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Braving Black Friday

30 Nov

Keep me away from crowds!  I think people who go out on Black Friday are completely nuts.  I do 90% of my shopping year round online. But when my son was running around the house talking about this one dumb toy he wants that I know will self destruct 5 minutes after it comes out of the plastic (that takes 25 minutes to tear apart…you know what I’m talking about!!!) I looked online and found those awful words…OUT OF STOCK ONLINE.

zero gravity laser at Target - Mozilla Firefox 11302014 102721 AM.bmp

The toy was well stocked in the store according to the online info and the Black Friday deal was $14.00 less than the regular price (not indicated in that photo).  I told the hubs I was setting out for Target at noon on Black Friday and he feared for my life.  But off I went.  There was a lot of traffic but admittedly I took a bad road. I made a mental note to go home a different way.

I planned to park anywhere I could find, as far away as I could find, but as I pulled in I found a sneaky spot up front and I just knew luck was with me.

When I entered the store it was a bit of a circus but I went right for the toys.  My plan was only to get the toy, and a chai tea latte, and leave.  No distractions!  A very nice employee directed me to the item right at the end of an aisle.  There were loads of them.  I snatched one.  I waited on line for about 5 minutes.

I rewarded myself with my Starbucks tea and then drove far away………..until I return on Monday, that is. :)  The things we do for a few bucks! The things we do for our kids!

Did you score any Black Friday deals?

Great Wolf Lodge..One Night is Enough!

12 Aug

We travelled to Great Wolf Lodge last week for the second time.  Last year we went right after Hurricane Irene (we had to delay the trip)  and the kids have literally not. stopped. talking. about this place for the past year.

It’s an indoor water park.  You stay over and the purchase of a room entitles you to admission to the water park.  For someone like me with OCD, it’s really a challenge to let go and let loose at Great Germ Wolf Lodge as we wander around in our bathing suits jammed pack with others, indoor, in a large humid room filled with water and rides and tattoos…lots of tattoos.

But the kids really have a blast.

The drive is only about 2 hours for us with a stop for lunch.  And this stop is the highlight for my husband who always  plans for us to dine at Cracker Barrel.

Waiting for a table…hubby dreaming about grits…kids dreaming about which water slide they’ll ride first!

The way I see it, it is a way for us to fortify ourselves with a big meal to prepare for the physical exertion involved with dragging 3 small children up 20 flights of stairs to the tops of many water rides, many times over!!

I am ever so grateful that there is a Starbucks in the lobby at the Lodge.  I literally become elated when I purchase my chai tea latte, after a night in one room the three bickering monkeys.

Great Wolf has several locations around the U.S.  Have you ever been?

water park wipe out :)

Just Today

5 Jan

I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m.  That’s when I awoke to hear my son coughing up a lung, which he did for the next 2 hrs straight.  I’m so thankful we have a nebulizer for this kind of situation.  I’m so pathetic though, because I raced into his room when I heard him call out that he couldn’t “breave” and then I felt like I was going to pass out.  I guess I sat up too fast or something.  I threw the nebulizer on his bed and then flattened myself onto the cool wood floor while my husband did everything.  I’m really finding life harder as I get older…sigh.

So after the twins went to school I took the little one to Barnes & Noble.  She spent 10 minutes outside staring at the exterior wall of the neighboring store.

She asked me if these colors would go away in the summer.  I told her they would not.  She declared,

They are very not good.

Then she spent all of story time playing with her snack.

But what did I care?  I had my venti non fat extra hot no water vanilla chai tea latte in hand.  And I’m embarrassed to say that that’s really the way I order.  My god it’s so obnoxious, but so essential to bring me a little bit of tranquility every other day or so.  Oh that chai tea latte always makes me digress!

SO we left the store and the little one became interested in the music on Sirius channel 1.  She asked me about a song and I told her it’s called Like A G6.

Ohhhhhhhh, that sounds like Jesus!!!

Our next activity of the day was dance class, and well, you have an idea of how that goes

They are all home now and my son just got very angered with me when I asked him to please pick up his jacket from the floor.

I’m want to give you poison!

I’m not sure that would be so bad right about now.

3.5 hours til bedtime.  How’s your day going?

P.S. As I was proofreading this post my daughter presented me with a “cake”…this is what it’s all about!

DAY 3 of Captivity

28 Dec

We are still post blizzard here and I’m starting to go a bit stir crazy.  Even the kids are looking afar at the world outside of here!

