On My Baby’s 5th Birthday, Officially a Babyless House

25 May

I could hardly believe when my littlest turned three and then four but five, today, is incomprehensible.  I can’t call her a baby anymore, or even a toddler!  She will soon be entering kindergarten.  I longed for the days the kids would go to school when I had all three in diapers.  But now I am trying to force myself to live in and cherish each moment.

This morning in honor of her birthday she chose the breakfast…Trix cereal and ice pops.  She squealed happily…

Sugar for breakfast!

(Because anyone who knows me knows that would never be an allowable breakfast on any other day.)

We brought ice cream cone cupcakes into her school today.  Have you ever made them? They are always a hit, even when they come out looking totally lame like mine.
So in honor of my 5-year-old I am going to list (just) 5 things I LOVE about her:

  1. Every morning we hear her let out a big adorable yawn when she awakens.
  2. She loves “clementimes”.
  3. When she plays “house” she must be the baby “because I am the baby of my family”.
  4. She continues to adore bunnies (since she was 6 months old).
  5. But now she lives and breathes rainbows. (post on this to follow)

She’s my beautiful curly-haired girl…my life wouldn’t be the same without my feisty red-head.

Love you Bean!

officially 5 years old

4 Responses to “On My Baby’s 5th Birthday, Officially a Babyless House”

  1. elana May 25, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    gosh i remember you telling me how your mom in her boston accent remarked about how you had three in diapers :) and i love that she is all about rainbows obviously :)

  2. Elpida May 25, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    She will always be your baby girl! Cannot believe she’s 5, and I met her when she was wearing squeaker shoes! :) She has some personality. xo

  3. angry dad May 25, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Maybe its time for another one?

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