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Summer, My Favorite Season…OVER

1 Sep

I’ve been trying to squeeze in lots of pool and beach trips in the last week of summer. They’ve been great.

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

boogie boarding

boogie boarding

But I always feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy as they days get darker early…confirmation that summer is over.
The kids have driven me a bit batty this summer but truth be told I have loved spending the time with them and I will miss them terribly on Tuesday morning. Good thing I will have my Starbucks girls to keep me company.
Meanwhile, while many are out partying tonight, this is what we were doing…

food shopping...this is how we roll...

food shopping…this is how we roll…

Enjoy the last day of the last summer weekend :(

Slow Down Precious Summer!

2 Aug

We got some new school backpacks yesterday so school is officially around the corner. On July 4th, as I sat at the pool with my husband, he said, “that’s it summer is going to fly from here.” He’s right! I blinked and it’s a month later!


We continue to have fun swimming everyday at our pool or the beach and I am just amazed at how fearless the kids are in the water.

We’ve also been exploring all the parks in the area.  I get wistful how they’ve mastered the monkey bars when I remember how I used to run from one teetering toddler to the next at different edges of the park.





They participated in a soccer clinic the other night for 2 hours which, no big shock here, was tons of fun for them.  It was a nice mini break for me and since my husband got home from work a tiny bit early we were able to run off and grab a quick bite to eat.


We are headed to the beach again today which makes me very happy.  How is your summer going?  I was speaking with someone last night who told me she couldn’t wait for it to end and I could barely process what she was saying…I could live summer all year-long. :)

Bring On the Heat!

18 Jul

Okay I know I tend to be a bit of a complainer at times, but though here in New York we are currently in the midst of a heat wave, you won’t hear me whining. Instead, I say bring it! I will literally take this 100 degree weather any day over horrible blizzardy, cold weather.  I love it!

Today we spent 5 HOURS at our town pool.  I can’t even believe we were in 100 degree weather for that long and generally happy!  When we got home the kids got their well deserved 5th ice product of the day…what’s better than Italian Ices for hydration?!


My little fair-haired beauties were getting so fried on their faces no matter how much sunblock I applied. I’m delighted I found one that really seems to do the trick, because they aren’t happy about wearing hats.  Now I feel much better about our beach days, which are as fabulous as always!


What about you? Would you rather be in excessive heat or a raging blizzard?!

I’ve got lots more beach left in me this summer!


Schoooool’s Out!

21 Jun

The kids had last day of school today on what is usually my favorite day of the entire year……….the first of my most favorite season in existence.  I shouldn’t even call it a last day because they only went for like an hour…which is mildy irritating.  They’ve already had 2 half days these week and they have been long days for me! We had been going to our town pool those days with minimal fighting so yesterday I decided to take them out to dinner.


They made it through the meal and then someone did something to someone else and before I knew it they were all on the floor punching each other. I literally pulled them all out there by limbs and hair and we looked like a massive ball of blonde hair and curls.  Mortifying.

Today, however, they were in great spirits for the last day of school.  Like I’ve done then past few years, I blasted some Alice Cooper while they ate breakfast to get them in the mood.  There was lots of excitement at the bus stop both going….and coming back an hour later!

IMG_1851 IMG_1853

When they got home it was only 9:30 so we decided to head to MY favorite place in the world on MY favorite day of the year.  Sure I live in one of the most congested, trafficky and high tax regions of the world, but what I absolutely love about it is that I am only about a 20 minute drive from beautiful and gorgeous beaches and if you know me at all by now you know I am 100% a summer lovin girl.  And hitting the beach on the first day of the summer…well it makes it all seem right somehow.

IMG_1854 IMG_1856 IMG_1857

The beach was amazing and I got great joy seeing the kids enjoy the waves fearlessly. Can’t believe I now have a brood of 1st and 3rd graders!


I’m assuming school is done everywhere by today…is that so where you are? Are your kids off the wall yet like mine?! :)

Entertaining Kids (and Eating) in Boca Raton, Florida

7 Apr

We just completed our annual trip to Boca Raton for Easter to visit with my in-laws and to enjoy some spring break time away.  I just love it.

