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Bus Etiquette

29 Feb

I snapped this photo this morning. It was too adorable! It lightened my mood as I was actually quite irritated.

I was able to take the picture because the bus was idle…waiting at the bus stop for the child that wasn’t there on time. The one that’s never there on time. The one that has two steps to walk from the front door to the bus stop (as opposed to my kids who have to walk up the street).

How am I going to deal with this for the next 12 years!?

(Oh and the twins aren’t sitting together because my daughter refuses to sit with her brother, to my dismay!)

Birthday Card

27 Feb

I am so touched by the words my 6-year-old wrote to me in a birthday card she crafted.  She also always makes the card from her brother and sister and father though she is the one who created it…a generous and sensitive soul!

How many times are you thanked for what you do as a parent?  It’s amazing when your kid can tell you just what you need to hear, isn’t it? :)

Am I Having a Mid Life Crisis? (Turning 41 with a Boom and a Bang)

26 Feb

I had such a nice birthday weekend.  It started Friday night with my 4th kickboxing class of the week.  I continue to love it and be obsessed  At the age of 41 (today) I am approaching a good fitness level, for the first time ever.  And on top of that I simply love punching.  Kicking is okay too but punching has been exhilarating me.

And when my husband asked where I would like to celebrate my birthday I begged him to take me to Tiro A Segno.  This is the Italian gun club for members only.  His brother is a member and I so appreciate him letting us go.

I wish I didn't look so awkward!

We had the most delicious Italian meal with too many courses too count which was interwoven with trips to the basement for target practice.

So punching and shooting…what does that say about where I am in life?!

Oh and today’s fortune cookie was awesome:


Sounds like a good birthday resolution :)

Rainy Days and Target

24 Feb

I really have no right to complain about the rainy, lousy weather today because the weather this week has been stellar. I’m glad we took advantage of the mild sunny climate because today was definitely a couch potato day.

notice who's always coveting the remote?!

I’m so amazed at how they can be crying and clawing at each other one minute and snuggling the next. It was all I could do to peel them from the couch to pick up a few prescriptions at Target (I bribed them).

The deal was that they could go to the dollar area and pick whatever. I’m so thrilled this tactic still works!

What was totally annoying is that by the time we made it over to the pharmacy they were closed for lunch. How freaking irritating is it that this multi billion dollar corporation cannot stagger lunch breaks in the pharmacy?

Because you know at this point the kids were out of snuggle mode and into clonking each other on the head mode. And you also know there was a crowd of 50 people all waiting for their meds and witnessing my kids transform into demons. We got mixed looks of amusement and disgust as I tried to get everything sorted out.

But now we are home…it’s Friday…and I have kickboxing tonight!

What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

Life on a Ledge with Markers

22 Feb

I really think my little one has some animal DNA in her.  She climbs everything, walks on furniture, prefers to stand when eating, etc.  She also uses a window ledge as a resting spot.

There are two plush couches within a few feet of her, but this is where she prefers to watch TV, hang out and have a snack…for extended periods of time.

She does use the couch occasionally, however….mostly when she wants a sister snuggle.

Oh and clearly I haven’t managed to properly hide all the markers in this home, because the little clown struck again…

Gotta love vacation week.  :)

Presidents Day

20 Feb

My big girl woke up this morning and got to work on a picture.  She loves art and is always constructing a project or sketching a picture. Without any photo to copy she drew this amazing picture!

She wanted to know what his favorite color was and if he had any difficulty talking with “just one tooth”.  So cute!

This is the beginning of a looooong week.  What have you got planned to keep your children entertained?

“I’m A Clown”

19 Feb

My little one will be five years old in a few months yet we still have to watch out when she has markers in her hands!!!

From her face to her belly to my table to the walls…nothing is safe!

Do you have any marker happy kiddos?!

A Good Day for Chalk

17 Feb

It’s a sunny 54 degrees here today and I’m so glad to be outside with my little one.

I’ve opened the windows and aired out the house. Now I’m trying to air out the kids!

Is getting fresh air important to you?

You’re So Little

16 Feb

I was cleaning up my 6 year old daughter’s room the other day and stumbled upon this:

It says:

I like school but a boy named Andrew said to me at recess, “you’re so little you’re like the littlest one in the class”.  And it’s true.  I am the littlest one in the class.

Aw my little peanut.  I can’t believe she is being tormented in first grade by a boy for being petite.  I told her if he bothers her again she should say, “Well you’re so annoying.  I’ll grow, but you’ll always be annoying!” :)

How do you help your children when they are being teased by their peers?

Best Valentine’s Present

15 Feb

How was your V Day?


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