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Destination: Cape Cod

20 Jul

Last week we spent a few days in in Cape Cod.  My parents rented a cottage for the week in West Dennis, MA just steps away from the beach, so we visited for the first half of the week while my sister visited for the last half.  As my parents are Bostonians, I was raised vacationing in Cape Cod so it was funny to travel around and here them saying “Bahhhbra, you wah heeah as a child!”

It was about a 5 hour ride for us from Long Island and it wasn’t too bad, especially since we had a pit stop in a beloved Cracker Barrel (we only get to go when we are on the road!).  As soon as we arrived my girls launched themselves into the waves.  They are fearless.  It’s a little scary.  And they couldn’t have had a better time.

IMG_8231 IMG_8236

That night we had LOBSTAH! It was so amazing…but even better was the New England Clam Chowder.  I had been craving it and was totally satiated.


After dinner my parents got my little one all excited about flying a kite on the beach. You can see what a quick walk it was for us to get to there!

IMG_8260 IMG_8268

I loved this moment. :)

Unfortunately, the weather turned bad the next couple of days, so our activities went indoors.

We all tried candlestick bowling for the first time and LOVED it.  We even went back the next day and did it again.  Turns out my little one has mad candlestick bowling skills and smoked us all :)


My parents took the kids to a bumper car place for another fun experience.


What my parents love about the Cape is that it is very family friendly.  I think we ate ice cream every day we were there and I probably brought home 4 lbs of fudge :)

Have you ever been?

July 4th…Best Holiday…

12 Jul


Why? Because it is in my favorite season….summer!  The only bummer is that once it hits, you blink and summer is over. We spent ours celebrating last Saturday night at my husband’s golf club.

IMG_4011 IMG_4009

There were rides and games for the kids and psychics and caricaturists and tatoo artists too.  The highlight of the evening for me is when we all sat for a family caricature!  A lady nearby remarked that we all looked “so cute” and I asked if she wouldn’t mind snapping a photo…my fave!


And my hubs who cracks me up everyday thinks he looks better as a caricature than in real life :)

Then before we knew the fireworks started…they were stupendous and wonderful!

Oh summer hang on, we’re having too much fun!!! How was your 4th?!


Celebrating Special Birthdays

5 Jul

Last weekend we celebrated my mother’s 79th birthday…how great does she look!?


And I remind you that my dad, who doesn’t like his age revealed, took us all away on a big trip to Mexico last summer to celebrate his BIIIIIG birthday!!!  (Seriously if I looked like them I would tell everyone in sight my age!)

To celebrate, we gathered my sister, my brother, spouses, kids and my brother’s friend and we took over half of a little Italian restaurant.


Because really that’s all my mom wants….to have all her family in one place.  And since it happens so infrequently, we took just a few pictures…

IMG_8172 IMG_8187 IMG_8192

Love my little poser in the foreground!

How do you celebrate family member’s birthdays?

A Family Wedding

29 Jun

Another thing I love about summertime is the sometimes influx of family parties.  My husband is one of seven so there’s usually some event happening beginning around May…a graduation, wedding, a baby shower, wedding shower…etc.  And when the gathering happens, it’s never small!

Last Saturday night my sister-in-law got married and we had such a fun time celebrating with her.  Because the family is so large (21 grandchildren and great-grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren on the way!), when the majority is together the opportunity is grabbed to snap some photos!

I snuck this shot in of most of the grand and great-grandchildren with their grandparents (some couldn’t make the wedding) while the photographer was setting up):


Before kids you could never find me on the dance floor but my girls had me up there all night…


Their fun and delight was contagious.  I didn’t care how uncoordinated I looked. :)  And I wasn’t the only one who got worn out by the end of the night!


But the best part was that we got a great family photo before we even raced off to the wedding!


I cherish these days. :)

(Sorry I neglected to snap a photo of the bride and groom!)

The Last Hour of 1st and 3rd Grades

26 Jun


Today is the last day of school and all of us coincidentally are in blue, similarly to the first day.  It’s hard for me to believe they will all be together in the ‘big school’ next year…my babies!

For the past couple of half days I’ve been racing around, running to Target, stocking up as if I were hurricane prepping.  My last hour this morning will be a continuation of the stockpiling because we all know what it’s like shopping with kids!

Good thing it’s my favorite season!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…(Father’s Day Weekend)

15 Jun

Today we had such a great day celebrating dad…

and one Grandpa (the other is out of state) who we surprise visited this morning.

yes my daughter has fake doodee on her knee.......!!!!

yes my daughter has fake doodee on her knee…….!!!!

