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All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!

8 Apr

Okay I know it’s a little much with the teeth but I just had to post the update.


And once again it came out at school which just added to the excitement!

It’s a little sad how the missing teeth changes the appearance right?

Someone is Losing Some Teeth Over Here

6 Apr

First we had two loose teeth:


Then we had one finally fall out at school:


Now the other one has shifted over and is hanging by a thread:


And she yanks and she yanks!

IMG_3418 IMG_3421

And sometimes dad does too!


It’s all very exciting for this 6-year-old…………… :)

In the meantime, I pulled out my son’s tooth and thought I was so masterful at this parental task…I suck.  I can’t for the life of me pull this one out.  How many of you have succeeded at pulling out your kids teeth?



The Sports Store

25 Mar

On Sunday we went shopping for cleats.  With all 3 kids in soccer, it feels like we shop for cleats every other month, yet we always have one thousand pairs at home that don’t fit anyone, sigh.  I don’t know what it is about the sports store (and I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about) but it holds universal appeal for kids once they hit about age 5 and suddenly, it seems, sporting goods, sports apparel for any and all sports, and exercise equipment become must have items from their perspective!



3 pairs of cleats later we made it out safe and sound but I’ve realized  it’s basically it’s not safe to shop in any store when kids are involved  :)

The Death of a Friend

18 Mar


Today I attended the funeral of a friend who died too young.  He attended school with my husband, though he was a couple of grades behind him.

It was much more painful than I had anticipated, sitting through the service, and ultimately the burial.  The message that the priest kept reiterating over and over was that though we are in pain, he is at peace.  It has me thinking about this Buddhist saying that I remember from years ago:

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices.
When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.

My heart is heavy.  I hope the priest is right.
Squeeze your loved ones tight today.

A Happy V Day To You

14 Feb

My most precious jewels!❤️❤️❤️

Happy 2014

1 Jan

I hope you are having a great New Year’s Day.


Thanks for following along with our adventures day after crazy day.

Here’s to a healthy and wonderful 2014!

So Many Holiday Shows!

12 Dec

Yesterday my little one had her Winter Festival. It doesn’t feel like it was 3 whole years ago her twins siblings had their kindergarten winter festival in the school, and then their first grade one. And then of course last year it was hard to believe I was sitting in my baby’s kindergarten winter festival and now here we are and this is the last winter festival I will be attending.

I arrived 45 minutes early for a front row seat to soak up every glorious moment.

One of the many highlights was when she played the glockenspiel :)


Now a few weeks back my 3rd graders also got to participate in shows of their own…Thanksgiving shows. So half the third grade classes performed at 9:00 and the other half at 10:15 and you guessed it…I had one twin in each cluster so we watched the same 3 plays twice and ironically my twins each performed the same play!

But, they were adorable! Both the pilgrim…
and the Native American!

Have you been attending some amazing performances too!?

Can You Imagine Being Married for 55 Years?

7 Dec


Well these guys are as of today.

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad!!!


Twins Turn 8 and Parties Offically Come to An End

27 Nov

Last week my twins celebrated another birthday.  It doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since they turned 7!!!

I had told them last year that in third grade we would be stopping the big bashes. Fall birthdays are rough as the friendships are still new…I’m over inviting half the class but if they just invite a few friends to a little celebration I worry about feelings being hurt. And the stress is all magnified times two…so…


In lieu of parties we did a quick overnight to Great Germ Wolf Lodge because my kids cannot get enough of that place.  The good news is that it was a great time to go as it was empty but the bad news was that I couldn’t breathe and my asthma kicked up bad this time in there. Because it was so empty we rode on every ride one thousand and one times. (It was a great time to go but honestly I don’t know that I’m ever able to return…my breathing was that bad…)

Both coming and going we stopped at Cracker Barrel restaurant because we don’t have any around here and it’s now part of our GW Lodge routine.  I really love those Chicken N Dumplins and the kids of course just love to go crazy in that store. I got a lot of good ideas for holiday gifts for the kids.


On the actual birthday, one twin’s teacher allowed me to visit, the other allowed instructed me only to send in treats. My daughter wanted those number custom 8 Dunkin Donuts because “no one does cupcakes in 3rd grade MOM”. I did have loads of fun visiting my son in his classroom. We played a game and then I made sure to embarrass him by showing all his classmates this adorable baby picture!


That night we did our birthday tradition of going out for Japanese hibatchi…it’s always a lot of fun.


I’m still getting a little choked up looking at the baby picture….how does time seem to moving faster as they get older?


24 Nov

Early this morning I awoke to fire trucks which sounded too close for comfort. As I mentally tried to will my body out of my bed to check out my street I heard vigorously knocking on my door and the doorbell ringing. So frightening.  I alerted my husband.  He, not being awake and clear, told me to call 911 of which I responded, it is 911!

In reality, it was our neighbors across the street of our little cul-de-sac. Moments before they were urgently instructed by firefighters to evacuate their home as right next to them the house was engulfed in flames.

In the early, early hours of this morning we all watched our friend’s home in a losing battle to a vicious fire. It is very windy here and every little blazing ember that found its way over to my property was stared down. The damage was contained to just the one home. And just like that, our friends have no more home.


Today, I was planning on stressing a little over my hosting responsibilities for Thanksgiving.  Instead, I plan on keeping my friends in the forefront of all my thoughts. I’m going to think of them and send warm thoughts when I find myself stressing over something trivial.  I’m going to focus on all of the phone calls and texts and emails we have received this morning inquiring about our safety.

(Apologies for the poor writing.  I’m so tired and so distressed.)



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