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My Little Leprechaun

21 Mar


My 2nd grader is so lucky to have the same teacher that my son had two years ago.  Every year it seems she puts on a little St Patrick’s Day Play in the classroom and invites the parents to come watch.  It’s really a pleasure because as the kids get older there are fewer and fewer invitations to the classroom for anything.

I watched my peanut with such delight and couldn’t believe two whole years have passed since I sat in the same spot, watching the same play with my son as a star.  Truly the time is going way too fast and it does kill me sometimes.

I’m so grateful to have these opportunities to see my children so happy in their school activities…with teachers who are so wonderful.  But how can I slow down time?!

It’s Twin Thing

12 Feb

My 9-year-old twins are a little like a little married couple.  They fight hard.  They love harder.  But what I sometimes find amusing is that they literally cannot keep their hands off each other.  And really, I think it has to be related to those 9 months together in my womb.  Think about it.  They were squished all over each other for all of those days and there must be a memory of that and a primal need for them to be close now still.

11 weeks

11 weeks


20 months

20 months


9 years old

9 years old

I am sold on the twin bond.  I’ve seen it every day for the past 9 plus years and it’s there.  That’s not to say that these two don’t go at it like crazy, but there’s a real bond on a level that may not even be one that I can fully comprehend.

And I absolutely love it! :)

Anyone else want to share twin observations?





Our Snow Mountain

27 Jan

What a delight today has been having the whole family home safe and together on a Tuesday to play in the snow!!!

We got dumped with about a foot of snow.  The thing that makes it extra exciting for my kids is that we live on a dead-end so when my street gets plowed (and it takes some time!) the snow is all piled into the middle…what becomes our snow mountain!

IMG_5006 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_4991

They spend a good chunk of time scaling that mountain and sledding down it. It’s great entertainment and we don’t have to go anywhere to get it!


I love days like today!  Did you get today off too?

Love A Long Weekend

20 Jan

This is what our day off looked like, earlier in the week, on MLK Day……….


I keep telling my boy he has to take it easy on the girls.  But meanwhile my little peanut who is 100% muscle pummels him and everyone in the house so it’s quite a double standard!

With hockey on my little man’s mind constantly he always  tells me matter of factually he is simply “body checking”….when there isn’t a puck in site!  I’m hitting a stage where there’s always an answer for everything…tweens.

But I truly do love a day off with the kids and when they are rolling on the floor that’s my signal that it’s time to change scenery and burn some energy.


“Look mom take a picture!”


So we went swimming!

Many of the families we know went skiing over the long weekend…did you do anything fun?

First Snow of 2015

6 Jan

I love that my kids still get excited about the snow.  They raced off the bus and had motivation to complete their homework in a hurry…SNOW!


All the while, I was remembering this day in 1996.  It was a blizzard, and though it was Saturday I was working, in the psych ER of Bellevue Hospital Center in NYC of all places.  When my shift was over , the scenery was surreal.  I couldn’t tell what was street and what was sidewalk.  It was actually beautiful.  My husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) was given Broadway tickets for that night by someone who couldn’t get into the city.  It was a fun night….19 years ago!

How’s the weather by you? Do you remember the blizzard of ’96?


Happy 2015

1 Jan


The holidays swallowed me up these past few weeks, but it’s been nice.  One of the gifts I received was a Kindle to replace my broken one.  It’s just a basic Kindle because I find my iPad is heavy to read with and as some of you probably know, you cannot read in sunlight with an iPad; I’m already daydreaming about summer!

I’ve always been an avid reader but having kids has at times derailed me from that love.  However, this past couple of weeks, when it’s been quiet, instead of being on HERE…i.e…Facebook, WordPress, Instagram or other time sucks…I’ve been reading and it has been really great.  I finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I am well into Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  I’ve mentioned that I’m a library lover so I rarely even buy books.  I love that you can loan books on the Kindle.

