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4 Year Old Portrait and Description of Mom

28 Apr

My little one came home with these sheets after reading Is Your Mama a Llama?  in school.

I love that she chose big to describe my nose. :)

(while my friend’s son chose small to describe hers!!!)

Creepy Doll

27 Apr

I just did my nightly check on the sleeping children.  As I approached my daughter’s bed I literally almost had a heart attack when I saw this doll.

Clearly my daughter set her up lovingly.

But all that came to my mind was…

Anyone else see a link?!

Author/Troublemaker’s Tea

27 Apr

The Troublemaker

Yesterday parents in my son’s class were invited to school for an “author’s tea”. Each student wrote and illustrated a book that was to be read to parents and guests in groups of about 5 students.

The kids were so excited to see their parents in the small audience.  Some of them started acting silly; it was especially hard to be patient as each child read.  And one of them, well, the pictures tell the story best…(obviously they are very blurry…to protect the anonymity of the other  victims kids!)

He's contemplating mischief.

He's getting up close and personal with his buddy.

He's proving he has a bit of an ear fetish like his baby sister.

I would say boys will be boys but in this case it seems to be boy will boy….mine of course :)
Stay tuned for twin sister’s author tea next week….I know, you’re on the edge of your seat :)

Flower Child

25 Apr

My girls are  thrilled beyond belief when they see a field of dandelions since dandelions are the only “flowers” I allow them to pick!

There happens to be tons of them by the little one’s school.  Today she would only get into the car when her bouquet was complete.

What is it about little girls and flowers?



50 Shades of Sh*t

22 Apr

I just completed the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, of the trilogy by E L James.

Everyone is all abuzz about these books which are being called “mommy porn”.  (Even that phrase is totally annoying.) When we were in Florida I started chatting about it with a woman at the pool and she ended up giving me the book when she finished it.


The writing  is absolutely awful.

The characters are undeveloped and inconceivable. The dialogue is ridiculous, and the sex scenes try to be steamy but are ultimately yawn inducing.  It’s trying be provocative and shocking but it’s not.

The gorgeous 21 yr old main female character has never had any kind of sexual experience and there is no understanding or explanation as to why.   But then as soon as she starts having sex she is having orgasm after orgasm.

She has this annoying inner dialogue, referring to her “inner goddess”…about 553 times in the book.  She often says “holy cow! holy shit!”  Holy annoying!!!

The main male character gets all in a frenzy when this chick bites her lip…a habit that is referred to about 482 times in the book.

The dialogue (boring, sterile and uninspired) often starts with “Er….”.  Do you ever say “er” when you start to speak?  I didn’t think so.

I haven’t read the other two books and I don’t plan on it.

Have you read it?

Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!

19 Apr

Mom! Phineas and Ferb are going on a LIVE tour!!!” School‘s out for summer and anything is possible as Phineas and Ferb create their biggest invention yet — Disney’s Phineas and Ferb LIVE! On Tour. Phineas, Ferb, and the whole tri-state area gang embark on a bold escape jumping out from behind your TV and onto the stage in a live action adventure right in your hometown! And, before you can wonder, “Hey, Where’s Perry?” the beloved pet platypus shifts to his secret double life as Agent P to foil another one of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plans. Musical madness abounds in an escapade so awesome that even Candace can’t help but join the hilarious hijinks. It’s the ultimate end to summer vacation, so seize the day ‘cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all!

Tonight we had a family outing to see Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever nearby at Nassau Coliseum in NY.  The kids are huge fans of  Phineas and Ferb, and my husband and I even get a chuckle from it, so getting the opportunity to see the live show was a special event for us.

All the characters from the TV show were featured including Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Jeremy, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, the Fireside Girls, Perry and Dr. Doofenschmirtz. (I totally had to get the kids to help me with all of those names!)   The live show focused on the gang as they try to make the most out of the last day of summer by building an invention bigger, better and more amazing than ever!

It was really creative how the main characters were introduced in their animated forms and then seamlessly plopped onto stage in live form.  This was especially exciting for the kids.  (I’m not going to give all the details away on how it was done!)

All of the popular songs were featured.  The engagement of the audience made it really fun as the characters would speak to us and even run around off stage a bit.

The show was about an hour and fifteen minutes long, with a fifteen minute intermission after the first half hour.  This was a PERFECT, let me repeat PERFECT length of time for the attention spans of my 3!  It really speaks volumes that my little ones were entertained, especially the little demon.

In this type of venue, she is usually crawling on the floor.

It truly was a fun time.  Between the action, singing, dancing and engagement/involvement of the audience, my kids were mesmerized….and that’s no easy feat!   If your kids or you (yes I saw tons of grownups who were totally into it, which actually freaked me out just a tad) are fans of Phineas and Ferb on TV, then you have to check out Phineas and Ferb: The Best Live Tour Ever!

Ticket prices to range from $20 to $72 depending on the location.  You can check out all the info and schedule here.

The happy gang!

***Tickets were provided for event review.

Kickboxing Sidekicks

16 Apr

I wrote last November about how I started kickboxing and I’ve mentioned here and there that I absolutely love it. I’m in awe of myself to be honest because I am a very unathletic person who prior to this did nothing in the way of fitness!

My goal was to attend two classes every week but I’ve been managing to attend four (!) because I enjoy it so much.

It takes a bit of juggling and tonight I had to take the kids with me as my husband wasn’t home in time.  And there they were…jeering at me in class….

Look at mommy…..she’s so slow!

the little creeps

This would be followed by rolling on the floor laughter.  Chastising me united them as they became a sick ,little, name calling pack of thugs. (And the sad part is that I thought I was kicking ass tonight!)

They seem to have no idea how bad ass I have become. :)

Breezy Beach Walking

14 Apr

(Picture heavy post ahead!)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the beach?

Have you ever done a visualization or meditation exercise where you picture yourself in a most peaceful place?  The beach is that place for me.  I love the ocean. I love the beach.  Before children I spent every summer weekend indulging in my peaceful place.

Now, I focus on relishing in our Florida vacations where we stay right on the beach.  We spend most of the day outside but every night after dinner I suggest a beach walk (especially a good thing to do after all the dining out and big meals).

climbing the rocks is a highlight of our walks

The scenery is amazing and I can’t get enough photos!

The beach is usually empty and ripe for shell searching.

It’s these walks that are my most cherished part of our vacation.

What are your simple, favorite vacation pleasures?

Hey We Were In Florida

13 Apr

We just got back from our annual trip to Florida…no not Disney but good old Boca Raton.

The kids were great on the plane, what a difference from past years.  They were so excited to arrive and indulged me by posing in this little set up in the airport while their dad was stuck grabbing our fifty bags.

My in-laws have an amazing, spacious ocean front condo that they reside in for half the year.  The view is so amazing that you don’t even need to leave the apartment to have your breath taken away.

But we really didn’t spend tons of time inside.  We had all sorts of plans to go here and there and see this and that.  Instead we spent 10 days frolicking in the pool and the gorgeous ocean.

The kids loved spending Easter in sunny Florida.  There were lots of other children visiting and one of our local friends (down in Florida at the same time) came out to see us one day too!

Is it even necessary for me to express how depressed I am being back home!!?

And, I haven’t kick-boxed in 2 weeks…I know I am going to be ravaged with pain when I get back to it this weekend!

Fondue Freakout

12 Apr

I was at a fondue place with my husband the other night and all the steam from the pot was blowing my way.

So when he snapped a photo I figure it would look smoky. However I was not expecting to see a ghost!

Do you see what I see!?


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