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Another Beautiful Wedding

18 Aug

When you marry a guy who is one of SEVEN that’s right SEVEN children, you have a lot of family events to attend, especially in the spring and summertime. (My husband was an uncle at age nine!)  I happen to love it coming from a small family.

On Saturday night our gorgeous niece Ari got married and stupid me I didn’t even snap a picture of her and the groom, but I did of course get a picture of her and my monkeys!


After the ceremony some of the kids were playing with the rose petals and I took what I think is one of the most beautiful shots ever.


It kind of makes me cry to look at it…so innocent…

The kids are at a nice age to attend family events and be able to run hang with their cousins and have fun.  The only downside was that they crashed by 10:0; they were done!

I kept looking over at their older cousins sitting together sharing drinks and was thinking that it won’t be too long before that’s these guys…and then I got choked up!



Daddy’s Birthday

25 Apr

I want to appreciate this very second, where on this morning my 6 year tip toes in my room and says “Mommy can I come into bed and snuggle with you?” I know the seconds are running away faster than I can catch them.  I know it won’t be long before the kids won’t want to cuddle.  I’m seeing more and more of the eye rolling from the older ones as I hear about how annoying I am.

Yesterday was their dad’s birthday.

They were so excited and those moments are what our birthdays are all about….


photo (3)

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Ice Hockey Season Finishes

10 Mar

For the past 5 months or so, my little man has been going to a terrific ice hockey clinic every Sunday morning, and an accompanying game every Saturday night. This would be a complete drag if the program weren’t so top notch and my little guy didn’t love it so much.

However, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling good today because we’ve wrapped it up this past weekend.  And, with the longer, brighter days, it looks like spring just might be in sight.


We have about 3 free and clear weekends until soccer starts:)

What are your weekends like these days?

Happy 2014

1 Jan

I hope you are having a great New Year’s Day.


Thanks for following along with our adventures day after crazy day.

Here’s to a healthy and wonderful 2014!

Down to the Wire and the Santa Lists Keep Pouring In…

24 Dec


I told my 6-year-old that everything is already in production but she insisted on leaving this for our elf.  It is the strangest list I’ve ever seen a child ask for with highlights including:

  • copy machine in color
  • pliers and tweezers for teeth
  • cast set with x-ray machine

This child of mine is a little, well different, but this list…whoa!

If you celebrate, hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Family Trip to Cancun Part 2.

28 Aug

If it were up to me I would live on the beach. And that beach in Cancun? Well it wouldn’t be too shabby! The color of the water is just amazing and it’s not loaded with seaweed and rocks like we are used to here in NY. It felt so warm and inviting and the kids seriously would have stayed in it all day!

IMG_6287 IMG_6289




But the pool had something the ocean did not…the pool bar!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen my children were blown away by the finer things in life during this trip, namely the pina colada, the strawberry daiquiri and the Miami Vice, which if you didn’t know is a combo of the two!

me drinking a Miami Vice!

me drinking a Miami Vice!


Not only did the kids hang out at the pool bar but they also frequented the hotel bars with us, gleefully indulging in 5000 glasses of soda daily…groan!


Yeah did I mention that we ate and drank constantly?!



clearly I don't feed these plate lickers enough!

clearly I don’t feed these plate lickers enough!

hitting the wine at the adults only restaurant...yay!

hitting the wine at the adults only restaurant…yay!

It’s all-inclusive so there was food everywhere which meant we were hungry all the time! Oh my god I easily gained 10 pounds.  And then we were constantly obsessing about which restaurant to eat at that night? Do you ever find yourself doing that on vacation?  I’m not kidding when I tell you I ate tacos for every meal!

Oh and I did something life changing with my girls…we went on a skyrider parasail ride…crazy!!!!

that's us in the sky!!!

that’s us in the sky!!!


All in all it was great hanging with family.


Have you ever gone on vacation with a large family group? We had a blast :)


and it was all brought to us by these lovebirds!



Daddy’s So Cute

6 Apr

My daughter enjoys an old family portrait at my in laws home in which her father, the baby of his family, is a baby in the photo.  Recently, she brought a stool over to the picture, kissed her finger, and then put her finger on her father as a baby.  I told her I thought that was really special to which she replied,

Daddy’s so cute!

Then she asked my mother-in-law,

Was daddy a happy baby?

She’s such a little love :)


Striking a Pose

5 Apr

My first grader is wrapping up her second year of dance.  I think it will be her final.  Though she has mostly enjoyed it I sense it is losing it’s appeal.  I was able to sneak a peak at her the other day and was dying at the cuteness!

Though I can no longer say out loud that she is cute because my big girl gets angry and bellows,

I’m not cute!  Babies are cute!

You may be wondering about the little one.  She no longer dances.  She made it very clear last year that it was no longer an interest of hers.

Betcha can’t guess which ballerina is mine?!

(Yes I did write about this last year but it was worth repeating :) )

Lazy Twins Day

25 Mar

When I woke up this is how I found 2 out of the 3 kids.

I love how they cuddle. It truly fills up my heart.

But I also wonder if this need to be so close sometimes is related to their twiness. Little sister cuddles with them too but there is something about these two when they lay together. It makes me think about them laying all over each other in the womb. Perhaps there is a memory of that togetherness that they still seek?


17 Jan

I awakened yesterday morning to the sound of my children singing happy birthday to Martin Luther King!  It was so seriously cute.

They had no school and I have a cold so I stayed in my bed a little longer than usual to rest.  When I stumbled out my daughter asked,

Can Martin Luther King hear us in Heaven?

I told her I bet he can.  She said,

Well I know God hears everything so if he didn’t hear us sing God will tell him happy birthday.


Then we got going to the children’s museum.  It’s really close to us and I wanted to get there right at 10 when it opened because the place is always really mobbed.  I brought some passes I won which was a huge score because otherwise I would have been out close to 50 bucks for two hours of hell fun.

My son complained that it was going to be lame and that he’d rather be playing video games.  But then he saw this giant climbing thing and all bets were off!

Though we’ve been to the museum a few times, they have no prior memory of it.  This climbing thing was always off-limits to them because they were so little.  It saddened me, in a way, to watch them crawling around with big kids.

We did bubbles, building blocks, musical instruments and all sorts of  migraine inducing fun stuff.

After 2 hours I they had had enough.

But not before they stared at themselves…all of them…for another 20 minutes!

How was your MLK Day?!


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