But the weekend was so happy because our fabulous town pool opened, and this for me is a glorious time because it tells me summer is coming!  The kids raced in on Saturday and were the very first in this entire town to utilize the water slides.  Let that be known people!


And on Friday night we did a quick spontaneous trip to the beach for dinner which was so cool.  We were the only people there because the day had been a little weather iffy.  The kids were so thrilled to get their ocean fix.  It was something a little different.


We had a great meal tonight for Father’s Day where all my kids decided they hated lobster……WHAT?! How can that be?!  It’s been my favorite food in the world since the age of 4!  My parents are native Bostonians where “Lobstah” is loved by all! But then I remembered as a child my dad never got to eat his lobster as he spent his time cracking mine………..maybe sticking to burgers and steak isn’t such a bad thing after all. :)


Happy Father’s Day!



My Baby Turned 7 Years Old

28 May

I truly love this month.  The days get longer.  Everything starts to get greener and warmer, and my most favorite season is coming around the corner.  It’s also the month my little surprise baby was born just 18 months after I gave birth to TWINS.


It just makes me love this month even more. And for the last week or so we’ve been celebrating this little red head and the fact that, as she said to me last night she’s “been alive for seven years!!!”

The festivities started with what’s probably now our 3rd party held at Chuck E Cheese. My kids cannot get enough of that place!

IMG_7756 IMG_7770IMG_7793IMG_7789

They really have a good time, and the birthday girl was thrilled.

IMG_3690 IMG_3691

We continued the celebration over the next week by playing some family golf, going to the beach, and partaking in our traditional birthday hibachi meal.

IMG_3719 IMG_3721

IMG_3727 IMG_3728


We ended up celebrating for days and days but I guess that’s how it should be when you turn 7 years old huh? :)










Bunnies in Dirt

22 May

My soon to be 7 year  old has her school birthday tomorrow.  She requested her cupcakes in cones and  if I could incorporate one of her two favorite things in her life…rainbows or bunnies…she said she would be super thrilled.  Well, I did the rainbow cupcakes a few years back and while I did outdo myself that was not happening again!

I happened to score a load of PEEPS bunnies on sale after Easter for inspiration.  I prepared a box mix for cupcakes and filled ice cream cones halfway, which I had positioned in MINI cupcake pans.

After they baked and cooled I frosted in vanilla, pushed those bunnies in and they looked horrible! The frosting was all pushed around and messy.

SO………..then I crushed up some OREOS (literally put them in a Ziploc and took a mallet to the bag…felt so good!)  I used my OREO “dirt” to fill in the bad spots and it started to come together.

I’m really not creative but when the kids came home and I asked, they immediately said “Bunnies in Dirt”!  I got the idea from when we go to TGIFridays  and they serve the kids a dessert consisting of pudding, with the crushed Oreos and gummy worms in it and they call it “Worms in Dirt”.


My kitchen floor is covered with Oreo crumbs but otherwise they look okay, I think…?!

What do you think?


Do You Ever

14 May


I found this draft in my files…this picture with this title “do you ever” from last December.  I wish I knew exactly where I was going with it then.  But as of this moment this is what it inspires when I gaze at the picture.

Do you ever…..

…catch a glimpse on your child’s face of the adult that he will be?

…catch a glimpse on your big boy’s face of the baby that he always will be?

…want to hug your kid tight and never, ever let go?

I do.

I love my little man so much!

Mother’s Day and Piercings

13 May

While I feel very blessed on Mother’s Day, I do feel for those without Mother’s, or those so desperately trying to be a Mother.  I am a cognizant of the fact that Mother’s Day is a tough day for so many. And while I relish in a day where we celebrate our Mothers, the commercialization of this holiday, like so many of them, really does get to me.  Truly we should celebrate our Mothers everyday, right?


But I will step off my soap box to say that I did have a beautiful day.  My mother was with my sister, and that was fine.  The day was about just the five of us and the sun was sparkling which always picks me up.  I have laryngitis; that was my gift to the family as I received their beautiful gifts. :)


My husband and I love Indian food so we decided to introduce the kids to it.  Needless to say we were the only non-Indian family in the Indian restaurant on Mother’s Day!  The kids did put forth a good effort and tried a lot of the foods, but I’m not sure we will be returning with them anytime soon. :)

The other big news is that my little one got her ears pierced.  She was told she would have to wait until age 7 but that’s only 2 weeks away.  She begged and gave me this card in the morning which sealed the deal on early piercings!



IMG_3651 IMG_3654

How was your Mother’s Day?


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