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It’s New Year’s Eve (and I’d Rather be Watching the Twilight Zone Marathon)

31 Dec

We opted to lay very low this New Year’s Eve, with a few highlights for the kids.  (My parents had been scheduled for a visit but that was sadly postponed.)

Highlight number one involved dining at Friendly’s.

Highlight number 2 was all about getting the 12 scooped 6 topping Giant Crowd Pleaser Sundae.

All topping had to be on the side, of course, as great minds couldn't agree or let toppings contaminate one another.

Highlight 3 was about coming home and having a party, which nowadays always includes Just Dance Kids 2.

And the last highlight of the evening is all about staying up later than ever to watch the ball drop.  They are watching Sponge Bob as they eagerly await midnight.

They, being minus one, that is :)

Happy New Year!!!

(I’m about to sneak off to watch the Twilight Zone Marathon…my favorite part of New Year’s…what’s your favorite thing to do?)

Just the Cutest Picture Ever

29 Dec

The kids were a part of the bridal party at my niece’s wedding last April.  I watched this adorable visual twin-to-twin exchange between them as they got ready to do their part.  I’m so happy it was captured in a photo!

Last Night of Chanukah

28 Dec

When my children excitedly came home from our Christmas Eve celebration, first they put cookies and food out for Santa and Rudolph; they then rushed over to our menorah and asked when they could light the candles.

In this family, we celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, and though more individuals in our town celebrate Christmas, the kids have excitedly embraced the celebrations of the dual religions.

And tonight was the last night.  My daughter has been adding a candle to her picture every night we lit them.

Though they received an insane amount of Christmas presents, they also got a few Chanukah gifts too.  Tonight they diligently got to work on each of their Melissa and Doug crafts.

Which holidays do you celebrate?

Staying Close with Skype

27 Dec

My husband has usually left for work by 6:30 a.m. and most nights doesn’t get home before 7 p.m.

However, the kids are able to keep in touch with him all day with Skype.  Even the little one is able to hop right on the computer, see if he’s online, then place a call to him.  Today I found her talking to him about her score in Just Dance Kids 2…one of our new presents from Santa.

We also use it with my parents who are out of state and need to see their grandchildrens faces regularly!

Who do you Skype?

Grandma’s Birthday Party

23 Dec

Last Sunday we attended a birthday party for my mother in law…her 80th!!!
It was just for immediate family.

My in laws, their 7 children…

and their 7 spouses,

and the 19 grandchildren, and one great grand child (plus another great grand child on the way)….

We are a large group that is usually all together only once a year on Christmas Eve.

For this reason, Christmas Eve is my mother in law’s favorite day.  And with the same thought, we knew what would make her happiest would be for all of us to gather in honor of her for her big birthday!

And this is one of my favorite photos of the day…

My big girl with a little admirer...her first cousin's child (I think this makes him her first cousin once removed)

I understand why my mother in law feels so blessed. :)

And doesn’t she look fabulous!?

It’s The Most Tantrumy Time of the Year…

21 Dec

Not a wonderful time of the year over here. :)

Santa I’d Like an iPad, Says the Four Year Old

19 Dec

Little one saw Santa at school last week.  And once again she asked for an iPhone, iPad, DS and XBOX…and her whole class heard it!

Let me remind you she is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!!

It is my job this week to remind her of what has already been purchased and hidden in her dad’s closet what she REALLY wants.

Are any of your children asking for things they WON’T be receiving for the holidays?!

6 Year’s Old and Failing….

17 Dec


Yes, you heard me right.

I received a call this week from the school music teacher who wanted to give me a “head’s up” that my son will be receiving an “I” on his first grade report card.  Well I don’t know what an “I” means but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere along the lines of “It’s not good”.

She said he was great in music in kindergarten but this year not so.  During music he “looks out the window and acts lethargic”.

I talked to my son and he denies all the charges. :)

I guess I’ll have to see for myself at his winter festival next week. :)

Teachers’ Gifts

16 Dec

My little one anxiously awaited for her class to open this morning so she could present her teachers with their holiday gifts.

Gifts for teachers during this time of year always makes me kind of batty.  Between my three kids they have 5 primary teachers, 2 music teachers, 1 gym teacher, 1 art teacher, several cafeteria aides, a bus driver, and probably others I am forgetting (Girl and Boy Scout leaders, ballet and kung fu teachers, etc…), who impact their educational lives.

The class parents collect money (between 5-10 dollars per teacher) in each class for holiday presents.  However, I’ve noticed that every parent gives an additional gift (and I mean nice gifts too…I even saw some Red Door* bags!) on top of the communal class gift.   So now, I feel obligated to do the same or run the risk of looking like a cheap, ungrateful parent.  (*Please note…my excitement about that certain colored door bag should be a hint to anyone who is wondering what to get ME.)

And then what about the others I mentioned that no one collects for?   (And I’m not even talking about the other others….mailman, paper delivery guy, garbage guys, etc…)  Where and when does it end?!  This dilemma is one of the reasons I have the tendency to become unfestive.

In the end I’m handing out gift cards everywhere I turn. :)

So what are your thoughts about it all?

Some T.V. Before Bed

13 Dec

twin 6 year olds and a 4 year old

I just love that the kids will stop fighting for a few moments some nights to climb into my bed to watch television together.  Usually what to watch is another argument but lately they’ve been able to agree on any and all of the specials that I DVR’d….Frosty, Rudolph, The Grinch…etc.

When they were babies every day ended with them snuggling together in my bed.

twin 2 year olds and a 9 month old

I’m sadly wondering how much longer they will continue this routine.

What moments do you treasure in your home?


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