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Winter Break Wrap Up

24 Feb

Well we seemed to be the only people on my town who weren’t at Disney or skiing so the only thing left to do this week was to make do with some local fun.

We finally saw Frozen.  Though I usually loathe sitting in a movie theater, especially sitting through a children’s movie, I have to say Frozen is absolutely adorable and like the rest of the world we are all singing the songs like deranged lunatics.  With me it’s just that one line that’s stuck, “do you want to build a snowman?” so now I’m manically singing to the kids “do you want to have a snaaa-aack?” or “do you want to go outsiiii-iiide?” You get it.


We also hit Chuck-E-Cheese.  I had the kids try to guess where we were going on the way over.  I said no matter where we go no tantrums okay?  They immediately guessed at that point!

When we arrived I bought 40 tokens and arranged for a delicious pizza to arrive in 30 minutes.  I warned the kids that I would not be buying more tokens and asked that they please not get upset when they ran out of tokens.

15 minutes later my son was flipping out on me about you guessed it….his lack of tokens!!!!!!!!!!

We walked around the mall one day and like a typical man my son got fed up with the shopping that was happening with me and the girls.  Are you seeing a theme here with who I can possible label as biggest troublemaker? :)

And my girls got haircuts.  This is a big event because I only take them like twice a year and when I do they get their curls all blown out which is super exciting for them ( I hate this but they insist.)



Next break is Florida and I can. not. wait!!!!!!!

How was your week?

Snow Is Not My Season

4 Feb

Well I do know that snow is not a season but you get the point.  My husband pointed out to me that I haven’t posted in a while and that’s my excuse.  Oh this weather…one freezing snowy day after another…I just don’t love it.

You’ll never hear me complain about heatwaves.  Sun is my season…the hotter the better.

So I’ve just been hibernating a bit and dragging myself to the gym when I can.

The kids, however, are unstoppable :).



with their buddy

with their buddy

How have you been faring this winter?

Superb Saturday

16 Nov

Soccer season ended last Saturday and we are delighted. We haven’t had a free Saturday in weeks and it’s wonderful! We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves today.


I love this photo of my little man drinking my green tea when it started getting so cold last week. Oh those blonde eye lashes…


In other news my little one has started losing teeth. Last night she was vigorously trying to shake out tooth number 2 and she begged my husband for some help. When he jokingly offered to get the pliers she said YES!


I posted this photo on Facebook and I think some of my friends are close to calling child protective services (which is ironic, because I’m a social worker as I’ve mentioned before).

Hope you have a great weekend!

“I Love Me”

6 Nov

My daughter, the one who enjoys writing and art, wrote a piece the other day called “Me”.get-attachment

It was so adorable in so many ways but by far, the best part for me was reading this line:


That one line brings me so much joy;  I love that she loves herself.  Now my wish is that her self-esteem remains where it is for the next 10 years at least. :)

Unity Day, Sigh

9 Oct
our town was awash in orange today

our town was awash in orange today–my 3 were no exception :)

Today was Unity Day in our school system all around. All students were asked to wear orange “to show their support and help those being harassed or bullied”.

Did you know that in my real life I am actually a practicing licensed clinical social worker?  So this kind of event should be right up my professional alley? But in reality, I find them cringe worthy and irritating.  For one thing the girls had no orange shirts so that meant I had to go purchase some.  Much more than that though is the overkill of this kind of day.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I am very anti-bullying and absolutely think it should be seriously addressed in the schools.  But do my 6 and 7 year olds have to spend a portion of the school day focusing on it?  Please, they need every precious minute possible trying to discern that common core curriculum.  (And by the way when I asked what they did today, my first grader said they read a book about bullying that she didn’t understand and the 3rd graders said they saw a movie and there was discussion.)

Sadly, there’s often a lot of pomp and circumstance when it comes to these things but then there’s my friend’s son who was terribly bullied last year in our district and she had tremendous difficulty getting a resolution despite following all of the appropriate channels and protocols.

When I tried to chit-chat about Unity Day at the bus stop, (where I already often at times feel like a pariah mom) I was schooled about how it’s important to have days like this “to heighten awareness”.  Well it’s interesting to read this article today, on the day of our Unity Day, which contends that not only are anti-bullying programs ineffective, but that they may be doing more harm than good.

Can you relate to my sentiments or do you want to school me as well?


Saying Good-bye to Saturdays (Fall Soccer Season Begins…)

14 Sep

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always super excited when any of my kids simply take an interest in a sport, being someone who lacks entirely in the athleticism department. Not only do the kids seem to love soccer, it appears that they really know what they are doing!  So naturally, I am just beside myself and in awe (as they fly around the field) that MY DNA is swirling around in those little bodies :)  It’s really cool watching them in action.

that's my little guy, the corner kicker!

that’s my little guy, the corner kicker!


