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Please Say Hello To Laura Ingalls Wilder

28 Jan

Today my little one had to do her biographical presentation.  Parents were instructed not to buy costumes and just to make a simple outfit from something at home.  She has the same wonderful teacher that my son had and I cannot believe it was 2 years ago that he had his presentation.  (Give that a click…it was then I recounted my 5th grade presentation as Amelia Earhart!)

I am DYING from the cuteness of my little one as Laura Ingalls Wilder and I can’t wait until she returns home from school to hear how it all went down.


I’d say we did well with the look huh?!

P.S  Are you like me and did you spend your entire childhood watching Little House on the Prairie?  I’m older than a lot of my mom friends and they have no clue about the wonders of this program.  I could talk about it for hours.  And some nights the hubs and I jump for joy when we find it on the Hallmark Channel and continue to get immense pleasure from it.  When he does find it he’ll shout out “Manly!”

P.P.S  Now that I’ve revealed this you probably think I’m more batsh*t crazy than ever and that I somehow influenced this choice of character for my daughter.  Nope!  What I love is that her big sister, an avid reader, who has read the books made the suggestion.  It was a great one.  :)

My Little Author and Her Special Blanket

1 May

Today was an adorable and delightful day.


The torrential downpour that had overcome Long Island yesterday, turned into fog this morning, and dissipated into beautiful sunshine by afternoon in time for my little one’s author’s tea.

In first grade the students all write and publish books and then the parents are invited to hear them read.  It’s adorable and I can’t believe it’s been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I attended the twins authors tea…sigh, sob!



My daughter chose to write a non fiction book on one of the most important things in her world, her gockey.  If you’ve read the book you’ll realize gockey is the name for her special blanket, gockey being how she pronounced blankie as a baby, and the name has stuck. :)

The book details the life of gockey…where I purchased it, what it looks like, and what the future holds for my little one and gockey.  For an added treat today I allowed her to take gockey to school.  At the end of her story she pulled out the real live gockey from under her legs….it was too cute.


Days like today make me wish I could freeze time or at least slow it down it a little…..



She’s looking so grown up lately.  But I do love that she still has her gockey!

How many of you have kids with special blankets?


Sibs Storytime

18 Jun

The kids all gathered in my sons bed tonight and took turns reading books to one another. It was so cute. You know I just love when they have love moments!

Hope the love continues all summer long :)

Author/Troublemaker’s Tea

27 Apr

The Troublemaker

Yesterday parents in my son’s class were invited to school for an “author’s tea”. Each student wrote and illustrated a book that was to be read to parents and guests in groups of about 5 students.

The kids were so excited to see their parents in the small audience.  Some of them started acting silly; it was especially hard to be patient as each child read.  And one of them, well, the pictures tell the story best…(obviously they are very blurry…to protect the anonymity of the other  victims kids!)

He's contemplating mischief.

He's getting up close and personal with his buddy.

He's proving he has a bit of an ear fetish like his baby sister.

I would say boys will be boys but in this case it seems to be boy will boy….mine of course :)
Stay tuned for twin sister’s author tea next week….I know, you’re on the edge of your seat :)

50 Shades of Sh*t

22 Apr

I just completed the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, of the trilogy by E L James.

Everyone is all abuzz about these books which are being called “mommy porn”.  (Even that phrase is totally annoying.) When we were in Florida I started chatting about it with a woman at the pool and she ended up giving me the book when she finished it.


The writing  is absolutely awful.

The characters are undeveloped and inconceivable. The dialogue is ridiculous, and the sex scenes try to be steamy but are ultimately yawn inducing.  It’s trying be provocative and shocking but it’s not.

The gorgeous 21 yr old main female character has never had any kind of sexual experience and there is no understanding or explanation as to why.   But then as soon as she starts having sex she is having orgasm after orgasm.

She has this annoying inner dialogue, referring to her “inner goddess”…about 553 times in the book.  She often says “holy cow! holy shit!”  Holy annoying!!!

The main male character gets all in a frenzy when this chick bites her lip…a habit that is referred to about 482 times in the book.

The dialogue (boring, sterile and uninspired) often starts with “Er….”.  Do you ever say “er” when you start to speak?  I didn’t think so.

