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Tag Along Sister

31 Mar

We hit a milestone the other day when my first grader was phoned by a classmate. She gabbed on the phone, all smiles, and made a plan to meet her friend in a local park.

My little man was at a birthday party so the girls and I headed out.

My daughter and her friend ran into each others arms giggling and embracing and everyone seemed happy.

Not long after however, my big girl stormed over and said

Mooom she won’t leave us alone.

She, being her little sister.

I know she loves her little sister and they play very well together.  It seemed like the friend was giving my daughter the vibe that the little one was in their way.

I told her I understood she wanted some alone time with her friend, but that unfortunately, I wouldn’t allow her to hurt her sister’s feelings.  She didn’t want to play with me…she wanted to be with the big girls, of course.  If we were at home, I would have gotten the little one involved in something else.

This is usually a problem with play dates.  I end up spending more time trying to keep  2 of the kids entertained and happy so the one with the friend over can enjoy her or him without siblings getting in the way.

I want them all to play together but it’s so important that they have alone time with their friends.

How does it all work in your house?


Clover Clamor

29 Mar

The little one is obsessed with everything associated with St Patrick’s Day.  She may look like a little Irish step dancer but there’s not an Irish bone in her.  She is constantly on the lookout for rainbows, pots of gold, clovers and specifically four-leaf clovers…claiming at least weekly to have found one.

Well ladies and gentleman, today my little peanut actually found a four-leaf clover!  I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a real one in my life!!  According to Wikipedia for every 10,000 3-leaf clovers there is 1 4-leaf clover.

"I wish for a Lego Death Star and toy cookies."

Like a typical big brother, the little big man quickly snatched it from her and started feverishly making wishes on it. That freakin Lego Death Star.  It’s a constant begged for item though I’ve told little man that there is no way we, or Santa, or any relatives will EVER be gifting  a hunk of Lego to him for $399.99.  I guess it can’t hurt to wish!

Here’s hoping the 4-leaf clover brings my little one some good luck though.  She’s been so sick for several weeks with chronic sinusitis, capped off by a visit to the emergency room on Monday night after she had a bad allergic reaction to her latest antibiotic.

Have you ever found a 4-leaf clover?

Lazy Twins Day

25 Mar

When I woke up this is how I found 2 out of the 3 kids.

I love how they cuddle. It truly fills up my heart.

But I also wonder if this need to be so close sometimes is related to their twiness. Little sister cuddles with them too but there is something about these two when they lay together. It makes me think about them laying all over each other in the womb. Perhaps there is a memory of that togetherness that they still seek?

Crabby, but Sick, Girl

23 Mar

The little one beckoned me to turn around in the car the other day as we were traveling to a family party.

She wanted me to look at her finger.
And her finger was all I saw!

She’s been so crabby lately and it’s been rough.  But she’s also been sick with an unresolved sinus infection that has been around for about 8 weeks.  3 pediatric visits, 1 ENT visit, and 1 allergist visit later (with a neurology appointment scheduled that I am hoping I’ll be able to cancel), I think she is finally on the right medicines.

Waiting at the allergists' office...far back from mom who was just spit on...

The downside to the beautiful weather is open windows in which all the screams and distress leak out into the world. :)

Happy Friday!

Circus is Here…Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® Presents DRAGONS!

22 Mar

Yesterday we attended the opening night of  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® presents DRAGONS…showcasing astonishing acts of bravery and athleticism that honors the year of the dragon!

The kids were beyond excited, especially when I told them we’d be seeing dragons!   They had never been to the circus and it had been at least 15 years since I last went so this was quite a treat.  We were invited to arrive early where we saw the Animal Open House.

It was so cool running around checking out the animals.

We then headed to our seats but then realized we could go down to the arena and hang out with some of the cast clowns before the show began!

free tattoos and clown noses...what's better than that!?

The show was an amazing demonstration of very talented, courageous and athletic performers.  We saw people flying above us, jumping on horses and through fire, and getting too close for comfort for me with some lions and tigers.  And yes…”real” dragons too!  The kids were literally screaming with fear and delight.  We were with some of my blogging friends and their families so we were a large and loud group!

But one of the best part for the kids was…you guessed it…the circus toys!

when mania hits post cotton candy and ice cream two hours after bedtime!

we love the circus!

What a fun night! If you want to check it out too click here to see when the circus is coming to your area.

*company provided tickets for review

Joy in A Dirt Pile

20 Mar

The glorious weather continues, as does our time outdoors. While the kids were at school today I stumbled upon this fixture in our front path.

It just almost brought me to tears….the innocence, the creativity, the smiling face!
It doesn’t matter what material she has, my girl creates art everywhere :)

This is How We Roll

19 Mar

A simple trip to the store can cause a lot of fighting, because the world is really crafted for people with only 2 children. One cart never adequately holds them all so when my husband is with me we get two carts.

Sometimes we park them in the middle of the aisle while I scramble one way and he scrambles the other to maximize our time. Today the kids did well with it as they discussed what ice cream flavors they would be choosing as a reward for good behavior.

We took them to TCBY for the first time and they had a blast putting every disgusting topping combination imaginable on their “ice creams”.

The days are long but the weeks fly by and I am doing my best to cherish every moment…how about you?

“Let’s Hold Hands and Run!”

18 Mar

While baby sister was out with her dad today, the twins had a good time with each other….I caught them holding hands a couple of times.

We saw a bulldog in the park and my son asked if his

face is broken

I chuckled and my daughter said,

mom you should really put that on Facebook!

I’m wondering ow much more time there is until holding hands is completely out of the question. :)

Trip to the Shooting Range

17 Mar

A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for 50 bucks which entitles the buyer to 2 hours at a local shooting range (class and then shooting).  I passed it along to some friends and we decided to make an event out of it last weekend.

I’ve shot a gun before and I happen to really enjoy it, but one or two in my group had not so there was a bit of anxiety from some before we headed in to the range.

We couldn’t take any pictures or use our phones once we were in the range, but trust me it was awesome!  It’s super exhilarating firing a gun.  And the best part was that I BEAT my ultra competitive husband shooting from 25 yards…my shots were way closer to the bulls-eye. :)

Of course we were ravenous after it all and headed to a local BBQ place that was AMAZING!  My friend forced me to try a fried Twinkie for dessert and it was surprisingly good.

It’s fun to shake things up a little right?!

The Cul-De-Sac Life

14 Mar

This has been an unbelievable weather week here in NY.  It’s hard to believe it’s March.  And if you haven’t already noticed I’m big into having the kids outside so we’ve been spending hours enjoying the fresh air.

We often travel to one of the many great parks around here but the little one was feeling  a bit unwell after school so we opted instead to stay at home.

I pulled up a lawn chair and settled in with my Kindle as I basked in the sun.

The children, meanwhile, got very busy.

They unloaded half of the contents of the garage into the center of the street.  I loved watching them act out scenarios as they played one of their favorites, “family”.

Because we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, they seem to feel as if they rule the roost on the street.  I know I’ve written a little about some of the benefits.  But with only about six other homes on our road, I am so thankful we have hardly any traffic which allows them to really play in the street.

They seem to love to be home, just like me!  :)



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