today, a party tomorrow, one we can’t attend tomorrow, Halloween parties and parades at each of their schools, the little one has a party on Halloween after school and then finally trick or treating.

But here I am maligning festivities as usual while at the same time encouraging them!

We made a trek to a local nursery that puts up elaborate decorations featuring a character called Otto the Ghost.

There were all sort of Halloween displays.  But my daughter was obsessed with baby Jesus.

I mean she kept running back over to that, picking it up and talking  to it!

She finally tore herself away for good to antagonize a witch.

I feel done already and it’s only just begun!  It doesn’t help that it is snowing here today…can’t stand it!

Does Halloween drain you as well?

Pre-K Pumpkin Pickers

18 Oct

My baby girl had a field trip today to a pumpkin farm.

The kids got to go for a hay ride and pick a pumpkin, radishes and green beans.  It was exciting for my girl to be playing with her whole class outside of the school.

They look so grown up from the back!

She had a great time on the playground and I had no idea where she was most of the time!

But the shocking part was how much flirting she was doing with her buddy, Liam!

Actually not that shocking  I guess because she does say she is going to marry him :)

And do you know I brought candied apples home for the kids and only one was interested!?

We learned that eating a candied apple and doing homework is not a good combo.

What’s the deal with pumpkin picking anyway?  I mean I never remember doing any of that as a child.

Do you go pumpkin picking with the kids?

Parade Particulars

29 Oct

The kids were standing next to my bed tapping my face around 6 this a.m…..dying to get their costumes on…

I’m so genuinely happy that the school parades are over.  I had about 2 hours of aggravation prior to them.  Wanting to wear short sleeves (it is 50 degrees out), zipper breaking, costume changing in addition to the dismay I was feeling having to miss the twins parading (but her dad went) so I could be there at the little one’s.

Nonetheless, within 45 minutes, all 3 had paraded successfully.

SO, we have the policeman

The stapled wings fairy (who was almost a witch)

and the grumpy monkey (who disrobed during her parade)

I’m often standing around at these things feeling alone in my disdain.  The moms seem to be brimming with excitement.  I just don’t have a lot of holiday enthusiasm and I don’t get why they all have to be so overdone in school.  My little one sat there and pleaded that she was tired and wanted to go inside.  The twins went on a long parade and my husband said they were dragging.  Isn’t trick or treating enough excitement for kids?!  It was when I was a kid.  I don’t even remember wearing my costume to school.

Like this article says, it just makes the already busy existence for parents even more chaotic and I guess I’m feeling it!

So what are your thoughts about Halloween?  Anyone a hater like me?!

Have a happy!


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