5th Bday Party Success = Mom Can Now Rest!!!

27 May

Oh I am in a happy content place today after a few days of high velocity stress.  My big guy was sent home from school Thursday with hives everywhere that the dermatologist couldn’t explain.  Having him home busted up my plan to bake cupcakes all day for daughter’s birthday.  Baking needed to be done for her class celebration on Friday and her party Saturday.

It was also raining everyday all week and her party was to be an outside one so I was watching the weather like a maniac.

Later that evening on Thursday my older daughter threw up a few times.  I became a maniacal nut Lysoling my house because you know how those stomach bugs can bring a family down.  We were expecting 50 people on Saturday.  I was determined that no one would be vomiting!!!

I spent all day Friday and into the night party prepping and preparing the rainbow cupcake cake.  I prayed for good health and good weather and my prayers were answered!!!!

The sun arrived for the first time in days on Saturday morning and thank god no one else fell ill in the house.

The result was a fabulous and fun 5th birthday party for my little one. We had a bouncy house, trampoline, pizza, the rainbow cupcake cake, a rainbow pinata, face painting, water balloons, ring tosses, nok hockey and various toys and games strewn about.

I also made her invitations. I snapped a cute photo of her and then edited it using PicMonkey which I LOVE. Once edited I made 50 4×6 photo prints at Walgreens and it was done and super cute.

It was all a success and I am so grateful.  Today we are headed to a BBQ and you can imagine how much I am going to kick back with a beer and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Hope you are having a great, long weekend too! :)

2 Responses to “5th Bday Party Success = Mom Can Now Rest!!!”

  1. Elana May 27, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    You deserve more than a single beer :)

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