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The Importance of Kid Free Time

10 Aug

My husband and I just got back from 36 hours away from our kids.  We traveled to a spa just a few hours away with our good friends. We spent 90% of the time in the plush robes from the spa where we got massages, jacuzzi, steam and sauna time, had tea and scones and wine and cheese and wonderful meals outdoors surrounded by nature.  At night we let loose a little and went to a nearby casino which was also a treat and something we rarely do.  I felt so sleepy throughout the events and my friend commented, “because you’re SO relaxed.”

And it’s true.  My twins are almost 10 years and this is only the third time we’ve had a night away like this without the kids.  It’s not that I’m a crazy, helicopter mom who can’t leave her kids.  It’s just really hard to find someone willing to watch twin infants, babies or toddlers or then twins toddlers PLUS an infant!

We got so used to not going away without them, that, now that they are older, we sort of stopped trying…until this trip.

It was so fun and really relaxing…a very special treat.

But here’s the cool part.  When we came back…….and the kids were way excited for our return, as we were happy to see them as well… little one said,

Mommy…you seem…like nicer!

And then my other daughter said,

Yeah you do seem different…very relaxed….

So clearly this is evidence that some rejuvenation for me has a wonderful and positive impact on the kids.  This is an important piece for me to keep in mind.

How about you…do you ever get time away from your kid(s)?

Roasting Marshmallows…Inside the House!

22 May

We saw those giant marshmallows in BJs tonight and the kids went craaazy.

When we got home they were begging to roast them ASAP.  But at 8:00 on a Friday night there wasn’t anyway we were about to start a bonfire.

So, I ingeniously just turned on the pilot on the stove and there were…roasting marshmallows!

Not that my kids needed any more sugar tonight!

What are some cool mom/dad tricks you utilize to utterly thrill your children?

Braving Black Friday

30 Nov

Keep me away from crowds!  I think people who go out on Black Friday are completely nuts.  I do 90% of my shopping year round online. But when my son was running around the house talking about this one dumb toy he wants that I know will self destruct 5 minutes after it comes out of the plastic (that takes 25 minutes to tear apart…you know what I’m talking about!!!) I looked online and found those awful words…OUT OF STOCK ONLINE.

zero gravity laser at Target - Mozilla Firefox 11302014 102721 AM.bmp

The toy was well stocked in the store according to the online info and the Black Friday deal was $14.00 less than the regular price (not indicated in that photo).  I told the hubs I was setting out for Target at noon on Black Friday and he feared for my life.  But off I went.  There was a lot of traffic but admittedly I took a bad road. I made a mental note to go home a different way.

I planned to park anywhere I could find, as far away as I could find, but as I pulled in I found a sneaky spot up front and I just knew luck was with me.

When I entered the store it was a bit of a circus but I went right for the toys.  My plan was only to get the toy, and a chai tea latte, and leave.  No distractions!  A very nice employee directed me to the item right at the end of an aisle.  There were loads of them.  I snatched one.  I waited on line for about 5 minutes.

I rewarded myself with my Starbucks tea and then drove far away………..until I return on Monday, that is. :)  The things we do for a few bucks! The things we do for our kids!

Did you score any Black Friday deals?

Stuck in the Auto Body Shop or Tips For Getting Through Boring Appointments With Kids

6 Nov

Tuesday was Election Day, the kids had off from school.  I’m not a big scheduler on these days off because the kids have such hectic schedules altogether and I believe they need a nice day off (i.e I didn’t take advantage of the Girl Scout bowling trip or the various camps being offered for the day).  However, I do try to plan some fun for the four of us and what that usually involves is a discussion leading up to the day and a decision about what will make everyone happy.  We had decided to to head to my parents over 55 community to go swimming and that was an easy great idea.

But when I got to my car I found an alert light on and the plans had to be aborted for a moment.  Of all days!  I’m a freak about safety when it comes to the kids.  The last thing I need is to be broken down with them in the car so I told them we needed to head into the auto body shop for a quick check.  I made it very clear that it was tight in that little waiting room and they needed to not fight, wait patiently, and keep occupied.  But, if they could do it, I would take them to Wendy’s afterward, followed by the fun afternoon of swimming.


Everyone who came into the place looked at these 3 and smiled or laughed. :)
They were great, and it’s not because they are great kids.

