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2nd Grade Pizza Friday

20 Apr

In my community, kindergarten and 1st grade are spent in one school and there are lots of opportunities for parents to get involved in classroom projects and field trips.

Once they hit second grade, however, it’s big league.  Immersed with grades up to fifth it’s hardcore and there are very few chances for parents to be involved with the kids during the school day.

So I thought I was very fortunate to have secured a coveted spot as a parent volunteer on Friday helping to serve on one of a few special pizza Fridays.  The twins were happy and immediately grilled me as to which side of the cafeteria I would be serving on, which thrust me into another twin mom dilemma, given that they both were on opposite sides of the cafeteria.

But ultimately, I ended up serving on my son’s side because it was via his class that I signed up to be a volunteer.  That didn’t stop me, however, from visiting with my girl twin to get some midday smooches.


She and her pals were more than happy to ham it up for the camera.

Her brother on the other hand got a little cool for his momma when he was around his friends.


It was such a thrill to see them in their element!  I was told there are so few 5th grade parent volunteers to serve the students because by 5th grade the kids absolutely do not want their parents coming around :(

It’s unfathomable that another school year will be soon completed…

Do you grab opportunities to help out at your child/ren’s school?

Wedding Win

1 May

I appreciate all the messages I have received inquiring about how things went on Friday.  I’m still recuperating from the utter exhaustion of it all, but it went very well.  I really can’t believe how well the kids pulled it all off.

First there was the hair salon.

I never imagined I would have time to sit, and to accept the offer to have my makeup done!  I had figured the little one would be squirming around, but they handled the grooming like little ladies.  Meanwhile, my husband took the little big man and got him dressed.  And I couldn’t stand it when I saw him!

I was able to snap some photos at our next stop, the reception hall, as we had to wait around to have some photos taken.

The Easter candy she’s holding was part of a bag of it that I believed would get us through the entire day. It was gone in twenty minutes!  Thankfully we stopped at McD’s for some sustenance.

My own little married looking couple graciously shared the twenty nuggets between them, like the true white trash we are…in the parking lot!

Yes, beer too (daddy’s sustenance!)

The next step was most exciting, the ride in the stretch limousine.  God help that limo driver who had to deal with the aftermath of my kids in their first limo.  Every glass was handled, every ice-cube sucked on or thrown, but only about 6 bottles of water were opened. :)  All with the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom who had probably been anticipating a calm pre wedding ride!

And then the church.

They accomplished the task…I’m so proud!  The kids walked down the aisle and then sat in the pews and semi quietly watched the ceremony.  I couldn’t believe it.  My daughter wanted to know if she had just witnessed the bride’s “first kiss”.

Another highlight was in the cocktail hour when they each got a Shirley Temple which my son keeps referring to as a “Shirley Tirley”.

By this time it was an hour past their bedtime on a very busy and exciting day.  Try as they might, by 8:45 p.m, 15 minutes into the reception, the kids had had enough.

The babysitter was at the house waiting.  By the time they were home the kids were in full-blown cranky turmoil, pulling on my dress, hanging onto my toes, begging me not to leave.

Still, the wedding was a success!  And now I just need to sleep for like a year….:)

Oh and speaking of sleep, I couldn’t believe it when I saw a few other young children dancing and running around at the wedding as it approached midnight.  What’s your experience been?  Do your kids crash like mine or make it through late night parties?

Friday Wrap Up

27 Aug

I still can’t get over some of the things that are coming out of my children’s mouths. 

Some are really cute…

Hey look mommy I see Barnes & Elbows!

Is that a freckle or a birdmark?

How do flies get in the house?  How do they open the door?

Some are insulting like when my son told me…

I wanna throw you out of the Earth!

Some make me look like a bad parent like when I was talking with my neighbor and my son rode by on his bike shouting…

Hey there fatsos!

Some are so innocent, like when the little one said…

All the ladies want to take my curls.

(What ladies?)

The ladies that are old.

They continue to amaze me by identifying cars…

Chubby lay

(that’s a Chevrolet)



You know there’s a lot of tantrums and long days here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Have a great weekend and get ready for giveaways! 

(and this is what I found one night on my precious bed…unposed…I kid you not!)

Chew The Fat Friday

13 Aug

Here’s what the kids have been saying this week………

Big girl comes running to me to complain about her little sister,

She put her wet, peepee heinie on my face!

More obsessing about death (when we saw Snow White)…

Did she die real? Did she want to have a fight with weapons?

How old are we gonna be when you die?

When they saw an Asian person in the neighborhood…

Is that our neighbor?  Is she from Chinese?

Random questions…

Mom, how come you don’t shave your beard off?

How come it’s hard to run in snow?

Do babies like sea weed?

What state are monsters in?  Washington D.C.?

Yes some would agree there are monsters in D.C.

Have a great weekend!