I haven’t read the other two books and I don’t plan on it.

Have you read it?

New Book: My First Day of Kindergarten by Kristin J. Minuto

24 Mar

Do you have a child approaching kindergarten?

If so, you should definitely check out one of the books we’ve been reading lately,  My First Day of Kindergarten.  My kids were amazed (and it surprised me how excited it got them) that I know the author, Kristen Minuto, a very sweet mother (and teacher) from my town.  It makes reading the book so much more exciting for us and my daughter has even exclaimed, “I really love how she writes!”… I’m not kidding!

My kindergarteners are pretty mesmerized when I read it, as they draw comparisons between their classes and routines and the ones they are hearing about as they follow a little boy through his first day of school.

It’s really a bright, colorful and adorable book that I would absolutely recommend.  We actually started reading books like this as my kids entered nursery school.  I know we’ll be getting a lot of use out of this book as we start talking about kindergarten with my 3-year-old.  You can check out My First Day of Kindergarten here or here.  And speaking of adorable, here is my son’s artistic representation of it from his homework journal :)

Don’t forget how important it is to read to your kids!  What children’s books are you reading these days?

The Stupids Step Out

1 Dec

Have you ever read any of the Stupids books?  I enjoyed this one as a child, so my parents brought it for the kids over Thanksgiving.  They can not get enough of it!

Yesterday I went to each of the twins classrooms to read some books and hand out cupcakes.  They both chose this book (so I read it twice plus a princess book and a transformers book).   The kids were hysterical.  I mean they were laughing so hard they couldn’t even hear me reading.  What’s better than a roomful of kids giggling?

It took the edge off.  I know my post yesterday was annoying, but I do have a sinus infection so let’s chalk it up to illness!  And actually everyone here is sick and coughing on each other.  We’re all tired too.  My little one passed out on the couch with the TV blasting, lights on and her siblings inches away from her face.

Ohhh that mouth!

I’m off to medicate myself with Nyquil.

What books are you reading to your kids these days?

Read A Book I Really Liked

21 Jul

I used to be an avid reader, preferring books to television and everything else.  However, I’ve found as I get older and more exhausted with less free time, sadly I am not reading as much as my free time is allocated for other things.  I do go to the library regularly though, and I am a big nerd about reserving books online.  Sometimes I get a book suggestion for the NY Times bestseller list and sometimes from elsewhere. 

I had reserved Emily Giffin’s Heart of the Matter but I don’t even remember where it was suggested to me.  I can tell you I love a book when the first page hooks me (like this did), and despite my mania and distracted life, I want to keep reading every moment I can.

It wasn’t my usual read…….about relationships, adultery, etc as I prefer thrillers (Dean Koontz, Harlan Coben, etc) but the writing was stellar and that hooked me.  I don’t want to completely bore you but in some parts the writing was so crafty that I earmarked paragraphs to reread. 

Here’s one where the main character is in Target (hello relatable!) and another mother has made smug comment …

I flash a fake smile of my own, refraining from telling her what I’m really thinking: that it’s an unwise karmic move to go around feeling superior to other mothers. Because, before she knows it, her little angel could become a tattooed teenager hiding joints in her designer handbag and doling out blowjobs in the backseat of her BMW.


This was another excerpt that I liked…

all women compare lives.  We are aware of whose husband works more, who helps more around the house, who makes more money, who is having more sex.  We compare out children, taking note of who is sleeping through the night, eating their vegetables, minding their manners, getting into the right schools.  We know who keeps the best house, throws the best parties, cooks the best meals, has the best tennis game.  We know who among us is the smartest, has the fewest lines around her eyes, has the best figure–whether naturally or artificially.  We are aware of who works full-time, who stays at home with the kids, who manages to do it all and make it look easy, who shops and lunches while the nanny does it all.  We digest it all and then discuss it with our friends.  Comparing and then confiding; it is what women do.

Can you relate to that?  I think it’s spot on and anyone who says it is not is in denial. 

When we moved several months ago, I vowed to myself to try to stay pleasant but detached as I was already aware of cliques and gossip.  I think it’s going okay.

Anyway I enjoyed this book a lot.  I really wish I could write like her.  

 Anyone reading anything great these days?


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