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Please Say Hello To Laura Ingalls Wilder

28 Jan

Today my little one had to do her biographical presentation.  Parents were instructed not to buy costumes and just to make a simple outfit from something at home.  She has the same wonderful teacher that my son had and I cannot believe it was 2 years ago that he had his presentation.  (Give that a click…it was then I recounted my 5th grade presentation as Amelia Earhart!)

I am DYING from the cuteness of my little one as Laura Ingalls Wilder and I can’t wait until she returns home from school to hear how it all went down.


I’d say we did well with the look huh?!

P.S  Are you like me and did you spend your entire childhood watching Little House on the Prairie?  I’m older than a lot of my mom friends and they have no clue about the wonders of this program.  I could talk about it for hours.  And some nights the hubs and I jump for joy when we find it on the Hallmark Channel and continue to get immense pleasure from it.  When he does find it he’ll shout out “Manly!”

P.P.S  Now that I’ve revealed this you probably think I’m more batsh*t crazy than ever and that I somehow influenced this choice of character for my daughter.  Nope!  What I love is that her big sister, an avid reader, who has read the books made the suggestion.  It was a great one.  :)

Back to School With Mabel’s Labels

7 Sep


So now that we’ve completed our first week of school we’ve had the weekend to recharge a bit and reflect upon the week. I’ve been contrasting how relaxed I feel today as compared to last Sunday as I scrambled to get all the last minute things done to get 3 children ready for school. Getting kids ready for school = needing lots of labels.

Enter Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels sells labels for all of your needs from babies to tweens to household labels and child safety labels.  The labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, water proof and UV resistant.

I received the Ultimate Back to School Combo which includes 40 skinny-minis ~ 50 Tag mates ~ 16 Shoe Labels ~ 2 Teeny Tags.  I was able to go on the website and personalize the label and choose the design and color.  (Because I have 3 kids I choose grays and blue with our last name.)  There are so many options!

Though my children are 7, 8 and 8 they still have trouble losing jackets and things so I am thrilled to be to utilize the Tag Mates to label all of their clothing and backpacks.  The labels are also great for the many water bottles we take to all of our sports practices that look like all the others on the field, because my attempts to label with a marker have failed! (Those insulated water bottles aren’t cheap!!!)

Mabel’s Labels has helped this household ease back into school. :)

You can find all of Mabel’s Labels products at   You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Sample provided for review

So Your Child is Starting School…Helpful Hints from a Kindergarten Teacher

2 Sep

Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy:

My sister wrote this awesome post as my now 3rd grade twins were entering kindergarten. It’s hard to believe we are now beyond kinde for my baby entering first grade! But it’s filled with such helpful information. Would you add anything?

Originally posted on :

My friends and I have all been anxiously texting, BBMing and emailing this weekend as we prepare for the first day of kindergarten on Tuesday.  My mania is high as ever.

I am so fortunate that my sister is a kindergarten teacher.  My friends and I plan to hire her as a support group leader (but she doesn’t know it yet!).

But in the meantime, she’s been nagged by me offered to share some wisdom with us right here; I’m very grateful!

Not a kindergarten parent?  The information will still be helpful, I promise…

It’s Labor Day weekend and you are anxiously awaiting your child’s first day of kindergarten.  Your child has had a couple of years of preschool, you’re finally done with the supply shopping, and you sort of feel ready.

I am a mom of 17 years and a kindergarten teacher. My own children are way past kindergarten…

View original 1,091 more words

World’s Best Mom…

11 May


“When she buys me toys”

This is reminiscent of my Valentine’s Day card! But either way, totally heart melting :)

I can look at this picture all day long and get continued pleasure from it!!!  The hands, the smiles…ahhhh!

I’ve gotten 80% of my Mother’s Day goods from the kids already because they were so excited.  I’m excited to get a little pampering on Sunday…think there’s any chance in hell of that happening!!? :)

Perler Bead Bash

13 Oct

If your kids like crafts than you might want to check out Perler Beads.

This is how I found my clan this morning…all of them working together with their beads.  You basically place them in a design on a grid.  An iron on both sides over wax paper fuses the beads together and it’s done.  I love it as it’s a nice quiet activity that helps the children wind down a bit.  Tons of fun for the kids…and dads too!

Have you ever seen them?

Love the Beach

15 Aug

One of the things I love most about where I live is the proximity to the beach.  In just twenty minutes I can be at some of the most beautiful beaches in NY.  Before children I would spend every summer weekend at the beach.  It’s always been the place where I feel most at peace, must be the Pisces in me!

