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Back to School Shopping With Hanes®

31 Aug

A few weeks ago at the Getting Gorgeous Event in NYC, I learned  Hanes® is expanding its exclusive apparel partnership with Box Tops for Education®, offering families two great ways to raise money for their local schools while stocking up on apparel essentials. Hanes introduced the Hanes4Education program in March 2011 as a way for schools to earn valuable Box Tops when they order printed Hanes shirts from suppliers for spiritwear, school uniforms and other school events. Now, Hanes is expanding the partnership to products sold at leading retailers by adding Box Tops to packages of Hanes children’s underwear, socks and outerwear T-shirts as well as select bonus packs of adult underwear and socks.

I had the opportunity to grab some Box Tops and therefore win money for my twins’ elementary school.

I really do love collecting Box Tops and it’s even impacted my husband and kids who always pile them up on my desk from our various food items.  So it makes sense that I would be excited to find Box Tops now on Hanes products!

I went with the kids to Target the other day to get some much-needed back to school underwear and socks x3.  MY CHILDREN noticed the Box Tops on the Hanes packages and gravitated to them!

My little man has decided he is no longer a briefs man, but a boxer briefs man!  Oh my god I wish he would let me take a photo of him in his Hanes Boxer Briefs.  I am dying from the cuteness.  He loves them. And of course, they have to be black and grey, just like his daddy’s!

The girls loved all the patterns they could choose with their Hanes Bikinis.  I honestly cannot believe how excited this household is about new underpants!!!  Once we got home it was hard for me to get them to put clothes back on…we had about 2 hours of underwear parades. :)

And you know how it is shopping with kids…nothing wrong with having an ICEE at 9:30 a.m right? :)

maybe my favorite picture EVER!

Gift card provided for product purchase and review.

Welcome to 2nd Grade Postcard

30 Aug

My son was so excited to receive mail the other day.

He was even more excited after reading it was a postcard from his new teacher.

All I had to do was read the inserted “Love” and I am convinced this is the best teacher ever!  I’m a sucker for love!

Meanwhile his twin is wondering why SHE hasn’t gotten mail from her teacher!!!

It seems that some teachers reach out and others not.  This is our first experience. My sister who teaches kindergarten sent an email greeting out to her students’ parents this week.  I would also be all over that.  The social worker in me loves A LOT of communication and I already have good feelings about my son’s teacher, as you may have perceived. :)

What do you think about teachers reaching out to their students before school starts?

An Artist in the Mix

29 Aug

My daughter has shown  an interest and talent in art from quite an early age. Every spare moment is about her utilizing her creativity. As someone who cannot draw to save her life, I am fascinated and in awe of her. Last week she drew this picture for my parents.

She’s only 6 years old! I’m just shocked about how her use of perspective…how the trees and river recede in the distance.

I make lots of art supplies available to her and she’s finally old enough to start an art program in our community.  I’m happy that she’s found something she’s passionate about that also happens to be opposite of her twin. :)

Tooth Fairy Captured!

28 Aug

Speaking of tooth fairy keepsakes, my little guy had a visit the other night when he lost tooth number two!

I had a cool mom moment. His tooth was hanging on by a thread but he wouldn’t let any of us near it. We were at a party and he was complaining, bleeding, drooling, not eating and generally being more annoying than usual.

I told him to let me clean the blood off his tooth. I put him in my lap, wrapped my arm around him, got a napkin and as soon as I made contact with the tooth I yanked that baby out! I held it up victoriously and all the partygoers cheered.

My little man wanted to leave the party immediately to go home and go to sleep. He begged me to keep checking on him to try to photograph the tooth fairy. He had seen a picture of the tooth fairy visiting his friend (thanks Sam!).

So when I showed him this picture the next morning and told him an elaborate story around it he grinned from ear to ear. He’s been approaching everyone we know, and don’t know (strangers near us on-line at stores, etc…) to show them the photo which I have saved on my phone.  He even showed the doctor.
I love, love, love the innocence. :)

Today at the Doctor’s…

27 Aug

Lately it’s been just me and the kids on the long unscheduled summer days.
My son had a doctor’s appointment today.
I had no one to watch the girls. So we all went and ended up waiting in the exam room for over an hour!!!
After multiple I SPY rounds and coloring on the exam table paper (one of my favs) I didn’t stop them when they ransacked the medical supplies.

Those latex gloves gave them a good 15 minutes of entertainment…thank god! :)
How do you manage in situations like this?!

Chevy Malibu Moms Event and Being Away From the Kids

26 Aug

Oh I can’t stop thinking about the Winvian Resort and Spa that I spent 2 glorious days at with my brilliant blogging buddy Vera.  I was so excited when Vera invited me to come along as her guest and of course I jumped at the chance!

Have I mentioned that in the past 7 years or so since I became a mother, I have had only 4 NIGHTS away from home!?

One night 2 years ago my sister graciously slept in my home and cared for the monkeys. She is STILL recovering.  One night we paid a sitter to stay so we could go out east to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary.  That weekend cost us about $800 all said and done.  The two other nights I left my husband with the kids and attended out-of-state family affairs alone.

