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Good Times At #MuppetsMostWanted Movie Advance Screening This Morning

15 Mar

The Muppets are back!


Though the Muppets came out with a movie in 2011, I can honestly say that the last time I have watched anything Muppets was probably around 1981.  So, when I was given the opportunity to attend the screening of Muppets Most Wanted with my children I jumped on it.  I immediately began to school them on all of my favorite characters and we had a blast looking through the thousands of videos available on YouTube.


“This film takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine-the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit-and his dastardly sidekick Dominic.”

What a complete joy it was for me to enjoy the same cast of characters today, with my kids, that I enjoyed so may years ago as a child.  The characters are just as lovable and endearing and once again the Muppets have produced some great songs.  I was completely floored with the number of superstars that were popping up in scene after scene…cameos everywhere……Selena Gomez, Celene Dion, Usher, and of course my daughter noticed Ross Lynch :) ….just to name a few.  Ray Liotta has a small part and I adore him.  The movie is packed with all-stars which I found surprising for a children’s movie.

I’m not going to lie to you.  I don’t take my kids to the movies a lot because I can’t tolerate sitting through a children’s movie.  But Muppets Most Wanted is really a movie we all enjoyed, and, maybe I’m hormonal or something, but, I even got a little choked up towards the end. :)  We loved it and only wish my favorite, Beaker, had more screen time!

Muppets Most Wanted in theaters Friday!

Who’s your favorite Muppet?! :)


Princess House Cookin’ Kids™ Collection Review and Giveaway–ENTER TO WIN

24 Dec

I’ve been talking lately about holiday traditions with the kids. I think we have officially started a new one…baking holiday cookies.

Yesterday was rainy and dreary and the kids first official day of winter break. I had an opportunity to review the Princess House Cookin’ Kids™ Collection and it was a perfect day for it. The kids were so excited when I showed them the kitchen tools that were made especially for them and perfect for creating our cookies.

IMG_7177 IMG_7178 IMG_7180

The Cookin’ Kids Collection offers real working tools designed to be used safely by small hands. The perfect excuse to spend quality time with the kids! Some key components:

· Built-in rests keep tools elevated to minimize mess.

· Aprons have pockets to hold tools and adjustable neck and waist straps.

· Mixing Bowl has clearly marked measurements inside.

· All of our Cookin’ Kids™ products have been designed for children ages 8 and up

Initially just the girls were in on the action but once my too cool son saw how much fun we were having he wanted in on it!

IMG_7186 IMG_7182

The tools are top-quality stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, stain- and odor-resistant and silicone, melamine, 100% cotton.  It’s a good thing my daughter had on that cute apron because when we were done she was covered with flour!

I let the kids have free reign with the design and look of the cookies…they used the wonderful holiday cookie cutters and then designed them as they pleased….so….here are our holiday cookies…

and I love them!

and I love them!

Princess House would like to offer one Cookin’ Kids collection” prize pack to one Just Another Manic Mommy reader!!!  The pack includes: a whisk, spoon, spatula, mixing bowl, apron, holiday cookie cutter and stencil set, and oven mitt.

Each of the following will earn an entry:

  1. Check out Princess House Cookin’ Kids™ Collection and leave a comment here about why your kid would love it!
  2. Became a fan of Just Another Manic Mommy on Facebook, post on the wall about this giveaway, and leave a comment here stating it.
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  4. Became a fan of Princess House on Facebook, post on the wall about this giveaway, and leave a comment here stating it.
  5. Become an email subscriber of Just Another Manic Mommy, and leave a comment here stating it.

Winner will be chosen at random on 12/30/13 and notified by email.

Sample provided for review.

Santa Caught on Tape® Review #catchsanta

17 Dec


I mentioned that other day that my kids are beyond nuts during this time of year. First off my twins have their birthdays in November and then we roll into the holidays. Like I always tell the kids, they are soooo special and sooo lucky because we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas and as I go on to talk about the meaning of that the only word that starts reverberating in their brain is PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! And lots of them!