First you all know I am such a warm weather loving person and that the beach IS my place of utter peace and harmony.  This is our one yearly getaway so we really all look forward to it and hate when it flies by all too quickly.  And really what was once a really tough travel trip has turned out to be doable now that I have two 7-year-old and one 5 year old…a big difference from two 3 year olds and one 2-year-old!!!

So obviously we spent tons and tons of time at the beach in Boca.  We pretty much had one all to ourselves…




The next best thing to the beach is the pool!



this kid has some rough life!

As much as the kids love the beach and the pool,  (and literally had to be dragged in by their fair-haired ears each day) they all insist that we visit some of their favorite spots while we are in Boca.

The first one is Gumbo Limbo Nature Center which is right down the road from us.  Kids learn about endangered plants and animals and get to see turtles and other sea creatures.  It is a huge property where we hike around and they love to climb to the top of a structure each year where we try to spot their grandparents home.


me out of breath!

I have photos of them as babies on these turtles!

I have photos of them as babies on these turtles!

I love it because we can still be outside while visiting Gumbo Limbo and you know I don’t want to step one foot out of that gorgeous Florida sunshine.  Similarly, we can be outside while visiting another spot, Sugar Sand Park. This is a vast park with many amenities.  We explore only a few, like the carousel…


They all meet the height restrictions this year which means they can go on adult free…happy news for someone like me who tends to get dizzy while standing still!


There is also a fabulous playground with structures the kids can climb through and areas where they can get can wet.  They love the playground and talk about it throughout the year.


As if all that isn’t enough, just a few steps away and we enter a FABULOUS children’s museum that’s as great as any we’ve been to…there are two large fully interactive rooms that the kids could literally be entertained in all day long.




Because this museum satiates our museum needs we’ve never visited but I’ve heard there’s the Boca Raton Children’s Museum as well.

As for eating, oh man, I ate way too much and went way too long without kick boxing!  A few of our favorites include Pizza Time.  You know as New Yorker’s we are very snobby about our pizza, but our visiting Boca tradition is to stop at Pizza Time right after we arrive because the pizza is that good.  There is something about the sauce and the thin crust that has us all loving it (and believe me we are all pizzaed out after eating it two weeks straight during Hurricane Sandy so that’s saying a lot!)

We tried Matteo’s for the first time which was a bit fancy for the kids but they did great.  And, my son has realized his newfound love for fried calamari which he has asked me to pack it for his lunch tomorrow (“Squidward tastes good mom!”) :)

We always go to Duffy’s because it’s very kid friendly and on Wednesdays kids eat free and they have a balloon guy roaming around.

My husband salivates all year for the place we go to the day after we arrive for lunch which is Baja Cafe.  It is the best Mexican food we eat anywhere and we wish we could find a place like this in NY.  Seriously I drool as I type!!!


On our last night my in-laws sent me and the hubs to dinner without kids to New York Prime.  I’m not a steak eater but my husband enjoyed his and my salmon was great….place was very expensive though…we would have been just as happy going out in flip-flops to Baja Cafe again :).


Have you ever been to Boca Raton, Florida?  What have I left out?

A Fall Beach Day in New York

7 Oct



Well you would never know by today (rainy and chilly) that yesterday was a gorgeous and beautiful day here in Long Island, New York.

You know by now that I am warm weather beach loving girl so when yesterday’s weather magically appeared (forecast was rain…yes I am a weather nerd too) we impulsively decided to head for the beach!

The children were beyond ecstatic and hurriedly got all their accessories together.

They were so happy they didn’t even mind posing for a picture. (My son usually says “Mom don’t put this on Facebook or blog!”)

One of the things I just love about where I live is that we can be at some of the most beautiful beaches in just a 15 minute drive (and of course NYC is just 20 miles away too!).

We chose Jones Beach because there’s a playground that we thought the kids would enjoy again.  The last time we went was when we did this kind of fall beach outing 2 years ago.

But this time we only spent a few minutes at the park because the kids COULD NOT WAIT to get to the water!

I have to apologize for the heavy photo load in this post. I just couldn’t get over the stunning and beautiful scenery and couldn’t stop snapping pictures.

The weather was mild but it was not warm enough for me to venture into wetness!  I sat on the beach in a sweatshirt while the rest of my family seemed unaffected by the wind…the squeals of excitement were heard above all other sounds!

And one of my favorite photos:

When I say we had the beach to ourselves, I really mean it!

