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When You’re a Mom, and It’s Your Birthday (and You Have Little Ones)

1 Mar

You wake up on your birthday to kisses and squeals of delight.  Any disdain you may feel about aging is replaced by the excitement of your kids as they present you with handmade cards and goodies that they tell you they worked really, really, hard on.


They tell everyone throughout the day that it’s their mommy’s birthday…teachers, friends, strangers…and try their hardest to demonstrate their best behavior of the year.

Over a special dinner celebration the kids tell the waiters it’s mom’s birthday too and to make sure to bring her a candle…….which they argue over who will blow out (and it sometimes it has to be re lit several times). :)


It’s my idea of a perfect birthday.  :)

Twins Turn 8 and Parties Offically Come to An End

27 Nov

Last week my twins celebrated another birthday.  It doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since they turned 7!!!

I had told them last year that in third grade we would be stopping the big bashes. Fall birthdays are rough as the friendships are still new…I’m over inviting half the class but if they just invite a few friends to a little celebration I worry about feelings being hurt. And the stress is all magnified times two…so…


In lieu of parties we did a quick overnight to Great Germ Wolf Lodge because my kids cannot get enough of that place.  The good news is that it was a great time to go as it was empty but the bad news was that I couldn’t breathe and my asthma kicked up bad this time in there. Because it was so empty we rode on every ride one thousand and one times. (It was a great time to go but honestly I don’t know that I’m ever able to return…my breathing was that bad…)

Both coming and going we stopped at Cracker Barrel restaurant because we don’t have any around here and it’s now part of our GW Lodge routine.  I really love those Chicken N Dumplins and the kids of course just love to go crazy in that store. I got a lot of good ideas for holiday gifts for the kids.


On the actual birthday, one twin’s teacher allowed me to visit, the other allowed instructed me only to send in treats. My daughter wanted those number custom 8 Dunkin Donuts because “no one does cupcakes in 3rd grade MOM”. I did have loads of fun visiting my son in his classroom. We played a game and then I made sure to embarrass him by showing all his classmates this adorable baby picture!


That night we did our birthday tradition of going out for Japanese hibatchi…it’s always a lot of fun.


I’m still getting a little choked up looking at the baby picture….how does time seem to moving faster as they get older?

Big Birthday for My Dad Today

20 Oct

My dad has a giant huge milestone birthday today. He doesn’t like to me to talk about the number, but I will tell you it starts with an 8 :).

I told him that if I aged as well as he has I would shout my age from rooftops as I am half his age and feeling so weathered and run down already.

Anyway, we had a nice little family gathering for him yesterday, but as per usual around my kids there was no chance he could blow out his own candles!

Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!

My Baby is 6 Years Old Today

25 May

How can it be?


I was so blessed to have had the experience of one baby after having twin babies…my little red headed “surprise” who completed the family in a way that we could have never comprehended.

My husband thinks I’m mental but I do get heavy hearted on my children’s birthdays.

I was reminded about this poem and it seemed so relevant to think about today:

On Children Kahlil Gibran

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

So beautiful…just like my 6 year old :)

with our newest addition to the family...

with our newest addition to the family…

Daddy’s Birthday

24 Apr

The kids were so excited to celebrate their dad’s birthday today.  We met him at the train station where he was the envy of all the other forlorn commuters when my 3 little curly hairs spotted and raced to him to tackle him in a four-way hug.


When we got home he was presented with a wonderful array of cards and gifts.


Gifts including 5 children’s library books, a few pieces of Trident gum, and a mini soccer ball. :)


Then we set out for a Hibachi dinner which seems to be turning into a family tradition.  The kids were so excited to run in and tell the hostess that today is their dad’s birthday!


It seems to me that he got a lot of good birthday love.

Do you have any family birthday traditions?

Wake Up Mommy, it’s Your Birthday!

27 Feb


Yesterday was my birthday. The kids were so excited. They raced into my room with kisses and wanted to be first to wish me a happy day. They gave me a lot of delicious hugs and love and I just can’t get over how excited they get to celebrate me!

Of course once I opened my eyes I realized that my daughter had 2 stickers on her face.

"Stickers for your birthday Mommy!"

“Stickers for your birthday Mommy!”

Given that she had just come from her bed I deduced that she HAD GONE TO SLEEP WITH STICKERS ON HER FACE. I work one day a week, on Monday nights, and somehow, I always end up dealing with strangeness on Tuesday mornings as a result.  Strangeness like stickers adhered to skin leaving heart marks…


But once the kids got off to school I was able to go kickboxing for the first time in 2 weeks which was great.


Seriously that flu knocked me over and I STILL don’t feel 100%.  But it didn’t damper all the love I felt on my birthday, which was awesome.