I love Santa Claus and there’s nothing better than seeing my kids’ excitement and anticipation about Santa. I am devastated that my 3rd graders are starting to ask little questions here and there which indicates to me that the magic and the belief might be coming to an end sooner than I would like…

Or maybe not…after I show the kids the most amazing video…Santa Caught on Tape.  Check this out:

It’s Santa arriving in MY LIVING ROOM!  Proof that he exists!!  The kids are going to flip and I can’t wait to show them on Christmas Day.

Here are the details about this new web service:

Santa Caught on Tape®, ( a new Internet service from Park Bench Media has created a sneak peek for children that will allow them to see Santa in the act without the need to stay awake all night.

Imagine the wonder on Christmas morning when parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can share a video clip with their loved ones of Santa putting presents under the tree in their own home? Well, wonder no more. Simply take a picture of your Christmas tree on a smart phone or tablet and Santa Caught on Tape will do the rest.

“Santa Caught on Tape came about from stories my wife and I were recounting to our two boys of the failed attempts we had as children to catch Santa on Christmas Eve,” said John Brancaccio, Creator and Executive Producer, Park Bench Media. “The technology is there to support it, so why not offer a product that allows parents to share in the Christmas magic.”

Visit to upload a photo of your tree and within a few days a professionally edited video of Santa in your living room delivering presents will be sent in return. No two are alike and children will think the impossible has happened: Santa was caught on tape! This service is available for $19.99 and provides a 45-60 second HD quality video clip that can be downloaded to any smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

It took 2 seconds for me to snap a photo of the Christmas tree with my iPhone, upload it to the site, and I was done.  It’s so easy and if you use the code Santa_BLOG_20 at checkout you can receive 20% off your order.

This is the coolest thing ever! Snap your photo to get your video before Christmas arrives!

Our Generation Me & You Sets

5 Dec

My poor son is outnumbered to begin with, but when my girls have their dolls out, forget it, he just grabs his iPod and finds a corner and stays far away! Seriously, my girls, though they fight a ton, do have great times together playing with each other.  As close as they are, their dolls are equally bonded!

They were so excited when I told them we had a chance to try out some really awesome Our Generation products specifically tailored for their dolls. But they already know all about Our Generation…as they are magnetically drawn to that area of Target whenever we are there, begging for everything on the shelf.

My little one received a Me & You Outfit and she was beyond delighted. With all of our doll accessories she had yet to acquire matching outfits. She immediately dressed herself and her doll, put her and it at the table, and kindly told me they were ready for breakfast to be served. :)


The outfits are really beautiful and my daughter had no problem dressing the doll without any help from me.

Her big sister, my artist, was delighted to receive the Me & You Tutu Set, which she had to actually construct herself. Being the kid she is she got right to work!


I think my 6-year-old would have needed a lot of help with the tutus, but my 8-year-old only needed minimal help.  And the result…



About Our Generation:
Our Generation is a contemporary, fashion-forward, affordable doll  collection that boasts amazing accessories for girls and their dolls.   Our Generation donates 10 cents from each purchase to Free the Children.  Our Generation earned the 2012 Toy Top of the Year from Creative Child, 2012 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child, Dr. Toy’s Best Picks  Children’s Products, Parent’s Choice Approved Award and Toy Insider’s  “Hot Toys of the Year” for Preschoolers.  Since it’s brand relaunch, Our Generation has been featured in Parent’s Magazine’s GoodyBlog,  Pregnancy Magazine, North Dallas Gazette, San Diego Family Magazine,  Detroit Free Press and, among many others!

We have so many Our Generation products and I happen to know that Santa is bringing the girls this and this among other things which will surely make them go crazy!

Do you have any doll crazy Our Generation loving girls?


Samples provided for review.

Symphony in B. Toy Review–Music to My Children’s Ears!

