It’s New Year’s Eve (and I’d Rather be Watching the Twilight Zone Marathon)

31 Dec

We opted to lay very low this New Year’s Eve, with a few highlights for the kids.  (My parents had been scheduled for a visit but that was sadly postponed.)

Highlight number one involved dining at Friendly’s.

Highlight number 2 was all about getting the 12 scooped 6 topping Giant Crowd Pleaser Sundae.

All topping had to be on the side, of course, as great minds couldn't agree or let toppings contaminate one another.

Highlight 3 was about coming home and having a party, which nowadays always includes Just Dance Kids 2.

And the last highlight of the evening is all about staying up later than ever to watch the ball drop.  They are watching Sponge Bob as they eagerly await midnight.

They, being minus one, that is :)

Happy New Year!!!

(I’m about to sneak off to watch the Twilight Zone Marathon…my favorite part of New Year’s…what’s your favorite thing to do?)

4 Responses to “It’s New Year’s Eve (and I’d Rather be Watching the Twilight Zone Marathon)”

  1. Beth December 31, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    Love the matching princess nighties and the Just Dance pic. Your girls look like a great dance team. Happy New Year. Our tradition is to fall asleep and kinda, sorta wake up enough to watch the ball drop.

  2. Elana January 1, 2012 at 2:08 am #

    Games with good food and drink with our four closest friends (2 couples) – this is our 11th year in a row of celebrating together so it’s neat now to include all our kids :)

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