Except for a random seagull that is :)

It was truly a great day and it gave us all a high, but it seems so far away now…I’m freezing!


Goodbye Summer

3 Sep

I think you can tell I love warm weather, the beach and that summer is my absolute favorite season.  On the flip side, I hate when it ends. I am acutely aware of the days getting shorter and I was freezing today in the 70 degree weather!

Even the kids going back to school is a mixed bag for me.  It’s always challenging getting through the unstructured summer days with them.  And starting tomorrow I will have free time again which I desperately desire.  However, I have a lump in my throat thinking about my baby entering kindergarten and my twins entering second grade, and in our community, going to a “big” school (grades 2-5).

We went to  Labor Day party at a friend’s home tonight to watch fireworks.  On the way over Don Henley’s “The End of the Innocence” came on the radio which added to my emotional mood.

Though I was hesitant to be out at a party on the night before first day of school, I’m glad we did it.  The kids had a really great time and watching amazing fireworks seemed like an appropriate end to the summer.

Perhaps my mixed feelings about school starting are about summer ending also.
How do you feel about end of summer and start of school?

First Day of Summer = Best Day

20 Jun

Oh how I love the summer.

Sure it was over 100 degrees today but you won’t hear me complaining about the heat!  I love when it’s 8:30 p.m. and still light out.  I love short sleeves.  I love feeling warm.  I love the beach!  I love it so much that I picked up the twins early from school today for a beach outing.  (it’s their last week of school and every day is early dismissal at this point anyway!)

We went with my parents.  I’ve mentioned that they moved to NY a couple of months ago.  They are just loving how close they live to the beach and have been dying to get there with the kids.

My parents have endless energy so it turned out to be such a great time.  And it made me very happy there was one adult for each kid because I am usually outnumbered and it’s a little scary still with the kids and the ocean.

I literally had to drag them out of the water after a few hours.  Believe me I didn’t want to leave either but they are so fair and their skin is precious!

I took my parents back to their place and we all went for a swim in their pool which was a great way to clean off the 20 pounds of sand stuck to the kids.

Maybe it was the large dose of Vitamin D i got today, but I was revved up for kickboxing this evening despite the continued 100 degree weather into the night!  While I was there the kids played in the street until almost 9!

We all ended the day sweaty and happy.  Who else is with me on summer being the best season!!!?

Breezy Beach Walking

14 Apr

(Picture heavy post ahead!)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the beach?

Have you ever done a visualization or meditation exercise where you picture yourself in a most peaceful place?  The beach is that place for me.  I love the ocean. I love the beach.  Before children I spent every summer weekend indulging in my peaceful place.

Now, I focus on relishing in our Florida vacations where we stay right on the beach.  We spend most of the day outside but every night after dinner I suggest a beach walk (especially a good thing to do after all the dining out and big meals).

climbing the rocks is a highlight of our walks

The scenery is amazing and I can’t get enough photos!

The beach is usually empty and ripe for shell searching.

It’s these walks that are my most cherished part of our vacation.

What are your simple, favorite vacation pleasures?

Love the Beach

15 Aug

One of the things I love most about where I live is the proximity to the beach.  In just twenty minutes I can be at some of the most beautiful beaches in NY.  Before children I would spend every summer weekend at the beach.  It’s always been the place where I feel most at peace, must be the Pisces in me!

So naturally once I had kids I couldn’t wait to take them to the beach and re experience some of my much-needed ocean tranquility.

I was deluded!  What kind of peace could I hope to acquire with a 1 year old and two  2 year olds at the ocean!!!  See my little guy holding his hand up?  He tried to manage without getting any sand to touch his skin!  I mean they looked cute and all experiencing it all for the first time but boy were they PIAs!

(I just had to post this picture because it may be the cutest one ever :) )

SO my hopes and dreams were dashed and I was beach less for a couple of years.

However, this summer we’ve gone a couple of times and it’s been great!  The girls are still playing together.

But now for longer and without as much fighting!

It was actually pretty monumental when I found myself relaxing!!!  Of course I had all eyes on them, but I was actually sitting…amazing!  My nephews were there too so the kids were in heaven, especially after they all got ice cream…

Oh it was such a great time, and the best part is that I see the kids loving the beach as much as I do. :)

Do you take your kids to the beach?


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