So naturally once I had kids I couldn’t wait to take them to the beach and re experience some of my much-needed ocean tranquility.

I was deluded!  What kind of peace could I hope to acquire with a 1 year old and two  2 year olds at the ocean!!!  See my little guy holding his hand up?  He tried to manage without getting any sand to touch his skin!  I mean they looked cute and all experiencing it all for the first time but boy were they PIAs!

(I just had to post this picture because it may be the cutest one ever :) )

SO my hopes and dreams were dashed and I was beach less for a couple of years.

However, this summer we’ve gone a couple of times and it’s been great!  The girls are still playing together.

But now for longer and without as much fighting!

It was actually pretty monumental when I found myself relaxing!!!  Of course I had all eyes on them, but I was actually sitting…amazing!  My nephews were there too so the kids were in heaven, especially after they all got ice cream…

Oh it was such a great time, and the best part is that I see the kids loving the beach as much as I do. :)

Do you take your kids to the beach?

Clearly, This Child Is Not Fed Enough…

25 Dec

For all who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

An Affair to Remember

16 Nov

I’ve said good-bye to my constant companions for the past 27 years.  Not a day went by without them, and over the years I spent a lot of money on their maintenance and care.  They were essential to my functioning, in fact, I couldn’t even get out of bed without them…….

My contact lenses….they’ve all been tossed in the garbage.  And exactly one week from today I will say goodbye to their partner, my glasses, in the same fashion.

Hello laser, we have a date very soon!

It’s intriguing to me because how many surgeries are there where the individual looks forward to it excitedly and feels free to tell everyone in sight.  It’s not like you hear people saying, hey guess what I’m having my gallbladder removed next week…can’t wait!  Yeah there are enhancement surgeries but do people really converse about the upcoming tummy tuck?

For those of you who are familiar with corrective laser eye surgery, I will be having PRK, not LASIK.  If you are interested in learning about the differences, click here.

My first challenge will be to get through this week donning glasses (contact removal a week prior to the procedure is a requirement).  Contact wearers you know how it is trying to wear your glasses full-time.  Aside from how superficially displeased I am with how I look in them, in addition to many unpleasant memories of being a “4 eyed” kid, my vision is so much less in them than in contacts.

But I’m really trying to experience every moment of my last week of visual impairment with appreciation.  I’m thankful that I have a wonderful option ahead…an option that will be become reality Thanksgiving week!

Have any of you experienced LASIK or PRK?

Notes From a Babysitter

22 Oct

Two late afternoons per week I am graced with the presence of my lovely and fabulous babysitter.  When I am not working during that time, I tackle appointments, errands, individual kid activities, etc.

Earlier this week I had to take one kid to the doctor and when I came back I dropped her off and got my husband from the train station.  Then we headed out to look for some tables for the living room.

Although I have complete faith in my sitter, I do like to check in with her when I can because afternoon into early evening can be very witchy ( I love that my spell check couldn’t find witchy and wanted me to use bitchy which actually seems to be a more appropriate adjective to describe the scene)  in our house.  This is the actual response I got back from her…

no guys do what you need to do…the storm has past now anyway…you guys really “dodged a bullet” tonight…the girls both decided to fall off the deep end tonight at the same time…I had the little one crying because she didn’t get dessert for throwing the leapster against the wall, she continued to cry because she didn’t want a bath…then the big girl began crying because she wanted a bath and wasn’t getting one…so I had the little one in the bathroom crying and the big girl lying on the hallway floor also crying and poor big guy, the new found voice of reason, trying to calm down his two hysterical sisters…I put the little one to bed first immediately after bath, her feet literally didn’t get to touch the ground as I carried her straight into her room, still crying of course…then I had to wrangle the big girl into her room because she thought she didn’t need to go to bed even though she was still in hysterics…with much resistance, 5 attempts to get out of bed and
a threat from me to confiscate most of her belongings to bring back to my house, she finally gave in and went to sleep…big guy was allowed to sneak out of bed to watch some TV because he was the bestest tonight,but only if he promised to be quiet because I needed to make the big girl believe that he went to bed at the same everyone is in..whew..all in a days work!

Doesn’t she seem awesome?!



The Poor Child…

25 Aug

He can’t even have a good old face in the kitchen floor tantrum without his crazy mom snapping a picture!


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