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So I Hear We’re Getting Some Snow

25 Jan

It doesn’t matter that we’re anticipating 3 feet of snow.  My little one was excited to play in 3 inches today.


And she was quite successful!

I don’t doubt we are expecting a lot of snow but I’m quite honestly exhausted from all the hysteria.

My Facebook feed is filled with all of the same images and rants.  Can’t. Take.  It.

So, I’m going to stare at this photo a bit to lighten my mood :)

If you’re in my neck of the woods, stay safe!


Superb Saturday

16 Nov

Soccer season ended last Saturday and we are delighted. We haven’t had a free Saturday in weeks and it’s wonderful! We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves today.


I love this photo of my little man drinking my green tea when it started getting so cold last week. Oh those blonde eye lashes…


In other news my little one has started losing teeth. Last night she was vigorously trying to shake out tooth number 2 and she begged my husband for some help. When he jokingly offered to get the pliers she said YES!


I posted this photo on Facebook and I think some of my friends are close to calling child protective services (which is ironic, because I’m a social worker as I’ve mentioned before).

Hope you have a great weekend!

It’s Official, We’ve Lost a Tooth (and what we did next!)

12 Jun

My little guy was a real old man baby.  He was bald as could be until age 2 AND he didn’t get his first tooth until he was well over 1-year-old.

All through this first grade year he and his twin sister have been moaning and groaning about wanting to lose their teeth, so I am thrilled that yesterday my son did indeed lose his first tooth…at school!

He raced off the bus and told me the very long and detailed story about sticking his grubby hand in his mouth during recess, the tooth coming out and falling into the dirt…going to the nurse’s office and getting the tooth washed off…getting a small tooth picture hung up on the nurse’s fridge, etc.  I LOVE IT!

I realized that I had no idea how much the tooth fairy doles out these days so I did a quick survey on Facebook.  It seems the going rate is $5.00 for the first tooth and $2.00 for every tooth after.  It was also suggested that dollar coins are a cool touch so my husband, who happened to be home unusually early from work, raced out to the bank.  It had just closed, but when he described his plight for gold coins to be from the tooth fairy they let him in!

Years ago I had bookmarked a link for a letter from the tooth fairy.  So we printed that and put it in an envelope with the coins.  It was pretty comedic trying to get that noisy envelope under the pillow not mention locating that darn smelly tooth!

But my little man was so excited!  He couldn’t believe the tooth fairy knew his “first AND last name”!

So now I feel prepared for future teeth loss.  I saw some cute tooth fairy pillows on Pinterest but I’m on the fence.

And here’s my next question, what do I do with the tooth?  I’m inclined to save it…is that gross? (warning I am also the insane individual who saved my kids’ belly button scabs until my husband begged me to understand that it was disgusting!)

Birthday Boy

20 Oct

I called my dad to say happy birthday this morning but he was way too preoccupied to hear me.  He had just received a birthday greeting on his Facebook wall (which he calls his “Facebook web page”) and was having difficulty responding to it.  After a few thousand instructions and when it was all said and done,  he responded to and liked the comment (he also tagged the birthday greeter but I wasn’t about to even try to begin to explain to him what tagging means). :)

Well can I really blame him?  I mean when he was my age, in 1973, the bar code had just been invented.  The most complicated technology he probably dealt with was a calculator!  So good for him for being on Facebook, keeping up with emails and surfing the internet…!!!

I just love this photo of him

But really he does okay, more than okay.

This is a guy who reads the paper everyday and covets and completes the Sunday NYT Magazine Crossword Puzzle.  He knows more about history, economics, politics and geography than most people.  He exercises daily along with my mom (and I’ve mentioned repeatedly that they are in better shape than their children).

To look at him you would never believe he turns 78 (don’t hate me dad) today!

I have no pictures of him alone because when I see him he is usually surrounded by and covered with my children.  He has been having some trouble with his arm and when he was here last he was rubbing it.  I asked why it was hurting.  He said he had just played elevator with my son ( a game where he lifts him up like he’s an elevator).  I said now why would you do that with your bad arm.  My father shrugged and said…”because he asked me to”.

Here’s to one of the best papas around…happy birthday! :)


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