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Easter Bunny

29 Mar

This weekend was so much fun. On Saturday it was insane in that it was SNOWING here at the end of March but we decided to carry on with a fun spring event and visit the Easter Bunny. A local nursery has the bunny every year and it’s the best thing going.  The line is quick.  It’s free.  You shoot your own photo.  It looks fab…and memories are made!  Cutest thing ever was when my son argued with us that this was not “the real Easter Bunny”.  He knew this was just “someone in a costume” because he could “see the sneakers sticking out”!!!

I love it!  Are you planning on seeing the Easter Bunny?

Mom I Gave Back the Violin TODAY…Third Grade Spring Concert

10 Jun

That’s what my daughter exclaimed when she got off of the bus today.  She was delighted, FINALLY, that she made it through her year of the violin.

When she decided to sign up to take violin at the end of last year I was excited for her.  I started violin in the 4th grade and played through the 12th grade.  I asked if she knew I had played.  She said she had but that her choice had nothing to do with me.  I thought it was a nice choice actually because, though she is a tiny petite thing, she has beautiful long fingers…maybe that would give her an advantage…?!

For the first week or so she practiced a little and then, nothing. I’m sure you can imagine how it went from there.  As the weeks wore on she became very disenchanted and wanted to quit. The violin is tough after all!  I told her she could absolutely quit, but not until she completed the year.

Her complaints turned to anxiety as her spring concert approached…she would be on stage playing her violin in the orchestra.


Nightly cram sessions in pjs like this in the kitchen started happening. It was then I saw her really making an effort, but it was also too late at this point, only days before the concert! “I’ll just blend in” she wisely told me. :)

me playing the violin in elementary school!

me playing the violin in elementary school!

When the big day arrived I was excited to see both of my twins all dressed and ready to go. The 3rd graders also had prepared songs on their recorders.
IMG_7829My husband and I were actually a little nervous for my daughter when we arrived at the school for the concert!!! But when the orchestra appeared and I found my little peanut, my nerves diminished.  She looked so adorable, so mature, and very confident!


And she did it.

Her recorder was a breeze after that!


Next up was my little man.  When he was a kindergarten, I got a call from his music teacher basically giving me the heads up that he was failing music.  You heard me correctly.  My 5 year old failed music.  So we never have really high expectations when it comes to this guy and singing. :)


After the concert I said gee son it didn’t look like you were singing, it appeared like you were only moving your mouth.  He said “I wasn’t singing I was lip singing which is better than singing.”  I guess this guy has never heard of the term lip syncing. :)

So there you have it!  We made it through a year of violin and music!

Oh and did I mention that my son has signed up to play the sax next year!!!? :)

What’s your experience been like with your kids and musical instruments?


A Song Called ‘Mothers’

17 Feb

For Valentine’s Day my daughter, the poet, wrote me the most amazing song. She wrote it, then typed it so I’m leaving it with her grammar and spelling…

I’ve been waiting for u. To come and look at this tune You’re the best mother in the world. Let me talk to u about it.               

If it wasn’t for my mother . I wouldn’t have a brother. Think  about it carefully. I can trust u too.                                                     

All u do all day is wash and clean and spray. When I think about  u I start to cry deep deep down inside.                                             

But all this song really taught me was to keep on going this way. The messege I ment to send u was Happy Valentine’s Day 


She’s 8 years old, clearly with a soul that is much, much older…

I just love these handcrafted gifts and I’m already seeing them diminish slightly as they get older which is sad.

My son threw this together last-minute and when I said, “why no words?” He said, “a picture is specialer”.

photo (2)

Did you get any endearing V-Day gifts?

Down to the Wire and the Santa Lists Keep Pouring In…

24 Dec


I told my 6-year-old that everything is already in production but she insisted on leaving this for our elf.  It is the strangest list I’ve ever seen a child ask for with highlights including:

  • copy machine in color
  • pliers and tweezers for teeth
  • cast set with x-ray machine

This child of mine is a little, well different, but this list…whoa!

If you celebrate, hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

6 Year Old Holiday Wish

16 Dec

Her poster (hanging outside her class) says it all!!!


“Do You Want to Play Camping?”

26 Jul

Today was so beautiful and sunny and for me a warm welcome from the FRIGID fall like temperatures yesterday. We decided to take a break from swimming and use the break in the heat to play at home.

I have to say the kids did a great job entertaining themselves wonderfully with imaginative play. They concocted “camping” yesterday in between the rain and couldn’t wait to play again today. First thing this morning I heard them all buzzing “do you want to play camping?!” and they were outside at 8 a.m!

I’ve been a little lax with my blogging because I’ve been trying to be more present with them, with moments like these.


And then they ate their 212th Italian Ices of the summer!

IMG_2113 IMG_2114

Isn’t it great to see your children playing together?

