Free Kids’ Haircuts at JCPenney Salon (and New Sneaks for All!)

11 Aug

JC Penney is running a promotion for the month of August.  Kids in grades K-6 are entitled to a free haircut.  You can check it out by calling 1-855-JCP-KIDS.  We booked our appointments for yesterday.  As we walked through the store to the salon we passed the kid’s shoes department so the kids had shoes on their minds.

The haircuts were okay, nothing great, but not to shabby for FREE!



Thank god they were free because we did some real damage in the shoe area afterwards. First off, my six-year-old little man zeroed right in on these Nike sneaks and said “I have to have these.”  Then I lost the girls in the Skechers.  They were beside themselves.  The rainbow loving little one chose these Twinkle Toes and the big girl begged for the Bella Ballerinas (which she apparently sees commercials for all the time).  I’m utterly amazed at how young in life kids are influenced by brands.

They were all SOOO excited and have been wearing the shoes non-stop for the past 24 hours since purchase…haircuts long forgotten!

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