That’s what makes it somewhat tolerable being on the soccer fields, all, yes all day, every Saturday until November. Little one played at 9. Her sister played at 11 and the big guy played at 2. He will also have an additional afternoon game starting next Saturday which will make our grand Saturday total of 4 GAMES per Saturday!

IMG_6573 IMG_6549 IMG_6531

For now they are happy, so I’m happy. I guess it beats fighting with each other!

Are you finding your weekends crowded with sports also now that fall is here?  We’ve got hockey up tomorrow…

Summer, My Favorite Season…OVER

1 Sep

I’ve been trying to squeeze in lots of pool and beach trips in the last week of summer. They’ve been great.

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

kids and their cousins enjoying the beach

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

eating our 1000th ice cream at the pool

boogie boarding

boogie boarding

But I always feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy as they days get darker early…confirmation that summer is over.
The kids have driven me a bit batty this summer but truth be told I have loved spending the time with them and I will miss them terribly on Tuesday morning. Good thing I will have my Starbucks girls to keep me company.
Meanwhile, while many are out partying tonight, this is what we were doing…

food shopping...this is how we roll...

food shopping…this is how we roll…

Enjoy the last day of the last summer weekend :(

Slow Down Precious Summer!

2 Aug

We got some new school backpacks yesterday so school is officially around the corner. On July 4th, as I sat at the pool with my husband, he said, “that’s it summer is going to fly from here.” He’s right! I blinked and it’s a month later!


We continue to have fun swimming everyday at our pool or the beach and I am just amazed at how fearless the kids are in the water.

We’ve also been exploring all the parks in the area.  I get wistful how they’ve mastered the monkey bars when I remember how I used to run from one teetering toddler to the next at different edges of the park.





They participated in a soccer clinic the other night for 2 hours which, no big shock here, was tons of fun for them.  It was a nice mini break for me and since my husband got home from work a tiny bit early we were able to run off and grab a quick bite to eat.


We are headed to the beach again today which makes me very happy.  How is your summer going?  I was speaking with someone last night who told me she couldn’t wait for it to end and I could barely process what she was saying…I could live summer all year-long. :)

Kids are At Soccer Camp and I’m the One Sweating

8 Jul

I enrolled all 3 of my children in soccer camp this week Mon Tues Wed and Thurs. They all enjoy soccer and the camp meets adjacent to our town pool where they are brought to cool off midday. They were all pretty agreeable and I’ve been looking forward to a little bit of time to myself without the kids in tow, fighting!

However, now that the day is here, I’m having hard a hard time dealing with their absence! Most of you probably think I’m pathetic. My friend just dropped her son, the same age as my son, at sleep away camp and she’s managing just fine. I, on the other hand, felt so guilt ridden, depositing my 3 fair-haired monkeys on a blazing hot soccer field this morning knowing they would be there for the next several hours. When I called my husband right after drop off he said “were they ONLY children on the field?!” I know he was trying to help.

I was happy to see them placed together at drop off!

I was happy to see them placed together at drop off!

All day I’ve been thinking…are they drinking enough? have they reapplied sunblock? are they happy?…instead of enjoying my “freedom”. I did go kickboxing and get some shopping done. But in all honesty I cannot wait to get them and I am hoping and praying they tell me they had a fabulous day.

Admittedly I tend to run more on the anxious side of life. How about you? Do you worry when your kids are in new situations or do you tend to look at things more positively?

Schoooool’s Out!

21 Jun

The kids had last day of school today on what is usually my favorite day of the entire year……….the first of my most favorite season in existence.  I shouldn’t even call it a last day because they only went for like an hour…which is mildy irritating.  They’ve already had 2 half days these week and they have been long days for me! We had been going to our town pool those days with minimal fighting so yesterday I decided to take them out to dinner.


They made it through the meal and then someone did something to someone else and before I knew it they were all on the floor punching each other. I literally pulled them all out there by limbs and hair and we looked like a massive ball of blonde hair and curls.  Mortifying.

Today, however, they were in great spirits for the last day of school.  Like I’ve done then past few years, I blasted some Alice Cooper while they ate breakfast to get them in the mood.  There was lots of excitement at the bus stop both going….and coming back an hour later!

IMG_1851 IMG_1853

When they got home it was only 9:30 so we decided to head to MY favorite place in the world on MY favorite day of the year.  Sure I live in one of the most congested, trafficky and high tax regions of the world, but what I absolutely love about it is that I am only about a 20 minute drive from beautiful and gorgeous beaches and if you know me at all by now you know I am 100% a summer lovin girl.  And hitting the beach on the first day of the summer…well it makes it all seem right somehow.

IMG_1854 IMG_1856 IMG_1857

The beach was amazing and I got great joy seeing the kids enjoy the waves fearlessly. Can’t believe I now have a brood of 1st and 3rd graders!


I’m assuming school is done everywhere by today…is that so where you are? Are your kids off the wall yet like mine?! :)


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