American Girl Store Sojourn

25 Jun

So if you know me by now you know that I love summer, but I dislike more things, like crowded places that draw lots of children.  (oh there are many more on the list but I’ll save that for another day :) )It’s a struggle to be a parent who wants to make her kids happy, while also being somewhat of an antisocial introverted hermit who would prefer to lay around and read a book.

My kids may be the only ones in our town who have yet to visit Disney.  Oh the poor neglected imps!  The hubs and I loathe and dread the idea and most of our friends think we are crazy because the place is oh so fun which makes us feel like we might be crazy (how can an adult want to go that place, time and time again?!?). But I digress…

The girls, my girls, ages 7 and 6 have been BEGGING to go visit the American Girl Store since they got those darn dolls.  Seems like every little girl around here, by the time she is 5 or so, has a doll or wants a doll and most of them have some monumental visit to the store on the 5th or 6th birthday to pick out the doll or another and have a blast.

Well my neglected girls, shockingly, never did get those visits, though they did get the dolls, so I finally relented and planned the trip with a friend (whose daughter, my daughter’s BFF has been multiple times!) for right after school ended.

And for months and weeks the girls poured over the catalog and fantasized about the experience, while I dreaded it! But when the day finally got here, yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel excited for the girls who had awakened at 5:30 a.m. and dressed and were ready to trek into NYC for their experience.


We got a lot of sweet smiles from strangers in Penn Station and it was a reminder to me to continue to relish in the sweetness of these girls!


And truth be told I loved being with them.  My son was with his dad enjoying going to work with him.  I got to catch up with my friend while the girls buzzed about everything they AND their dolls were experiencing!


The food was not the greatest part of the day, but when the hostess said “how many dolls in your party?”, I did crack a smile!

“Feeding” the dolls was one highlight but definitely the major highlight of this experience was getting their hair styled and ears pierced.  Yes, you heard me right.  I paid real money for hair styles and ear piercings for dolls.  x2.  !!!!!!!!!!

IMG_1894 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898

The ladies styling the hair were so lovely.  They were a highlight for me in how they engaged the girls, got them talking about themselves and gave them tips for taking care of the dolls hair…really lovely ladies!  And the girls, well, they were beside themselves with the results!!!

Really truly all in all it was a super cute day despite all my grumbling and it was such a great opportunity for some family and friend bonding.

IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1904 IMG_1905

Today my daughter asked when we could go back.  I took a breath and said “not for many, many, many, weeks…”  She said “oh I’m SO GLAD you didn’t say months!” :)

Do you have any American Girl Store thoughts?  Are there any other cranky moms out there?

Hammer Time

15 Jun

If you have children, you know this time of the year, end of school, is often very hectic.  And add to that, the kids get a little haywire from the transition.

Lately we’ve been rushing around so much that it made me more able to appreciate a moment this morning.

Whenever the kids ask one of us what time it is, my husband and I, without fail, bellow, “HAMMER TIME!” and then we ALWAYS break into song.


This morning, when my son innocently asked the time, (they never seem to learn!) I responded appropriately which was followed by all 4 of us in unison screaming “U CAN’T TOUCH THIS!”.

I put on the video and everyone started dancing, followed by my son, innocently inquiring, “why is he wearing parachute pants?”

Love these moments :)

3 Years and 538 Blog Posts Later

10 May

Three years ago today my blog was born!!!

April'13 kids

I was always a journaler so this has been a great outlet for me to record some of the craziness associated with parenting 3 little curly-haired monkeys who are so close in age.  If I didn’t write some of this stuff down I would never believe it could have ever been said nor could I ever remember it down the road.  Like the other night when my 5-year-old, while we are in the car talking about nothing, says, “Mommy my bus driver has a golden tooth and all the rest of the teeth are yellow.”

She tells me she’s concerned he doesn’t brush his teeth :) and then goes on to tell me she’s the best tooth brusher AND nose blower in the house (and best nose picker, I add).

And on the topic of nose picking, that was one of my goals of this blog.  I set out to write my experiences in an honest way without any fakeness about the joy of parenting.  You know I love my kids but I think I’ve also made it clear how some days really suck.  And that’s okay.

Each time a blog year culminates I take the years worth of posts and convert them into a book.  So really, this blog is providing my family with volumes of our family history.

And if you’ve stuck around the whole time, or pop in here and there, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking in an interest in what I have to say.  Is there anything you want me to write about?  Have any questions for me?

Have a great weekend!

Bus Stop Limbo

26 Apr

This morning as we walked to the bus stop my 5 year old said, “My new favorite color is white because white makes everything twinkle like the snow.”

Something about that statement almost choked me up.


Then the three of them started playing limbo while waiting for the bus and it was too much.  I got teary eyed!

Oh I don’t know…I’m a little sleep deprived and sick…but I think it’s just sometimes I want to pause these moments…

It’s beautiful and sunny here.  Enjoy your day. :)


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