Here’s why it worked:
1-Communication–I made it clear what was happening BEFORE we got to our destination.
2-Expectations–I made it clear what I expected in terms of their behavior.
3-Distraction–I made sure they had enough things to keep them busy.
4-Rewards!–I told them I would be happy to take them to Wendy’s (their choice) when we were through.

30 pleasant minutes later with one nail removed from my tire we drove off to a nice lunch and a great day of swimming!
How do you manage when your child/ren have to tag along to your boring appointments?

A Story About Expectations and Being A Kid

17 Oct

My son is playing on a travel ice hockey team.  Most of the time my husband and I are split up managing the kids and the activities and I’m not able to see him play. But last month I was excited that we “traveled” as a family to nearby Queens to watch him play.


I actually felt a bit anxious as the moments got closer to the game, and busied myself snapping away photos…what I do always!


When we got home I was taken by one photo in particular and asked my son about it.


“This was right before you went on the ice” I said to him, “were you nervous about the game?”  He said, “No mommy, I was just staring at the Zamboni.”

He wasn’t nervous!  I was nervous!  Hockey is his passion.  It’s about having fun.  So here I was projecting my adult feelings about the game onto him when he was just being a child, being mystified about the big truck on the ice. :)

What a great lesson for me!  I want to look at this photo forever, slow down time, and remember that he’s still my little boy. :)


Microwave Fudge

9 Jun

Need a quick dessert?

My buddy posted this recipe on Facebook last night and it was perfect timing.  I have to bring a dessert to work and it’s pouring out so I don’t feel like shopping.  But with this easy and simple recipe I already have all of the ingredients…total prep and cook time is 5 minutes and it is ready in 15 minutes!!!

I cut the pieces nice and small because the fudge is sooo rich!

I cut the pieces nice and small because the fudge is sooo rich!

4 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Directions:  In a microwave safe bowl, stir together confectioners’ sugar and cocoa. Pour milk over mixture and place butter in bowl. Do not mix. Microwave until butter is melted, 2 minutes. Stir in vanilla and stir vigorously until smooth. Pour into prepared 9×9 dish. Chill in freezer 10 minutes before cutting into squares.

Tips: Mix up the sugar and cocoa well to avoid lumps. I lined the prepared dish with aluminum foil to make it easier to remove the fudge.  I also kept it in longer than 10 minutes!

This recipe could not be easier! It’s a keeper :)

Kiss My Face New Sun Care for 2014

22 Apr

I’ve been posting about the fact that we just got back from Florida where, though, I LOVE it, I’m always concerned about how to protect my little fair-haired beauties from the sun!!!


I had an opportunity to test out some of the sun care products from Kiss My Face and was pleased! First off we’ve hit a milestone in this family because the kids are able to pretty much apply their own sunblock and then help one another.

Kiss My Face has introduced a new any angle Air Powered Spray™ that delivers sunscreen without the use of chemical propellants…ideal for hard to reach areas, like behind the legs.  With the new Kiss My Face Kids Sun Care Collection, kids can protect their skin all summer long with formulas that effectively block harmful UV rays with the use of Antioxidant Defenders™ that are free of parabens, oxybenzone and artificial fragrances.  Whether mastering the biggest cannonball or setting up shops for the best lemonade stand, summer’s possibilities are endless thanks to Kiss My Face.


Kiss My Face Kids Defense™ with Air Powered Spray™ SPF 50

  • Quick and easy application for hard to reach places with any angle Air Powered Spray™
  • Formulated with a unique blend of Antioxidant Defenders™ for advanced protection
  • $16.99 for 6 oz

 Kiss My Face Kids Defense™ Mineral SPF 30

  • Natural mineral sunscreen with Antioxidant Defenders™ for extra fun in the sun
  • Gluten free and biodegradable
  • $14.99 for 4 oz

 Cool Sport™ with Any Angle Air Powered Spray™ SPF 50

  • Provides fast drying, any angle  Air Powered Spray™ protection
  • Combines a blend of Antioxidant Defenders™ including chamomile, Vitamins C and E, with aloe and cucumber to instantly hydrate and cool skin
  • $16.99 for 6 oz

I was surprised at the ease at which the kids were able to apply the sunblock and the protection in the hot Florida sun was great.  And I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for products with more protection and fewer chemicals!

