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Memorial Day Marchers

30 May

On Monday my cub scout and Daisy girl were invited to march in our town’s Memorial Day Parade with their pack and troop.  We were at a BBQ the day before and I was tired (okay and a little hung over too).  But this is one of my favorite weekends of the year because it marks the entrance of my favorite season, so off we went!

It was blazin hot, but the kids had a fun time seeking out all their friends in the crowds…and they looked so freakin cute!!!

#1 advantage of being a little guy — getting chosen to be pulled in a parade instead of walking in the 90 degree heat!


My daughter was a lot more resilient than she was last year!  I enjoyed sharing in a special event with my twins. Was anyone else marching on Monday too?

5th Bday Party Success = Mom Can Now Rest!!!

27 May

Oh I am in a happy content place today after a few days of high velocity stress.  My big guy was sent home from school Thursday with hives everywhere that the dermatologist couldn’t explain.  Having him home busted up my plan to bake cupcakes all day for daughter’s birthday.  Baking needed to be done for her class celebration on Friday and her party Saturday.

It was also raining everyday all week and her party was to be an outside one so I was watching the weather like a maniac.

Later that evening on Thursday my older daughter threw up a few times.  I became a maniacal nut Lysoling my house because you know how those stomach bugs can bring a family down.  We were expecting 50 people on Saturday.  I was determined that no one would be vomiting!!!

I spent all day Friday and into the night party prepping and preparing the rainbow cupcake cake.  I prayed for good health and good weather and my prayers were answered!!!!

The sun arrived for the first time in days on Saturday morning and thank god no one else fell ill in the house.

The result was a fabulous and fun 5th birthday party for my little one. We had a bouncy house, trampoline, pizza, the rainbow cupcake cake, a rainbow pinata, face painting, water balloons, ring tosses, nok hockey and various toys and games strewn about.

I also made her invitations. I snapped a cute photo of her and then edited it using PicMonkey which I LOVE. Once edited I made 50 4×6 photo prints at Walgreens and it was done and super cute.

It was all a success and I am so grateful.  Today we are headed to a BBQ and you can imagine how much I am going to kick back with a beer and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Hope you are having a great, long weekend too! :)

Rainbow Cupcake Cake

26 May

As my little girl is all about rainbows, but not a huge cake lover, I decided to make a rainbow using cupcakes for her fifth birthday party.  Now, I am not a crafty, creative or talented mom in any way, but, I thought it wouldn’t be too complicated.

And really it wasn’t so bad, just a little laborious with the frosting.

I don’t have pictures of the process because it was all-consuming and I had food coloring all over me!  My fabulous friend and neighbor lent me her MINI cupcake pans and she had a set of Wilton food coloring which made this task so much easier. I also purchased a cupcake pen which was a huge time saver.

So here’s what you need:

food coloring gels

mini cupcake pans — the more the better

1 regular cupcake pan

2 boxes white cake mix (I used Pillsbury)

2 cups water

6 eggs

2/3  cup oil

2 cans vanilla frosting

mini marshmallows

large foam board

I bought a large foam board as the base and glued blue poster board to it for the sky effect.  I mixed up both cake mixes at the same time and started making the mini cupcakes, planning for about 96 minis and 1 big cupcake for the sun.  I had plenty of muffins left over.  I used the gel generously to make the colors pop and was able to do all the colors splitting up just 2 cans of white frosting.  I planned ahead with an idea of how many cupcakes I would need and for which color.  Here is the breakdown:


For the white cloud cupcakes I did 9 cupcakes on each side.  Each cupcake had 8 marshmallows.

For the sun I mixed the leftover orange and yellow frosting to make an orange-yellow sun.  I frosted the surrounding “sun rays” (6 cupcakes) in the same color.

I was completely wowed with the end result.  And my rainbow lover? She stared at it for about 3 hours this morning until her party started…

This may be my best mom accomplishment ever!  Have you ever seen anything like it?!

On My Baby’s 5th Birthday, Officially a Babyless House

25 May

I could hardly believe when my littlest turned three and then four but five, today, is incomprehensible.  I can’t call her a baby anymore, or even a toddler!  She will soon be entering kindergarten.  I longed for the days the kids would go to school when I had all three in diapers.  But now I am trying to force myself to live in and cherish each moment.

This morning in honor of her birthday she chose the breakfast…Trix cereal and ice pops.  She squealed happily…

Sugar for breakfast!

(Because anyone who knows me knows that would never be an allowable breakfast on any other day.)

We brought ice cream cone cupcakes into her school today.  Have you ever made them? They are always a hit, even when they come out looking totally lame like mine.
So in honor of my 5-year-old I am going to list (just) 5 things I LOVE about her:

  1. Every morning we hear her let out a big adorable yawn when she awakens.
  2. She loves “clementimes”.
  3. When she plays “house” she must be the baby “because I am the baby of my family”.
  4. She continues to adore bunnies (since she was 6 months old).
  5. But now she lives and breathes rainbows. (post on this to follow)

She’s my beautiful curly-haired girl…my life wouldn’t be the same without my feisty red-head.

