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A Moment of Rest from Illness

31 Jan

It seems like everywhere we turn someone is sick.  Strep, pink eye, stomach virus….it’s all out there.  My baby’s preschool class sounds like a hospital waiting room!

And we haven’t been immune.  That’s why I was grateful for this moment the other night when the kids (though pale and somewhat miserable looking) had a peaceful rest in my bed watching the Fresh Beat Band.  (Thankfully I have my kindle close by the bed…always….that show is unwatchable!!!!!!!!)

Boy these winter months are rough…(Though I do appreciate the mild winter we are having here in NY)…do you find yourself surrounded by sickness also?

From Bad to Good (Day)

25 Jan

I was having a long migraine induced day (after a night of no sleep) home bound with the girls who had to miss school.

When my son arrived home he presented me with a folded piece of paper that said,

To Mommy

I opened it up to find this…

It was just what I needed. :)

How do your kids lift your mood?

Pinewood Derby

23 Jan

The pinewood derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts within the Boy Scouts of America.  Theoretically, the Cub Scouts are supposed to construct their own cars from kits that contain wood, wheels and axles.  But when the Cub Scout is 6 years old, the construction of the car falls in the hands of the scout’s father.

My Cub Scout’s father, who is skilled at building things, did the very best he could.

The derby occurred over the weekend and the girls and I stayed home and anxiously awaited the outcome.  Unfortunately when the boys came home it was evident by their facial expressions that the news was not good.  My son has just started talking to his father again. :)

It makes me wonder how a parent driven activity like this really benefits my son?  I guess it brings home the lesson that in life you don’t always win.  :)

What do you think?

Mom I Did My Own Hair…

22 Jan

Don’t I look beautiful?

Snow, The Great Motivator

21 Jan

The little one came into my room at 6:30 this morning and proclaimed that it was snowing.  Every five minutes after she asked when she could go play in it.  Every time I tried to will my body to awaken I felt every twinge and ache from the 4 kickboxing classes I took this week.

When I finally limped my way out I told the kids the only way they were going to play in the snow was when every one of their messes in every room of the house got cleaned.  Little one sprang into action while the big girl stared wistfully out the window…

it’s snowing and I see a squirrel trying to hibernate!

Two hours later they were snow suited and out in the snow.  Though I am quite the warm weather person and get cold when it’s 65 degrees out, I do get great delight helping the kids frolic and giggle in the snow.  I know I wouldn’t experience this if we lived in warmer climate.

I did shovel the driveway with my worn out body.  I figured it would be a little exercise since I didn’t go to a class today.

Did you get any snow?

The Nurturer

19 Jan

I just love it when the kids are having a love moment.

Usually when mine are it’s my big girl who facilitates the closeness.  She’s got such a kind heart and loves to be affectionate with her siblings (when she’s not fighting with them!).

When I am unavailable she makes herself the stand in mommy to kiss boo-boos and help clean up spills. She’s never been prompted to do any of these caring things; she is just an innate nurturer.

What kinds of attributes do you observe in your child/ren?


17 Jan

I awakened yesterday morning to the sound of my children singing happy birthday to Martin Luther King!  It was so seriously cute.

They had no school and I have a cold so I stayed in my bed a little longer than usual to rest.  When I stumbled out my daughter asked,

Can Martin Luther King hear us in Heaven?

I told her I bet he can.  She said,

Well I know God hears everything so if he didn’t hear us sing God will tell him happy birthday.


Then we got going to the children’s museum.  It’s really close to us and I wanted to get there right at 10 when it opened because the place is always really mobbed.  I brought some passes I won which was a huge score because otherwise I would have been out close to 50 bucks for two hours of hell fun.

My son complained that it was going to be lame and that he’d rather be playing video games.  But then he saw this giant climbing thing and all bets were off!

Though we’ve been to the museum a few times, they have no prior memory of it.  This climbing thing was always off-limits to them because they were so little.  It saddened me, in a way, to watch them crawling around with big kids.

We did bubbles, building blocks, musical instruments and all sorts of  migraine inducing fun stuff.

After 2 hours I they had had enough.

But not before they stared at themselves…all of them…for another 20 minutes!

How was your MLK Day?!

Crockpot Mexican Soup

14 Jan

One of the challenges I face daily is providing meals for my family.  Cooking doesn’t come naturally for me.  I myself don’t eat breakfast and could happily eat soup for lunch and dinner.  Interestingly, however, my children are also really starting to enjoy soup.  They love my minestrone soup and request weekly, the crock pot country chicken chowder.

Today I thought I’d experiment with another crock pot soup.

I took:

4 frozen chicken breasts

1 large jar of salsa

1 can of black beans

1 can corn

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 cup chicken broth

not a great photo...taken after most of it was consumed...

I threw it all in the crock pot on low and cooked it for 8 hours.  The kids thought the house smelled great and couldn’t wait to eat.  I shredded the chicken and threw a little taco cheese in each bowl.

Unfortunately, it was a bit too spicy for the kids, but for the grownups it was pretty good!

And it couldn’t be much easier.

What’s your favorite crock pot recipe?

First Grade Has Gotten Intense

11 Jan

It’s a new year and a new level of intensity for my twins.  In addition to their daily reading, writing and math homework they are now having weekly spelling tests and book reports due on Friday.

There are so many psycho parents I encounter who want homework for their 2 year olds.  So I get that not everyone feels like I do, but I honestly feel sad about it.  There’s so much competition, pressure and intensity.  My twins are just 6 years old.  They get home from school and they are tired.  The last thing they want to do is spend another half an hour at least doing school work.  (There are also other issues when doing homework with twins as you can imagine!)

So here’s my plan.  We tackle the homework right away and then they are free to play the rest of the day.  I’m scaling back on all the after school activities…the kung fu classes, the art classes, girl and boy scouts, library time, swimming, sports, etc.  I want their post homework time to be mostly about unstructured play and lots of play dates and fun.  I get that there has to be some homework but it just seems like kids get less time to be kids these days.

How do you feel about your child/ren’s homework load?

My New Love

10 Jan


Those of you close to me and those who are not…I know you’re sick of hearing about my new flame.  It’s only been about a month but I’m obsessed.  I’m changing and I can’t stop talking about it.  My energy level is up.  My happiness level is up.  And my body is reacting in all the right ways.  The fat is receding and the muscles are popping.  I’m learning new character changing skills and becoming a tougher broad.  I’m becoming more coordinated.  And I’m also thinking about what I put in my mouth…no need to overindulge when I’m feeling this way!  People are telling me I’m looking good thanks to you.  Sometimes I do feel very used, abused and sore, (even as I write this my butt is killing me) but I am aware pain is part of the process.  I’m determined for us to last because I’m committed…

I love you kickboxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I’d feel so passionately about a hardcore workout.  I’m a klutzy girl who likes to read in my bed.  But last week I went to four kickboxing classes in five days!  I’m on my way to being kick ass, or a least a little bit tough :)

Have you ever experienced a transformation like this?



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