4 Nov

Halloween has just finished and the big holidays are around the corner (we are already getting toy catalogues that the kids are scrawling all over). I know I have to get it in gear to get presents for my 3 children. Some of you may be feeling the pressure already like me. If you have a 3-13 year old I have a great toy suggestion to present to you. It’s called Symphony in B.


I, or I should really say, my kids had the opportunity to check out the Symphony in B. which I have actually picked up and scrutinized many times in Target. Why you might ask? Because the music lover in me was naturally drawn to the word Symphony…and it’s an accurate description of what can be produced with this fabulous toy. Here are the details:

You’re the conductor! Choose up to 6 instruments to put in the orchestra pit and hear them play together. Then change up the instruments and hear the musical transformation.

  • 13 instruments and 15 songs and symphonies. Millions of musical combinations!
  • Choose from clarinet, flute, tuba, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano, accordion, koto, guitar, violin and sitar.
  • Lights teach the sections of an orchestra
  • Professionally recorded sounds
  • Included playbill teaches composers, writers and lyrics

We’ve had Symphony in B. a couple of weeks now and I can’t believe the kids are still playing with it every day (of course you know that means they are fighting over it too!).  Admittedly, it’s my 6 year old who is most smitten with it.


She’s says, “This is the best toy I’ve ever played with in my life”.  She loves to listen for the individual instruments as she adds them to the orchestra and she has learned, quickly, the names of them all.  She and her big sis do love to let their dolls enjoy the music too. :)


As a lover of classical music (and the kids have always listened as well) I am beyond impressed with this toy.  My children enjoy it immensely while their brains are stimulated with beautiful sounds!  It’s been great timing in our family as my daughter has recently starting playing the violin.

Have you started shopping for the holidays yet?  Symphony in B. is a winner!

Sample provided for review.


Kids’ Hale Muck Boot Review and GIVEAWAY — ENTER HERE TO WIN A PAIR!

22 Oct

A few weeks ago I got a chance to check out the new Kids’ Hale Muck Boots at the Parenting Experience in NYC.  With all the rain, blizzards and hurricanes we deal with here in the NY area it can be quite a challenge keeping my 3 properly boot fitted for the inclement weather.  I am frequently hearing complaints about ill-fitting, soggy, socks falling down, cold uncomfortable feet in boots that barely last us a season.  So I was thrilled to be able to nab a few pairs of the Kids’ Hale Muck Boots to bring home to try out in fabulous bright colors.

As a mom there’s always that concern about color selection…you think you’ve chosen wisely only to come home to disdain from the kids.  Thankfully though, my children were thrilled with their beautifully colored boots!


Really though, how could they not be happy with these boots!?

The New Hale by Muck Boots, will keep them comfy, warm and dry, no matter what they get into.  Here are the details:

  • The stretch-fit topline binding is snug around the calf to keep warm air in and cold air out
  • Fully insulated with 4mm NEOPRENE. This provides the optimal warmth, comfort, and waterproofing that you expect from a Muck Boot.
  • The PK Mesh lining allows for breathability
  • The Diamond tread self-cleaning outsole wraps the entire perimeter for maximum protection and stability that doesn’t track mud!

Did you see that? Doesn’t track mud!!! I don’t know about you…but that is another absolute plus for me.

I see great fitting, dry, socks in place, warm, comfortable feet in fabulous boots in the future of this mud free home!!!  And I don’t know what it is about these boots but once the kids had them on they ran around the house like complete lunatics.

This was me:  hey kids, can you please put on your gorgeous Muck Boots so mommy can take photos for her blog?

And this is what I saw:


After some threats and yelling gentle,  I was able to get the kids to relax for a second to let me take a few more shots :).




The boots were pretty easy for them to get on and off and they had no problems at all running and tackling anyone in them!  They can’t wait for a load of snow on our snow mountain to really test them out!

How much would you love for your kids to have a pair?!