I’m also really, really craving a chai tea latte.  I haven’t been to Starbucks in days because prior to the snow and right before Christmas I came down with a case of food poisoning.  I knew I was really sick when I had no desire to have tea (or anything else for a few days).

Anyway we played outside for over an hour this morning.  My goal was to complete exhaust the kids so they would take a nap, and, knock on wood, it is miraculously quiet over here right now! :)

Thank goodness they have tons and tons of new toys to keep them occupied.  It’s amazing how creative they are in their play.  For instance, they devised in intricate tea party with their new tea set and pillow pets.

The little one, who has become a supreme b**** lately is  yelling:

Stop taking pictures MOMMY!

My husband is one of seven, so the amount of presents they receive is completely excessive.

And even today, among all their new things, they asked if there were any more presents!

So how do you entertain your kids when you’re trapped in the house?

Cranky All Around

23 Sep

School is in full swing which is great.  But boy oh boy are the kids cranky.  I mean really sassy and irritable.  While they are enjoying school, I think they are exhausted.  After all they’re babies!

Even my little one, who is usually the sunniest of the bunch, almost had a complete meltdown after school today because the playground  I suggested we play at doesn’t have a tire swing.

This is how I avoided a full-blown tantrum.

And beloved chai tea latte continues to bring harmony to this family.

Anyone else having a cranky existence?

Addicted to Starbucks and I Don’t Even Like Coffee

29 Jun

I’m not completely sure how it happened.  But I’m addicted to Starbucks.   And I need an intervention.

Actually, I kind of do know how it happened.  I NEED caffeine to get through each day.

Let’s start with the ironic fact that I don’t even like coffee.  Not even anything with the slightest flavor of coffee. 

But I am a big tea drinker.  When coffee places like Starbucks started incorporating tea drinks into their menus it was a happy day for me.  (This reminds me of when Chicken McNuggets were first introduced to McDonald’s, maybe in the early 80’s?  As a person who also dislikes hamburgers, I was quite excited.) 

So I started drinking the chai tea lattes once in a while.

When my twins were babies and I was pregnant with the little one, I even started shopping at Target a couple of times a week just so I could also visit the Starbucks stand there.  (and then this other thing happened where I became addicted to Target…..mine is getting produce this month and the excitement I feel is a little disturbing when I take a step back and think about it!)

And now I’m obsessed.  I even had a dream about getting one last night.  But after I got it I couldn’t find my bag…….hmmmm,  symbolic of all the $$$ wasted on these drinks? 

I often meticulously plan how to get my drink (with 3 kids in tow) on the way to wherever we’re going and wonder why my geographical area has not been blessed with a Starbucks drive through.

So now you know my big obsession.  I’m not proud of it.

What are you hooked on?

Our Wednesday Routine & Another Public Tantrum

19 May

My twins go to school every morning so I get to spend some quality time with my littlest. 

Our Barnes & Noble has a storytime every Wednesday morning so we’ve been going pretty regularly.  Basically a bored worker sits in front of the kids, reads 3 stories, then hands out coloring sheets and stickers. 

I like it because it’s an opportunity for me to grab a chai tea latte at the cafe.  As if those beverages aren’t overpriced enough, the downside of bringing the kid with me is that I end up getting something for her and spending like 7 bucks total for nothing! 

Today she chose a biscotti.

It was great because it took many concentrated minutes of effort to consume.

I started to space out and then feel bad about it but when I tried to engage her in a little chat she was literally too consumed by this cookie to focus on anything else.  I couldn’t help but notice that most of the kids were munching on healthy snacks….apple chips, carrots, goldfish…….while my daughter was getting chocolate everywhere within a 3 foot radius.

After the storytime she played at the Thomas the Train table.  I ran into a mom I know.  I was telling her how we had just been shopping.  When my girl asked me to identify some items in the store I said, that’s some craft stuff.  To which she kept repeating,

Oh, it’s crap.  

And I see more crap!

So at some point she announced she was done with trains and ready to go home.  She wanted to be carried but I asked her to walk to the door.

She dropped to the floor, assumed tantrum position, and contemplated her next move.

Then she shouted that she was going to leave me at the store and opted for the tantrum.

It didn’t last long though. 

I picked her up and she declared that she likes hugging me. 

But the best part is when she pointed to this book,

and said,

That’s you Mommy!


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