Can you see why this fabulous invite was so enticing?! :)

Chevy provided us with a spanking new, red, shiny 2013 Malibu to drive in as a way to learn about it and travel to hear the Chevy Malibu Moms talk about their integral roles in the car production.  Vera picked me up bright and early.  We wanted to take a quick photo of the two of us with the car and hit the road.

That little monkey knew I was getting ready to leave.  She would not get out of the picture, would not smile, and was hanging onto my leg for life!  Once my husband untangled her, Vera and I got going and talked and laughed nonstop for the next 2 hours.

Do you ever realize, moms, how it is almost impossible to complete a thought or have a conversation with the constant interruptions, whining, fighting, mishaps and interjections from the kids?  Between Vera and me it’s x5 children and 2 husbands that all get in the way!

So needless to say, this was precious!

Come to think of it, I chatted non stop for the next 48 hours because I met the nicest and most interesting people once we arrived at our destination…women who are writers of blogs and also big publications. And, I got to meet the 5 “Malibu Moms” — the brilliant engineers, designer and manager who work for Chevrolet and helped create the Malibu.

A bunch of us before we got back into our Chevy Malibus!

Vera also gifted me HER SPA TREATMENT (she told me it was not up for debate…greatest friend ever!!!) so I got massaged for 60 glorious minutes at the serene spa at Winvian.

Two days of great wheels, food, people and a massage…it was awesome!

I keep thinking about Vera sighing and saying over and over in our extraordinary cottage at Winvian…”I’m so happy!”  Me too buddy! :)

Pondering Princes

25 Aug

My little one kissed a frog today. Unfortunately I missed that shot. Instead I captured her staring Mr. Frog down, waiting for her prince. :)

Getaway to Winvian in Litchfield Hills, CT

24 Aug

I tagged along on a blogging road trip to Connecticut yesterday  to learn about the new 2013 Chevy Malibu.   We knew were staying at a spa resort place but had no idea what was in store for us at Winvian.  More to come on the car, the events and my time away from the kids, but right now I am still reeling from the amazing accommodations!

This ultra-posh, 113-acre hideaway consists of 18 imaginatively themed and luxuriously outfitted cottages you could ever imagine. Each of the huge one-bedroom cottages has a unique theme like the Helicopter Cottage which contains a genuine 17,000-pound U.S. Coast Guard helicopter (the fuselage has been refitted with a wet bar).  Unreal!

We stayed at the Charter Oak cottage which has inside it a giant oak tree reminiscent of the tree that hid Connecticut’s charter during the Revolutionary Period.

Can you imagine thinking you’re going to sleep in a hotel room and instead walking into a cottage built around a tree?!

The bathroom has heated floors, steam, a beautiful tub and rainfall shower…bliss!

The TWO fireplaces and upstairs screened in porch overlooking a meadow were some of our favorite amenities.  Yes we had multiple fires going on in the summer evening!

This big house for just 2 of us!!!

Winvian is a seriously posh and pricey place but an amazing destination experience with so many tranquil ways to pass the time.

Too bad my peace was eroded by the laundry, dishes and bickering children that greeted me back home. :)

The Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book Review

22 Aug

If you read anything I write, I think it’s pretty easy to deduce that I am very loopy and emotional sentimental, especially when it comes to my children. I keep records of their physical exams, their infant feeding schedules, their first words, etc, etc. In fact, the motivating force behind this blog is to RECORD all the details of their adorable existences!

So it makes complete sense that ever since that first tooth came out last month, I have been seeking and searching for the perfect keepsake holder for the precious little teeth…enter The Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book.  This is my answer to the question of where to store my children’s baby teeth!  (I would NEVER throw them away, but I am also the mother who saved their umbilical cord scabs…)

When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth, do you know what she did? She made a map to visit you ’cause you’re a special kid! First she got your home address and checked her fairy map, then she flew to your place where she saw your brand new “gap”. Of course, she took your worn-out tooth, just like she’s always done.  But she’s left something nice instead to help you have some fun!

This is a keepsake holder to display baby teeth as the child loses them. This keepsake is a box formed in a hardback story book. On the inside, it displays on the left a poem regarding the Tooth Fairy and the child. On the right side is a diagram showing the graphical representations and dental terminology that corresponds with your child’s twenty baby teeth. There are date entry lines for filling in the dates that a child’s baby teeth fell out. As the teeth fall out, you poke a hole in the correct location where the tooth has fallen out on the diagram. Then, add a little bit of water base glue, push the baby tooth in to display the teeth, and remember them the way they were in your child’s mouth. It will be an heirloom collectible for any parent and child.

This is exactly what I need x3!  My little guy’s tiny front tooth is already glued into its new home.  I plan to get one for each child (2 pink and 1 blue) and hide them away as I collect and record.  When the tooth fairy is no longer visiting our home I will surprise the children with their books.

I searched for a while to find something for those precious teeth and I am so thrilled with The Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book!  There are other great tooth fairy related gifts on the site ( too :)

Where do YOU keep your child/ren’s teeth?

(Sample provided for review.)

When Daddy Comes to the Pool

20 Aug

My husband arrived home at 5 today from work…very early for him. The kids and I were at our town pool, (a daily summertime event for us) so he decided to meet us there. Needless to say the kids were thrilled.

Today was great

Said my son as I tucked him into bed.  I agree :)


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