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Golf Lessons x3

16 Jul

My husband plays golf and belongs to a golf club; we often dine there and go to events. The kids love it and have consequently expressed interest in learning how to play golf. (I really want to learn too!)

This is the first “sport” they’ve ever taken all together. The promised me they were truly interested and wanted to be enrolled. My son had received left handed golf clubs as a gift and luckily some generous friends passed down not one but two sets of clubs their children outgrew.

Sunday morning was the first lesson.

It was hot, humid and early and we had a birthday party to go to right after. The twins did okay but the little one threw a fit and said she “hated golf”.

We just couldn’t engage her. And she is the most strong-willed kid I have so I just quit.
The twins seem committed. I’m looking forward to the evolving golf skills!
Do your kids play?


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