The little one even mustered up a tantrum to make my day complete. :)

Twins and the 7th Birthday Celebrations

25 Nov

last photo as 6 year olds

I have to say that at this point in the year I usually feel a weight lifted off of me.  When I am here it means I made it through the twins birthdays and their parties and their school parties and Thanksgiving (which I usually host).   Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good stuff, but just loads of work, especially when you are a manic mom!

The first celebration was my sons.  He wanted a party at a laser tag place and he wanted just boys…meaning not only didn’t he want his sisters to attend but he didn’t want his own mother there either!!!  I told him he could invite who he wanted, all boys was cool, but that he will never have my permission to exclude his sisters (and mother!) and then blah blah went on about how important family is, etc…

And the party occurred in the midst of the post Hurricane power outages so I literally had only like one kid rsvp.  But the little dudes had a good time running around like lunatics in the laser place. (only posting pics of my kids to respect privacy of the other kids)

twin battling twin

Had the singing and the cake and then the family shot where at least one person is always unhappy!

At the end of that week my daughter had her party….17 very high pitched girls running around my house for a spa party!   I found a lovely spa lady who comes to the house and coordinates the activities…our theme was foot fun.

The girls seemed to really have a good time as they did some beauty things and gave themselves pedicures!

My ears were ringing that Friday night when the girls left and if I had any narcotics in the house I might have indulged! But my daughter said it was the best party ever so I’m thrilled.  She even wanted to write a thank you note to the wonderful spa lady:

This year it was all pretty eventful because it was the first time they had completely separate parties.  Past parties I’ve tried to get away with it by giving them separate but at the same time parties to make it easier…girls on one side and boys on the other with 2 cakes, 2 candle blow outs etc.  But this year it was time to let them do it up individually…pretty monumental in the life of a twin!

On the actual birthday I brought treats into their school and got to visit both classes.  I love doing that and jump on any chance to see them at school in action.  That night it was the twins choice for dinner and they came up with a great idea, Japanese hibatchi.

The most favorite thing about going out to eat there is the notorious volcano!

They were also really excited to get their photo taken. Every customer celebrating a birthday gets a photo snapped during their special dessert. The photo is placed on a wall at the entrance where the kids always become enthralled with the sea of birthday faces.

So you can see between the hurricane and the birthday and thanksgiving we’ve had loads of excitement. :)  It’s all been a great reminder about how fortunate I am to have these wonderful moments with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

My son was excited to show me this after school on Wednesday, even though it was his birthday and we had all sorts of birthday things we could have been discussing.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am thankful for you because you take care of me.

You bring me to places.

You share with me.

You give me toys.

You make dinner, lunch and breakfast.


Feeling so thankful that I receive beautiful pieces of schoolwork like this, among other things. :)
Hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones.

Birthday Celebration for My Mom Today

24 Jun

Today we gathered with my mom for a birthday dinner in her honor.  We had some pretty fabulous Italian food.  My mom was so happy that I accused of being drunk :)

My parents have had some pretty significant losses of family and friends in the recent years.  My father told me he is one of only two living members left in his fraternity.  I get the sense that my mother really appreciated her birthday today and it’s a reminder really that every day is a gift.

But unfortunately my mom had about zero chance of blowing out her own birthday candle! :)

5th Bday Party Success = Mom Can Now Rest!!!

27 May

Oh I am in a happy content place today after a few days of high velocity stress.  My big guy was sent home from school Thursday with hives everywhere that the dermatologist couldn’t explain.  Having him home busted up my plan to bake cupcakes all day for daughter’s birthday.  Baking needed to be done for her class celebration on Friday and her party Saturday.

It was also raining everyday all week and her party was to be an outside one so I was watching the weather like a maniac.

Later that evening on Thursday my older daughter threw up a few times.  I became a maniacal nut Lysoling my house because you know how those stomach bugs can bring a family down.  We were expecting 50 people on Saturday.  I was determined that no one would be vomiting!!!

I spent all day Friday and into the night party prepping and preparing the rainbow cupcake cake.  I prayed for good health and good weather and my prayers were answered!!!!

The sun arrived for the first time in days on Saturday morning and thank god no one else fell ill in the house.

The result was a fabulous and fun 5th birthday party for my little one. We had a bouncy house, trampoline, pizza, the rainbow cupcake cake, a rainbow pinata, face painting, water balloons, ring tosses, nok hockey and various toys and games strewn about.

I also made her invitations. I snapped a cute photo of her and then edited it using PicMonkey which I LOVE. Once edited I made 50 4×6 photo prints at Walgreens and it was done and super cute.

It was all a success and I am so grateful.  Today we are headed to a BBQ and you can imagine how much I am going to kick back with a beer and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Hope you are having a great, long weekend too! :)


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