Kiss My Face products are available at Whole Foods, Natural Supermarkets, and natural thinking retailers nationwide. 

Samples provided for review


Do You Coupon?

19 Jan

I love the idea of saving money but couponing is not entirely appealing to me because I lack the time, patience and organization. So to make it doable I have a low-key way if couponing. Essentially I coupon only at CVS and occasionally Target when I see a deal I can’t pass up.*

I’ve been running to CVS every Sunday after I get the coupons from the paper and I shop solely based on the ECB (extra care bucks) specials of the week. When I get home my husband gets so excited with the stash. And yes we now have quite the stash of shampoo, cold medicine, deodorant, lotion, Chapstick, and feminine products! He has it all organized in our basement in preparation for the apocalypse 😉.  Seriously though, he thinks it is amazing and urged me to blog about it.

Here is Sundays’s haul.


I purchased all of this for around 7 bucks.  Wanna know how?

First you’ll have to get yourself a free ExtraCare card at CVS and delivery of your Sunday paper for coupons.  On your first shopping trip you’ll make an initial investment of about 20 bucks or so because you won’t have any ECBs to spend.  Moving forward you will have them for each trip.  Before you head out you’ll want to check out the CVS circular, your Sunday coupons AND sites that can help you cheat like Living Rich with Coupons and Passion for Savings. These sites literally zero in on the best deals and can generate a list that you take right to the store.  And they do these for every store that exists if you really want to go crazy!

Only purchase items that are on sale and which will generate ECBs.  All of the above items did and I had coupons for all of them except the lip balm and milk.  I also used  ECBs from last weeks trip.  Though I spent around 7 bucks I made 11 ECBs so really you can’t go wrong!

Do you think I’m absolutely nuts at this point or are you a crazy couponer too?!

*Target deal from last week was 2 Children’s Triaminic cold medicines for 10 dollars.  I had 2 coupons…one for 5 off and one for 3 off two bottles and then Target was running a promotion for 5 dollar gift card when you buy 2 bottles.  It was a money-maker for me!

New Year Means New Goals–Some Tips

8 Jan

It’s that annoying time of year for us regular gym goers when the parking lot becomes mobbed and the gym gets a little more crowded. By February the crowds seem to wane, with resolutions already falling to the wayside.

It’s gotten me thinking a lot about this whole resolution thing which is really goal setting in general. There’s my husband, who when I asked him on New Year’s what his resolutions were, said, “I don’t need a special day to make resolutions!”

I have a lot of limitations, but once I set my goals I’m pretty good at getting them done. For me, it’s the setting part that’s the hardest. Take the gym for example. I wouldn’t even go tour the one I was going to join (I could barely even think about it either) until I felt I was READY to join because I have the personality that is once I start something I MUST FINISH (or I simply don’t start).

I went to grad school right after college while some of my friends took a break before going to grad school. I did it this way because I knew that if I didn’t go straight through I never would go at all.

Where am I going with this?

When YOU think about setting goals for yourself consider who you are and what is really attainable for YOU.

In terms of the goal you set, make it: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, trackable.

Think about: WHAT you want to accomplish, WHEN you want to accomplish it, WHERE you want to accomplish it, WHO may be involved in helping you, HOW you are going to reach it, WHY you want to accomplish it.

As an example…we all hear people say “I’m going to get healthier in the new year.”  This is a wish.  Some goals based on this wish could look something like this:

I am going to eliminate all soda from my diet and replace it with water.  I am going to walk 20 minutes/day 2-3 week and I’ll ask my buddy to join me.  I’m going to fully commit to this for one month because my health is most important.  I’m setting a great example for my children.  At the end of the month I will evaluate my progress and set new goals for February.

What are YOU hoping to accomplish this year?

Reading Time

29 Sep


Over the past couple of weeks I attended all three kids back to school nights.  One of the messages that came across loudly is how important and how much reading needs to be happening on a regular basis.  So, we’ve really been trying to make it a daily routine in the house…after homework, after dinner, after all activities and sometime before bed.  It’s almost a bigger challenge to accomplish than homework, but once the kids settle into it, they look so cute!

Do you have any tricks to get your kids reading on a regular basis?


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