One Just Another Manic Mommy reader will win a pair of Kids’ Hale Muck Boots from The Original Muck Boot Company !!!

Each of the following will earn an entry:

  1. Check out The Original Muck Boot Company and leave a comment here about why your kid need Kids’ Hale Muck Boots!
  2. Became a fan of Just Another Manic Mommy on Facebook, post on the wall about this giveaway, and leave a comment here stating it.
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  5. Become an email subscriber of Just Another Manic Mommy, and leave a comment here stating it.

Winner will be chosen at random on 10/29/13 and notified by email.

Sample provided for review.

Some Favorite Products from the Parenting Experience Event

30 Sep

Recently I had another great opportunity to attend the Parenting Experience in NYC where I got to hear about some brands and products.

First I spent time with Plum Organics Baby Food. My youngest is 6 years old and it’s amazing to me how much has changed in the baby market since she was a baby.   Spinach, pumpkin & chickpea baby food?! Really?! I’m so not joking when I tell you I was salivating looking at this stuff!!!  Looks so healthy and delish!



And speaking of baby things, Tommee Tippee has released a new diaper disposal pail. It’s the only 360 degree sealer on the market that individually seals each dirty diaper providing true odor control. Those magic words when you’re talking diapers…odor control!
Also featured is the Perfect Prep Machine…which prepares a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes….something else that would have made my life so much easier when I had babies!

Seventh Generation is known for many household and personal care products. They are now hitting the beauty market with Seventh Generation Boosts™. Six facial serums, each formulated to care for a unique skin need, work gently to nourish and balance with pure botanical oils. Each Boost is designed to deliver concentrated nourishment directly to the skin and help lock in moisture to promote elasticity without clogging pores. Even oily skin feels renewed and balanced.  The serums are very reasonable priced and available at Walgreens.


LG showed off Door In Door Refrigerator which provides more usable space…we had lots of fun playing with it while I fantasized about owning it!


K12 , an online learning system, took us through their guided lesson plans. The system can be used as an extension for students who need extra help at home as a bridge to their current curriculum OR the program can be used as a home school platform. We saw several students diligently working their lessons while we got our tutorial.


Kindred children’s clothing company displayed European inspired, handmade clothing that I wanted to scoop up for all my friends with babies. The clothing is made with vintage, organic fabrics.  Really cute stuff.


Last but not least Muck boots showcased their kid line which is perfect timing for us as we are in need of boots for our rapidly growing little big feet in this house for the inclement weather. Look for more to come from me in the form of a giveaway and review about Muck boots but let me just say that I’m loving the playful bright colors….all on a great weatherproof boot.


Some many great things!

Family Fun at Disney Planes 3D Advance Screening Last Night! #DisneyPlanes

7 Aug


The kids were so delighted when I told them we were going to see Planes last night at the movie theatre.  We don’t go the movies too often because my little one (age 6) still gets a little edgy sitting for that long, AND she has a major aversion to the smell of popcorn :).  But they were all excited as we’ve been seeing lots of Planes commercials and even they were aware that Planes isn’t in the theatres until August 9th!

Planes begins with a crop duster, Dusty Crophopper, who spends long days spreading smelly fertilizer over fields in a quiet farm town, but aspires to be a race plane in the Wings of the Globe competition. Dusty tries out for the race and against all odds he qualifies. With support from his sidekicks: a fuel truck, a fork lift and an old naval plane, Dusty sets off on a race around the world.

Planes is marketed “from above the world of Cars” and the resemblance to the movie Cars is definitely perceived with the eccentric and lovable characters, planes instead of cars.

The scenery is visually stunning, with scenes in China, India, Mexico and NYC and this is all enhanced by viewing it in 3D.  And about that…I was a little hesitant as I am a motion sick kind of gal so I usually stay away from 3D but I was fine!  I loved watching the kids with their arms swaying about in front of them trying to grab the planes! They looked so cute in their 3D glasses!

