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Another Post About Shopping with the Kids

30 Apr

You would think now that my kids are little people, not babies, that shopping would have gotten a little bit easier than it was when I had to drag a double stroller and pull the shopping cart with the other baby in it.


I had to run to the market on Sunday and all 3 complained, I mean really complained like I was torturing them to death, that they had to come food shopping with me for the 5 ITEMS I needed.

When we arrived at the store all of them, at the age of 9, 9 and almost 8 years old, jumped into the shopping cart which resulted in me pushing 200 pounds of kids around, while they fought, with no room for food.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to throw those damn iPods in my bag. It quieted the fighting. But I still had to push around 200 pounds of child.

 Thanks goodness they’re cute. :)

So I Hear We’re Getting Some Snow

25 Jan

It doesn’t matter that we’re anticipating 3 feet of snow.  My little one was excited to play in 3 inches today.


And she was quite successful!

I don’t doubt we are expecting a lot of snow but I’m quite honestly exhausted from all the hysteria.

My Facebook feed is filled with all of the same images and rants.  Can’t. Take.  It.

So, I’m going to stare at this photo a bit to lighten my mood :)

If you’re in my neck of the woods, stay safe!


Celebrating Turning 9 Years Old

21 Nov


I just love that photo.  It’s my 9-year-old (as of today) twins getting sung to at Red Robin by 10 members of the wait staff.  We were all feeling a little kooky and punch drunk coming off of 5 hours at Great Wolf Lodge.  Yup you heard me.  Somehow the hubs and I got dragged back this year as a way of avoiding birthday parties.  I kinda of loathe that place.  But the kids….they can’t get enough.


And it’s 2 hours away which isn’t bad.  We spend one night and that’s our big birthday vacation celebration.  After Red Robin we went back for more “fun” and the next morning we were at it again at 9 a.m! Thank goodness Starbucks is in the building.  The wear and tear on mine and the hubs bodies is deep from this trip.  But, I must say the highlight was when the attendant at the hydroplunge ride looked at me and my 55 pound 9-year-old and said,

are you guys a minimum of 150 pounds together?

Um what?!  I don’t know who you are kid at Great Wold Lodge, but I LOVE YOU!

Back home and today is the official birthday which means we went out for hibachi tonight.  As we ate I thought about 9 years ago, and how I barely remember these guys.

Nonetheless it was a wonderful day.  I just wish it would all slow down!


Have a great weekend! (We are soccer free and loving it!)

Mom I Gave Back the Violin TODAY…Third Grade Spring Concert

10 Jun

That’s what my daughter exclaimed when she got off of the bus today.  She was delighted, FINALLY, that she made it through her year of the violin.

When she decided to sign up to take violin at the end of last year I was excited for her.  I started violin in the 4th grade and played through the 12th grade.  I asked if she knew I had played.  She said she had but that her choice had nothing to do with me.  I thought it was a nice choice actually because, though she is a tiny petite thing, she has beautiful long fingers…maybe that would give her an advantage…?!

For the first week or so she practiced a little and then, nothing. I’m sure you can imagine how it went from there.  As the weeks wore on she became very disenchanted and wanted to quit. The violin is tough after all!  I told her she could absolutely quit, but not until she completed the year.

Her complaints turned to anxiety as her spring concert approached…she would be on stage playing her violin in the orchestra.


Nightly cram sessions in pjs like this in the kitchen started happening. It was then I saw her really making an effort, but it was also too late at this point, only days before the concert! “I’ll just blend in” she wisely told me. :)

me playing the violin in elementary school!

me playing the violin in elementary school!

When the big day arrived I was excited to see both of my twins all dressed and ready to go. The 3rd graders also had prepared songs on their recorders.
IMG_7829My husband and I were actually a little nervous for my daughter when we arrived at the school for the concert!!! But when the orchestra appeared and I found my little peanut, my nerves diminished.  She looked so adorable, so mature, and very confident!


And she did it.

Her recorder was a breeze after that!


Next up was my little man.  When he was a kindergarten, I got a call from his music teacher basically giving me the heads up that he was failing music.  You heard me correctly.  My 5 year old failed music.  So we never have really high expectations when it comes to this guy and singing. :)


After the concert I said gee son it didn’t look like you were singing, it appeared like you were only moving your mouth.  He said “I wasn’t singing I was lip singing which is better than singing.”  I guess this guy has never heard of the term lip syncing. :)

So there you have it!  We made it through a year of violin and music!

Oh and did I mention that my son has signed up to play the sax next year!!!? :)

What’s your experience been like with your kids and musical instruments?


Winter Break Wrap Up

24 Feb

Well we seemed to be the only people on my town who weren’t at Disney or skiing so the only thing left to do this week was to make do with some local fun.