Chew The Fat Friday

30 Jul

Everyday here with my little guys is insane.  Yesterday we had pizza delivered and the pizza guy, hearing all the background noise when I opened the door, asked if I have a daycare in my home!

My 3-year-old is a complete motormouth.  She was talking in full sentences at 18 months. She’s been saying some really cute things this week like:

Mommy, I want to live in your tummy again.

Everyday daddy gives me big smooches and you give me little ones.

Mommy I want to go in a bubble one day.

My little big man cracks me up all day with the things that come out of his mouth,

I think myself stinks.

My holder cup works now!

The pisa of tower is in Italy.

Fire never happens in New York.  If there is one I will get an italian ice ball and throw it at it.

The best is when he feels my stubbly legs and tells me they are “rusty”!

Have a nice weekend!

Chew The Fat Friday

16 Jul

Well, it’s very exciting here today because grandma and grandpa are in town.  The kids are wildly happy and are all over them.  The first thing my girl said to my mom after she hugged her was,

Grandma you have old skin on your knees.

Then she looks at her puzzled and says,

Why don’t you have children?

We were in the pool earlier today and I was pushing my little guy around singing ‘”everybody’s gone surfin” and he shouts out,

I know who sings that…The Boys!

He went on talking about his favorite subject, cars…

Why are there so many Lincolns?  Oh, I know they use them for taxi caps!  Mommy what color was your little car, the Chrysler Pizzeria?

Actually Chrysler Pizzeria is about as good a name as PT Cruiser!

He also loves volcanoes and learned about Mt Vesuvius in camp this week and told me all about it…

There was a big volcano that covered everything in fire and dash.

My little one was thrilled to be swimming in her aunt’s

hot pool

But then she got too hot and wanted to go back to the

cold tub

And speaking of which I was talking about why certain foods belong in the freezer and my son says

otherwise the ice cream will turn to melt!

I hope we all don’t turn to melt this weekend…gonna be a hot one!

Chew The Fat Friday

9 Jul

Well it was a hot and steamy week here. 

I always think the kids can’t possible outdo themselves with what comes out of their mouths week to week, yet they do!

The twins still bring up dying a lot.  So, my son says,

Daddy are you gonna be died before us?

Then my daughter says

Grandma did you die yet?

When I asked the little one if she kept her pull up dry at night she said

No I keeped it wet

She became distracted when she saw my little bathrobe hanging open and said

That’s a broken bathrobe

I asked her where he cup was and she says

On the spit and spin!

But the best is that my son has  a Stars Wars shirt and says

Look there’s a girl and her name is Princess Lay!

Have a nice weekend!

Chew The Fat Friday

2 Jul

It’s Friday.  It’s sunny and gorgeous out.  And there’s a long weekend ahead.  Oh and my kids are napping right now!  Ah I love this moment.

So let me tell you what the little monkeys have been gabbing about this week.  And I’ll say it again.  These words are straight from the mouths of my curly-haired babes…

My little guy continues to have deep thoughts about God and the questions come at me rapid fire.

When God was a baby who made him?  Does he wear glasses?  Does God have dark skin?  Is he a boy or a girl?  Does he eat dinner with his family?  Does he have a beard like daddy?

On the subject of babies, my daughter says,

Does it cost a lot of money to make children?  How does the baby get out of your tummy?

While my rabbit obsessed little one chimes in innocently,

How come bunnies don’t talk?

My son runs over to me with a big hug and says.

You smell like soup.  Are we gonna have the same hair forever?

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Have a wonderful 4th and enjoy your family!

Chew The Fat Friday

25 Jun

My little guys run into my bed every morning.  The twins were just in there holding hands while my son says,

I’m going to squeeze all the pleasure out of you!

Then I was getting dressed and he pointed to my large hips and laughs,

Look on here, its fat!

Then he shows me his arm and says,

I’m growin hair but daddy has bigger hair than me.

The kids are all really into cars.  When we drive around they need to know the names of each car they see and they are able to identify a Chrysler, Mercedes, Jeep, Lexus.  So I’ve been hearing things like this…

Did Uncle Vinny drive his Jeep or his Mercedes to work today?

Mom, how come we don’t have a Mercedes?

And lastly, they all keep obsessing about a sign posted on a street near our home.  It’s been there awhile, for a garage sale that already happened.  I was trying to explain what the sign says and my son asks,

Were they selling garages that needed to get fixed?

Have a warm and sunny weekend!

Chew the Fat Friday

18 Jun

I really set myself up for this one.  I was scrambling around getting dressed yesterday morning and my LOVELY daughter observes while giggling,

Your hiney’s wiggling!  It’s like jelly!  It’s like gelatin!

But then she told me that she was listening to her radio (I put on classical music for them all every night) and

The music was so pretty it made me cry.

The little one is still doing great on the potty and she continues to be very interested in evaluating her bowel movements…

That’s the tallest doodee I never seen!

She rubbed my leg and said

I feel sand on you

This fat assed, stubbly legged mom wishes you a wonderful Friday!


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