Dusty’s trip around the world has him facing his fear of heights and everyone rooting for the underdog.  The movie is really cute and entertaining and I loved it at one point when my daughter squealed “I see McQueen!”  Kids and adults alike all seemed to enjoy the movie.

IMG_2227 IMG_2228

From above the world of “Cars,” Disney’s “Planes” is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure about Dusty, a small-town plane whose high-flying dream gives a spellbound world the inspiration to soar.

Rated PG


***tickets provided for review***

Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars ‘High Tea’ Party #CadburyHighTea

28 Jul

I wrote about the heat wave we experienced here and though I was loving spending everyday at our pool, I felt it was probably a good idea to give my fair-haired sweeties a break from the sun. And what better way to do that, I thought, than by having a tea party, not just a tea party, but an ICE CREAM tea party!?!

Since my girls have been so into their American Girl Dolls, I thought it would be extra fun for them to invite their friends to bring their dolls too. So a plan was set in motion! The girls were so excited and were discussing it for days. They were completely wowed and delighted when I surprised them with the beautiful porcelain tea party set and hats that Cadbury sent us to have the party.


It was fun that we were having our English style tea party as the world was abuzz waiting for a new prince to be born!

Instead of tea we had lemonade and milk…lots of cookies…and of course….ice cream! Who knew that Cadbury even made ice cream?!   The Cadbury Ice Cream bar features the newest indulgent flavors:


Cadbury® Caramello™, Cadbury® English Toffee, Cadbury® Royal Dark™, and the party favorite…Cadbury® Vanilla Chocolate!

The girls had so much fun… with lots of giggles and licks!

IMG_6146 IMG_6143

IMG_6142 IMG_6136

IMG_6135 IMG_6131

My parents even stole a couple of Cadbury bars and were chowing down in the kitchen while I was distracted with the girls so they must have been good!

My daughter’s sign says it all…


And those beautiful hats? Well the party was long over, and my little one kept hers firmly planted on her head….while we went to dinner, while went to shopping, etc…but then we know she has a thing with hats!


*Thank you Cadbury and MomSelect for sending us the promotional party kit to have this awesome party!!!*

KRLY Kids from Ouidad for MY Curlykids

3 Jul

1003264_10151567052944495_676189358_nWhen I used to daydream about having children I pretty much always thought they would be fair, blonde, and probably blue-eyed. What I didn’t imagine was how that curly hair gene would charge through to give me 3 curlykids!!!!!!! I mean I didn’t know why I wouldn’t think the kids would have curly hair as I have curly hair, the hubs has wavy hair and it’s scattered throughout both sides!

Lucky for the kids I had 30 plus years wrangling my curls (until I got keratin!).  I know a thing or two about how to manage them.  Managing curls requires product…good product so I was happy to be able to try out products that seem to be made for my guys from the Oudidad KRLY Kids line:


No Time for Tears Shampoo

  • A gentle formula designed to cleanse curly hair without the tears
  • Proteins and amino acids create luxurious curls
  • Infused with a watermelon bubble gum fragrance
  • $14.00


Pump n’ Go Styling Spray Gel

  • Special wheat proteins define curls and protect against humidity
  • Easy spray on application is perfect for kids on the go
  • $16.00

We all like the way both products smell.  The shampoo went on nicely and didn’t seem too heavy.  The gel seemed to help bring out the curls and reduce the frizz.  The kids were excited to have special shampoo and gel just for them :).

IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957

Give your child’s delicate curls a special treatment with Ouidad’s exclusive line of products created to gently cleanse, condition and style curly hair.  The KRLY Kids collection is for curly-haired kids of all ages, as the products are extremely gentle, moisturizing and easy to use.  Curly, kinky or frizzy, Ouidad knows that kids curls are as unique as they are.   KRLY Kids is available at

How do you manage your kids’ hair?

Samples provided for review.


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