We finally saw Frozen.  Though I usually loathe sitting in a movie theater, especially sitting through a children’s movie, I have to say Frozen is absolutely adorable and like the rest of the world we are all singing the songs like deranged lunatics.  With me it’s just that one line that’s stuck, “do you want to build a snowman?” so now I’m manically singing to the kids “do you want to have a snaaa-aack?” or “do you want to go outsiiii-iiide?” You get it.


We also hit Chuck-E-Cheese.  I had the kids try to guess where we were going on the way over.  I said no matter where we go no tantrums okay?  They immediately guessed at that point!

When we arrived I bought 40 tokens and arranged for a delicious pizza to arrive in 30 minutes.  I warned the kids that I would not be buying more tokens and asked that they please not get upset when they ran out of tokens.

15 minutes later my son was flipping out on me about you guessed it….his lack of tokens!!!!!!!!!!

We walked around the mall one day and like a typical man my son got fed up with the shopping that was happening with me and the girls.  Are you seeing a theme here with who I can possible label as biggest troublemaker? :)

And my girls got haircuts.  This is a big event because I only take them like twice a year and when I do they get their curls all blown out which is super exciting for them ( I hate this but they insist.)



Next break is Florida and I can. not. wait!!!!!!!

How was your week?

Snow Is Not My Season

4 Feb

Well I do know that snow is not a season but you get the point.  My husband pointed out to me that I haven’t posted in a while and that’s my excuse.  Oh this weather…one freezing snowy day after another…I just don’t love it.

You’ll never hear me complain about heatwaves.  Sun is my season…the hotter the better.

So I’ve just been hibernating a bit and dragging myself to the gym when I can.

The kids, however, are unstoppable :).



with their buddy

with their buddy

How have you been faring this winter?

Superb Saturday

16 Nov

Soccer season ended last Saturday and we are delighted. We haven’t had a free Saturday in weeks and it’s wonderful! We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves today.


I love this photo of my little man drinking my green tea when it started getting so cold last week. Oh those blonde eye lashes…


In other news my little one has started losing teeth. Last night she was vigorously trying to shake out tooth number 2 and she begged my husband for some help. When he jokingly offered to get the pliers she said YES!


I posted this photo on Facebook and I think some of my friends are close to calling child protective services (which is ironic, because I’m a social worker as I’ve mentioned before).

Hope you have a great weekend!

“I Love Me”

6 Nov

My daughter, the one who enjoys writing and art, wrote a piece the other day called “Me”.get-attachment

It was so adorable in so many ways but by far, the best part for me was reading this line:


That one line brings me so much joy;  I love that she loves herself.  Now my wish is that her self-esteem remains where it is for the next 10 years at least. :)

Unity Day, Sigh

9 Oct
our town was awash in orange today

our town was awash in orange today–my 3 were no exception :)

Today was Unity Day in our school system all around. All students were asked to wear orange “to show their support and help those being harassed or bullied”.

Did you know that in my real life I am actually a practicing licensed clinical social worker?  So this kind of event should be right up my professional alley? But in reality, I find them cringe worthy and irritating.  For one thing the girls had no orange shirts so that meant I had to go purchase some.  Much more than that though is the overkill of this kind of day.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I am very anti-bullying and absolutely think it should be seriously addressed in the schools.  But do my 6 and 7 year olds have to spend a portion of the school day focusing on it?  Please, they need every precious minute possible trying to discern that common core curriculum.  (And by the way when I asked what they did today, my first grader said they read a book about bullying that she didn’t understand and the 3rd graders said they saw a movie and there was discussion.)

Sadly, there’s often a lot of pomp and circumstance when it comes to these things but then there’s my friend’s son who was terribly bullied last year in our district and she had tremendous difficulty getting a resolution despite following all of the appropriate channels and protocols.

When I tried to chit-chat about Unity Day at the bus stop, (where I already often at times feel like a pariah mom) I was schooled about how it’s important to have days like this “to heighten awareness”.  Well it’s interesting to read this article today, on the day of our Unity Day, which contends that not only are anti-bullying programs ineffective, but that they may be doing more harm than good.

Can you relate to my sentiments or do you want to school me as well?


Saying Good-bye to Saturdays (Fall Soccer Season Begins…)

14 Sep

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always super excited when any of my kids simply take an interest in a sport, being someone who lacks entirely in the athleticism department. Not only do the kids seem to love soccer, it appears that they really know what they are doing!  So naturally, I am just beside myself and in awe (as they fly around the field) that MY DNA is swirling around in those little bodies :)  It’s really cool watching them in action.

that's my little guy, the corner kicker!

that’s my little guy, the corner kicker!


That’s what makes it somewhat tolerable being on the soccer fields, all, yes all day, every Saturday until November. Little one played at 9. Her sister played at 11 and the big guy played at 2. He will also have an additional afternoon game starting next Saturday which will make our grand Saturday total of 4 GAMES per Saturday!

IMG_6573 IMG_6549 IMG_6531

For now they are happy, so I’m happy. I guess it beats fighting with each other!

Are you finding your weekends crowded with sports also now that fall is here?  We’ve got hockey up tomorrow…


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