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Goodbye Nursery School

14 Jun

Today my little one had her graduation from nursery school.  I’ve complained before how I think these graduations for children are kinda dumb.  However, this is the very last of nursery school for any of the kids and I can’t believe it.

When I first toured the school for the twins I was pregnant with the little one.  On their first day I videotaped them with the little one in my arms!  And now here she is a big kid.

It was nice to see her enjoying her show/gradation. I actually appreciated it much more because I’m still feeling down from the continued sickness in the house. From end of May til today we’ve had 5 of us with the stomach virus, another one again, 2 cases of strep throat and 1 sinus infection. That’s a lot of illness in less than a month. I am consequently very, very sleep deprived and getting down in the dumps.

But today I am hoping and praying it’s done and focusing merrily on the graduate!

(And, my husband has just pointed out that it feels like we’ve gotten a pay raise…no more school tuition until college…and two then three at the same time!!!)

Party Night with The Kids

22 May

My nephew graduated from Columbia Dental School last week.  Not only have I been bragging about him a ton, but I was so touched to see a video from the event.  His father graduated Columbia Dental several years ago and therefore was able to hood his son…how proud he must be!

Last Saturday night we were invited to a party to celebrate this amazing graduation.  Unlike most of their friends, my children go to bed at 7:30. So for many years, a party beginning at 7 p.m. meant a rough night with the kids.  Now, however, it’s really a fun time.

The kids love hanging with their cousins (they have over 20!) and they enjoy dancing.  In fact, they were the first 3 occupants of the dance floor!  And they even dragged me up there, which would not have happened had we come without them. :)

Throughout the night they would each approach me to inquire about the time; it was very exciting to them that we stayed until 10 p.m.  And I was able to actually sit down and enjoy my meal which was very exciting to me!  There were so many parties we attended when they were babies where I came home starving!

I guess I am just woefully cognizant of the fact that they really are getting older.  But with that I am now able to easily get them to pose for some gorgeous shots!

We had a fun family night and lots more coming during May and June. Did you go to any parties last weekend?

Graduation and Nastiness

17 Jun

First let me shout out a giant THANK YOU to the twins’ school for not having a kindergarten graduation!  I mean look, my kids are 5,5 and 4 and I have already attended 5 graduations for them!  (You may remember me ranting about this last year.)

Anyway the little one graduated this week.  Truly I don’t even remember which day because of all the sickness, trauma and sleep deprivation that this family has encountered :)

But it was this week.  And she was excited to get to work on her last day.

Aw look she really is a good sweet kid.  But it’s been pretty obvious throughout the year that her teacher couldn’t stand her.

So when her name was called out and she proudly reached for her diploma, that teacher, announces about my precious baby,

Oh look…a smile…those are far and few in between!

Here’s where I feel like a horrible mother.  I didn’t.say.anything.  I didn’t defend her.

All I could THINK was f**k you b**ch.

So I guess I’m actually glad I showed restraint.

But I was at a school function for the parents 2 nights later and every mom in that class approached me and expressed how badly they felt when they heard the teacher say it.  This was also the broken arm day and I had a few drinks in me so I just felt like crying.

Now that I got a some sleep I don’t feel as rotten but I’m still ruminating a little.   I mean if she made a comment like that in front of a room filled with parents, what was she saying when we weren’t there?  I think on some level my little one knows the teacher disliked her.

But I also know she’s a tough cookie who’s getting tougher everyday!

No one ever said parenting was easy, huh?

Lots of Parties, Lots of Love

12 Jul

You know your children are getting older when you drag them away from a party at 10 p.m. because YOU are tired!  I don’t know how they awaken at 6:30 a.m., run around like crazy monkeys all day and then stay up until 10 p.m.  If I had that kind of energy level I’d be super skinny and loving it! 

They had such a fun time hanging out with many of  their cousins this weekend at a graduation and engagement party.  They are all going to be in a wedding next year and my little guy is very anxious to own a tuxedo and wear it around doing his everyday things.  The girls have been practicing their flower girl toss.

The bonus is that before we went to the graduation party we took about 50 family shots and actually got one where we are all looking at the camera!

We also went to this circus themed birthday party and the kids were in heaven gorging themselves with candy, popcorn and pizza at 10:30 a.m. with their best buddies Natalie and Liam.  And speaking of popcorn, it was my first time ever consuming kettle corn and I can tell you my life has been incomplete until now!  (The only downside was that it was about 100 degrees with high humidity and I was tired from the night before at the graduation party…the picture of me reflects BOTH the humidity and the exhaustion!)

Attending so many events with lots of family and friends is a good reminder of how blessed I am.  How often do you take a moment in your busy life to stop and appreciate it all?  I need to do it more often.  I’m starting yoga today and I think that will help.

I Now Have 3 Graduates

28 Jun

Is it too late for me to discuss this?  I was reluctant to bring up graduations again.

They were cute, but still ridiculous.   

First up to graduate were the twins.  

95 degrees in the classrooms and I was running back and forth between 2 rooms in attempt to capture the important moments for each twin. 

Do you want to know what I found so aggravating?  Here I go.

Can you believe that the teacher delayed the start of my daughter’s ceremony to wait for 2 more parents to arrive?  We were all just standing there silently (felt bad for the parents wearing suits…it was so hot) while the teacher looked dreamily at the clock, and it was already TEN MINUTES beyond the time we were told to arrive!

I have a real intolerance for lateness (be thankful that I’m opting not to go off on a tangent about this right now) so I found it rather unpleasant that we were all being held up for the tardy ones.  Maybe it was also that I was feeling the pressure of my son’s ceremony starting in the other classroom as I tried to calculate at what point to go to that room which would then cost me my good photo taking spot in my daughter’s classroom!  (Can you see why I call myself manic?) 

I ended up missing the shot of the diploma being handed over but these are the happy graduates during the post ceremony party consumption of around 20 munchkins each! (Yeah I cropped the teacher to respect her privacy)

Later in the week the twins sat with me in the audience while the little one had her ceremony up on stage.   Again we were sitting there waiting forever (asked to arrive at 9:30 only for it to start at 10) and the twins were doing their best to be patient but it was rough.  And I couldn’t get up to walk them around and risk losing our seats! 

But she was so cute up there on stage.  She was one of the first to receive her “diploma” and as the other children were called, using her diploma as a megaphone, she sang her favorite song.  Not Mary had a Little Lamb, not Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or any other kid song you can imagine…

She was singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Loudly!

The next day they all were wondering why they weren’t going to school :)


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