Love you Bean!

officially 5 years old

Party Night with The Kids

22 May

My nephew graduated from Columbia Dental School last week.  Not only have I been bragging about him a ton, but I was so touched to see a video from the event.  His father graduated Columbia Dental several years ago and therefore was able to hood his son…how proud he must be!

Last Saturday night we were invited to a party to celebrate this amazing graduation.  Unlike most of their friends, my children go to bed at 7:30. So for many years, a party beginning at 7 p.m. meant a rough night with the kids.  Now, however, it’s really a fun time.

The kids love hanging with their cousins (they have over 20!) and they enjoy dancing.  In fact, they were the first 3 occupants of the dance floor!  And they even dragged me up there, which would not have happened had we come without them. :)

Throughout the night they would each approach me to inquire about the time; it was very exciting to them that we stayed until 10 p.m.  And I was able to actually sit down and enjoy my meal which was very exciting to me!  There were so many parties we attended when they were babies where I came home starving!

I guess I am just woefully cognizant of the fact that they really are getting older.  But with that I am now able to easily get them to pose for some gorgeous shots!

We had a fun family night and lots more coming during May and June. Did you go to any parties last weekend?

Wet Trampoline

21 May

What’s better than a sprinkler on a hot day?  What’s better than a trampoline?

The answer is the wet trampoline!!!  The kids created it during this past balmy May weekend…

I almost jumped in there with them. :)

A Chary Cheerleader

18 May

Last weekend the high school cheerleaders in our town hosted a cheer leading clinic for little girls. It was a fund raiser for them and opportunity for the girls to learn some cheers.  You’re probably not surprised when I emphasize that I am so not the cheerleader kinda gal, but my first grader jumped at this opportunity and counted down the days until the event.

However, on the day of, as we entered the large, loud high school gymnasium, I sensed a shift in my previously excited girl.

The cheerleaders were amazing and friendly and engaging as we checked in, but my daughter was now clutching my hand with both of hers.   My daughter spotted several friends and classmates who warmly greeted her but she, on the other hand, became completely non verbal.

I saw many of my friends drop their happy daughters off and leave, all while my daughter insisted I stay close, now crying off and on.   I struggled with whether or not to leave. Was my presence making her worse?

After speaking to a person in charge and jotting down my number I did tentatively leave.

Fifteen minutes later I was re-entering the gymnasium to see my daughter seated and crying.  She was unable to articulate why she was crying or what in particular was upsetting her. But she was clear that she didn’t want to go home.
So we sat on the sidelines and watched. After awhile I asked her if she’d like to rejoin her friends while they ate snack and watched the cheerleaders perform.

She did.

And then she snapped back into a happy girl…a cheerleader!

Puffy eyed but HAPPY

Looking at her for the next hour, one would never have guessed that she spent the first part of the clinic in tears.

I certainly didn’t anticipate spending the afternoon crouching on the floor of a noisy high school gym.  But I can tell you that I don’t think there’s ever been a prouder mom or a more special cheerleader (who’s already talking about how she can’t wait til next year’s clinic!) :)

Littlest Shopper

16 May

I ran into a small market in my town the other day with my little one.  We spotted a few mini shopping carts, which I had never seen before, and my daughter was instantly in heaven!   She hoisted her pocketbook onto her shoulder and got moving.

Every time we’d round a corner people were gushing about her cuteness!

We ended up buying a thousand more things than I came in for, but it was a totally fun way to spend a part of a rainy afternoon!

Why don’t all stores have these adorable carts!?

What Would You Like to Be When You Grow Up?

15 May

My daughter completed this homework sheet tonight…

It’s a keeper :)

Though I love what I do, I’m not sure I would encourage my children to pursue social work.

Do you hope your children follow in your professional footsteps?

Mother’s Day Wrap Up

14 May

When you have young children, the best part of Mother’s Day, is the school made cards and gifts.  This year was no different.

I got a big dose of the mom guilt when my daughter wrote “my mom likes it when she is alone”….especially when the sentence was supposed to be filled in with something my daughter perceives that I like about her.

My son’s book included this line…

My mom likes to sleep, cook and go out to dinner and she deserves a vacation.

It’s almost embarrassing!  I never take naps, never get enough sleep, rarely go out to dinner and never go on vacation (except for our yearly Florida trip).  And, I hate cooking!!!

But my son did go on to write….

My mom is the best cooker and hugger and the best seller and maker.

I’ve told you I’m not big on holidays and these forced love ones are a part of it.  Everywhere I went on Sunday I was wished a Happy Mother’s Day.  That’s nice, but, I couldn’t help but think about all the woman who are not moms and are desperate to be…how this day is a stark reminder of that.  I also thought about people dear to me whose mothers have passed away.

However, I did have a nice day with family….and really thought of it as being a day for my mom, who along with my dad, enjoyed seeing the kids frolic in the warm weather.

Oh and earlier in the day moms were invited to my son’s roller hockey “mother’s day classic”.  At the end of the game moms were called into the rink for some love.

See my little blondie giving me good wishes!?

How was your day?


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