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KRLY Kids from Ouidad for MY Curlykids

3 Jul

1003264_10151567052944495_676189358_nWhen I used to daydream about having children I pretty much always thought they would be fair, blonde, and probably blue-eyed. What I didn’t imagine was how that curly hair gene would charge through to give me 3 curlykids!!!!!!! I mean I didn’t know why I wouldn’t think the kids would have curly hair as I have curly hair, the hubs has wavy hair and it’s scattered throughout both sides!

Lucky for the kids I had 30 plus years wrangling my curls (until I got keratin!).  I know a thing or two about how to manage them.  Managing curls requires product…good product so I was happy to be able to try out products that seem to be made for my guys from the Oudidad KRLY Kids line:


No Time for Tears Shampoo

  • A gentle formula designed to cleanse curly hair without the tears
  • Proteins and amino acids create luxurious curls
  • Infused with a watermelon bubble gum fragrance
  • $14.00


Pump n’ Go Styling Spray Gel

  • Special wheat proteins define curls and protect against humidity
  • Easy spray on application is perfect for kids on the go
  • $16.00

We all like the way both products smell.  The shampoo went on nicely and didn’t seem too heavy.  The gel seemed to help bring out the curls and reduce the frizz.  The kids were excited to have special shampoo and gel just for them :).

IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957

Give your child’s delicate curls a special treatment with Ouidad’s exclusive line of products created to gently cleanse, condition and style curly hair.  The KRLY Kids collection is for curly-haired kids of all ages, as the products are extremely gentle, moisturizing and easy to use.  Curly, kinky or frizzy, Ouidad knows that kids curls are as unique as they are.   KRLY Kids is available at Ouidad.com

How do you manage your kids’ hair?

Samples provided for review.

Sweet Siblings

1 Jun

working together 5/12

Sometimes I am overcome with gratitude for small moments.

The other night the kids were combing efforts to figure out how to get some new mermaids to change hair color while submerged in water (just one of one thousand birthday gifts!). While they focused on the mermaids’ hair, I got lost in theirs…

I hope, pray and dream that they will always stick close together. Do you have the same wish for your children?

a similar moment from 6/09

Mom I Did My Own Hair…

22 Jan

Don’t I look beautiful?

Damn Right I Travel 30 Miles for a Haircut (A Harrowing Hair History)

12 Nov

Since I am geographically challenged I don’t know if 30 is actually the number of miles I travel.  However, I live on Long Island and I do go to NYC to get my haircut two or three times a year.  My friends think I am insane.  They don’t get that I have a checkered hair history.

So here’s the deal.  I have long thick, (pre Keratin…) curly hair.  Actually it was curly until about 5 and then it straightened out and then it got curly again when I hit puberty.

I swear I remember standing in line in kindergarten to get my school photo.  You know how there’s always someone there straightening the kids clothes and smoothing down stray hairs?  I kid you not I remember that person looking at my hair and sort of sighing as she took one of those black plastic combs and proceeded to part the fluffy mess to one side.

And this is the reason I awaken at 5 a.m. on school photo days to get to work on MY kids! (Um mom, WTF!)

To say I hated my hair was understatement.  Mop head, poodle…those were just a few the names thrown my way.  (And the glasses and braces didn’t help the overall look.)

Growing up with thick sometimes curly hair and a mother who did not know how to manage it left me with some bad, bad hair days.  And every time she took my moppy head for a cut it was disastrous.  The cutter would stare at my head like on my kindergarten school photo day with a confused, frightened look….no clue how to wrangle it all in….which would sometimes result in thinning, as in my hair.  The absolute worst technique on my unruly hair.

My big, curly mess finally found a place in the late 80’s (which I obviously seriously question now!!!) and I just kept it going into the 90’s.

But it’s a fact that curly thick hair is not easy to cut.  So once I find someone who can do it well, I hang around.  This explains why I’ve only had 2 hair stylists since 1993.

In September of 2001 I booked an appointment with a new guy, John for a Sat morning  appointment.  I had a wedding to go to that evening and hoped I would have a fab cut and a blowout.  Turns out this was the Sat right after September 11th, so I vividly remember everything about that appointment.

10 years later, John and I are still together :).  And even better, I’ve been getting Keratin for the past couple of years so I no longer have to wrangle curls.  (Well, not entirely true.  I no longer have to wrangle MY curls.  I do however have 3 curly heads who are damn blessed to have a mother who knows a thing or two about curls.)

Oh c’mon did you really think I’d get through a post without a picture of them?! :)

I got 5 inches cut off last Sat and then had a hair debut night out!

So that’s my story.  When I go to John, I don’t have to worry and flash back to being in the hair place in the mall as a kid and having all my hair thinned out, looking awful.

Boy that was exhausting!

What about you…who else has a harrowing hair history?!

Curly Girls Love Straight Hair

11 Sep

When I fantasized about my future offspring before I got married I kind of had a feeling they would be blonde, and probably fair, and maybe with blue eyes.  But for some reason I never imagined how dominant that curly hair gene would be!!!

Oh yes, I am a curly-haired girl.

Boy I longed for my sister’s beautiful pin straight hair as I spent many moments crying while trying to wrangle with the frizz and curls.  Then I grew up, and got over it.  Then I had babies and didn’t care!  And then, I discovered the wondrous keratin treatment.  I didn’t recognize myself after I got the first one in 2010.

And I’ve been loving the straight hair ever since!

Meanwhile, as you know, I have 3 of the curliest haired kids around.  They seriously get random compliments from strangers almost every day on their curls and hair color.  Yet my daughter talks about wanting “smooth” hair and then when I tell her how beautiful curls are she reminds me of the fact that I no longer have my curls!

So.  When the girls get their haircuts (like twice a year), we’ve started this little tradition where they get their hair blown out after.

They feel so very glam! They really love walking around swinging their manes but I have to tell you that I don’t like it!  I love their curls and so, it seems, does their brother, who, when the girls arrived home, declared,

I don’t want your hair like that.  I want it curly so I can recognize you.

Though I prefer their curls, I think it’s important to let them experience this treat and they understand going in that it’s just temporary.

How do you feel about your kids significantly altering their appearance?

Girls with Curls

1 Jan

My family is inundated with curls, as in curly hair.   All 3 of my children have very curly hair.  Everywhere we go we are stopped and bestowed with gushing compliments about their gorgeous hair.  I mean the curls are truly unreal.

Those ringlets look like they had to have been made with a curling iron…but they weren’t!

So despite the fact that my daughters constantly receive affirmations from the world about their curls, my older one hates hers and longs for “smooth” hair.

Part of the problem lies within me.  You see, I have curls too.

But my curls aren’t so cute anymore.  And after 30 plus years of wrangling them and the accompanying frizz, I had my first keratin treatment last year and I am completely hooked.  So my daughter sees that I had curls and now I have “smooth” hair and I’m probably sending her the wrong message.

I took her for a haircut the other day and as a treat she got her hair blown out.  She’s never even had blow dryer air touch her head!

I love the kid and think she’s beautiful anyway anyhow, but I like her with curls much better!  She looks too grown up!  But boy is she thrilled with her look.  She’s swinging it around, touching it, and just can’t get over it.  I know the feeling!

I’m a little afraid of how she’s going to be once we wash it and I’ve been preparing her for the return of her curls…

Anyone else have curly girls or boys?

Little Boy Hair

17 Aug

There’s an ongoing debate in this house.

Maybe you can weigh in.


Or this:

Which hairstyle do you prefer on a little guy?


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