It’s been great to be really reading again and that’s what I’ve decided I want to do more of in 2015.  I have a couple of other intentions for myself but I’m going to keep them private. :)

Are you reading anything right now?  Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

If I go quiet again on here you’ll know where to find me….in my Kindle :)

One Party Through the Years

13 Dec

We went to a children’s Christmas party that we attend annually and it’s through this party I really see the my kids aging….sob!  When they were so young it was labor intensive for me at this party, chasing them around, making sure they ate.  We would often have to leave BEFORE Santa arrived as my daughter was deathly afraid!   Fast forward a bit and my husband and started to be able to sit back and enjoy our meals while the kids enjoyed the face painting, cookie decorating, dancing, and the delight of Santa.

This year?  As we geared up I was so excited…the Christmas party is coming up I would declare as it got closer………and shoulders would shrug with barely a smile!  I mean, they do all still believe in Santa THANK GOODNESS! But, I can see they are just getting over it all bit.

dec 028-1

December 2010

December 2011

December 2011

December 2012

December 2012

December 2013

December 2013

December 2014

December 2014

They are so grown up!


Happy 56th Anniversary to My Parents!!!

7 Dec


I don’t know….it seems like the longer they are married the younger they look!

I just talked to them and my dad said “you know you don’t meet a lot of people who are married this long…” :)  It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?


Celebrating Turning 9 Years Old

21 Nov


I just love that photo.  It’s my 9-year-old (as of today) twins getting sung to at Red Robin by 10 members of the wait staff.  We were all feeling a little kooky and punch drunk coming off of 5 hours at Great Wolf Lodge.  Yup you heard me.  Somehow the hubs and I got dragged back this year as a way of avoiding birthday parties.  I kinda of loathe that place.  But the kids….they can’t get enough.


And it’s 2 hours away which isn’t bad.  We spend one night and that’s our big birthday vacation celebration.  After Red Robin we went back for more “fun” and the next morning we were at it again at 9 a.m! Thank goodness Starbucks is in the building.  The wear and tear on mine and the hubs bodies is deep from this trip.  But, I must say the highlight was when the attendant at the hydroplunge ride looked at me and my 55 pound 9-year-old and said,

are you guys a minimum of 150 pounds together?

Um what?!  I don’t know who you are kid at Great Wold Lodge, but I LOVE YOU!

Back home and today is the official birthday which means we went out for hibachi tonight.  As we ate I thought about 9 years ago, and how I barely remember these guys.

Nonetheless it was a wonderful day.  I just wish it would all slow down!


Have a great weekend! (We are soccer free and loving it!)

Wearing A Costume

30 Oct

A couple of Saturdays ago my husband and I had a Halloween party to attend…costumes mandatory.  For most people, like my husband, this is an opportunity to have fun and do something that he loves to do, dress up.  For someone more introverted like me, this invitation initially made me groan and shudder.

SO, I’ll back it up a bit.  My husband starts growing his beard around August every year in anticipation of Halloween to don one of his two costumes….a Barbarian or a Bavarian.  He will dress up regardless of whether of not we are invited to a party.  He will dress up to simply trick or treat with the kids, or show up at my parents over 55 community Halloween party, or just to walk around town.  I love this about him. I have the matching Barbarian costume but it’s been worn several times so I went in search of a matching Bavarian costume this year.

I found one but wow it seems all costumes are made in a very revealing fashion.  I tried it on at the Spirit Costume store and pleaded with the 20-year-old sales girl to give me an honest opinion about whether or not my 43-year-old body could pull this off.  She said I could.  I still decided to wear shorts underneath so nothing would sneak out. :)

And this was our final look as a Bavarian couple right before we took off to the party.


I still wasn’t convinced.

But we got to our darkly lit Halloween party where we saw so many fun costumes and unrecognizable friends.  We laughed so much.  It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.  And I realized there’s something to this costume party thing.  Dressing up adds a different element of amusement and inhibition to a party.

Do you wear a costume for Halloween?



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