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Bunny Girl

30 Nov

Yesterday I offered carrots to the children.  Little one said she’d like one but she had to do something first.

That something was finding and donning her bunny ears!
It was a rainy and dreary day and I was feeling a bit crabby.
But that little bunny completely changed my mood :)

Hockey Guys

29 Nov

On the last day of roller hockey season dads and sons were invited to play one another.

This was so exciting for my son who approached the task with extreme seriousness.

Thanks to my incredible new camera I was able to snap the greatest picture in the world.

Birthday Party Success x2

27 Nov

We had a very long week so it’s no surprise that we are all sick.  Even I succumbed yesterday and was once again afflicted by a terrible fever.  So weird that I hadn’t had a fever in like 10 years and now twice in 3 months.

But the important thing is that we were all happy and healthy on Black Friday when we had the twin’s 6th birthday celebration at none other than their most desired birthday spot… Chuck E Cheese.

Since the party was for twins (who are in separate classes) we had quite a lot of children.  (as an aside, the helper at Chuck E Cheese couldn’t seem to process this fact and repeatedly commented on how large the party was and I kept asserting that it’s really 2 parties happening at the same time to which she would ask “where’s the other mommy?”)

The reason the kids wanted their party at Chuckie E Cheese so badly was because of the ticket blaster.

My daughter took the little one in and she ingeniously held out her dress to catch the tickets.

My son chose to take me in with him prior to that and, well, I failed.

I had my hair everywhere and I was totally spastic trying to grab those tickets.  It seems as if I’m even giving my husband, my son’s first choice to go in, the finger…

But we did get enough tickets for the kids to be able to get some good stuff and that is obviously the other thrilling part of Chuck E Cheese.

I was so pleased that everyone seemed to be having fun.  We never lost control of the large group….even when the kids stormed Chuck.  Oh and hey twin moms I need to let you know that we had 2 cakes and we usually sing happy birthday 2x.  (I say usually because this was too confusing for the Chuck E helper.)

We came home and the house immediately was overrun with Barbies and Lego Star Wars.

I’ve asked the kids how it feels being six years old.

Big guy says…

like nothing

And his sister, while looking in the mirror…

are my boobies getting bigger?

(help :) )

The Thanksgiving Festivities

25 Nov

Monday was the twins birthday so Sunday was the day I baked 48 cupcakes to bring to school to celebrate.

By the way, my daughter has an egg allergy so I want to pass along this tip.  Eggs can be easily replaced in baking with applesauce.  So when I make those Duncan Hines cupcakes, I simply replace 1 egg with 1/4 cup of applesauce and cupcakes become egg free and alright for my little allergy girl (probably healthier too!).

The kids were sooo excited to see me arrive at school but they were surprised and even more delighted to see their dad with me.  Each twin got some special time in their class with me and my husband.  And then the hot shots got to hand out their cupcakes in their classes and beyond to whomever they chose…so cute!

When those festivities were all done my son switched hats and we went right into his Thanksgiving feast. My daughter had her party last week after her play.

By that time the little one had joined us and I couldn’t get over all the turkey the two of them ate.  I mean I seriously never saw her eat like that…right off her brother’s plate.  And she took a 2 hour nap when we got home!!!

Yesterday we had a really nice Thanksgiving celebration.  My nephew, a freshman at Northwestern, was home for the first time and we were all very excited to see him.

My little guy just loves hanging out with his big cousins.  I hardly saw him for the rest of the day once he had his cousins in sight.  And don’t you love when you see other people loving your kids?  It’s especially touching when the “others” are just kids themselves.

The pictures (this whole blog actually!) really illustrate so much of what I am thankful for…

How was your Thanksgiving?

What Was He Thinking

22 Nov

Oh I just love this picture I took of my little guy as we waited at the pediatrician’s last night.

You just have to wonder, by looking at his expression, just what is running through that brain.  Is he contemplating all the presents he will be getting at his party later in the week?  Is he wondering if I lied and he WILL be getting a shot?!

I love how he takes a little bit of Lego everywhere we go.

Poor little man is always sick around his birthday without fail every year.

When he was around two years old one day he ran up to me and blurted out,

I don’t see angels anymore.

Despite my digging he had nothing else to say on the matter.

Do you ever stare at your kids and wonder about their thought processes?!

(P.S….diagnosis…sinus infection :( )

Twice as Much to Love, Two Blessings from Above…Happy Birthday to my Twins!

21 Nov

Is it really possible that a year has passed since I wrote about my babies turning five years old?  Why does my heart feel so heavy and my chest feel so tight?  I am truly blessed with great kids.  I know they have to grow up.  I just never expected it to feel so fast!  I keep telling them I will be crying all day.  They were actually born on a Monday.  I took them home Thanksgiving day…my two five pound turkeys!

My daughter says

don’t worry mom…we’ll always be your babies!

They love to hear stories about when they were babies.  I tell them they used to fight in my belly and that my son used to hiccup all the time.

he must have been laughing a lot in your tummy

Said my daughter about her twin.  I told her I think she’s right. :)

Today they turn 6.

At bedtime I told them when they awaken they will be 6 years old.  My son suggested they take one last picture, so my daughter climbed in his bed.

Here is the final photo of 5 year olds …together, of course!

Happy birthday to my beautiful son and daughter!

First School Play

18 Nov

For the first time, today I watched one of my children star in a school play.

It was a play about Thanksgiving and my daughter was a “narrator” dressed as a Native American.

I really have no idea what the play was about.

Well it was obviously about Thanksgiving as there were pilgrims, native americans and then some animals.  But I was so busy relishing in the cuteness that I didn’t even follow the story!

Little one, on the other hand, was pretty captivated.

My daughter had been practicing her lines for weeks. It was so cute to see her up there all proud!

My daughter’s wonderful teacher allowed 4 children (who are twin siblings of the children in her class) to be greeters at the school entrance, hand out the playbill and direct guests to the gymnasium.

Little man took his job very seriously!

These moments are precious and I am thankful to be a part of them.:)

Do you ever find yourself contemplating what you are thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches?

A Little Grapefruit Before Bed

17 Nov

Our lovely neighbors always bring us citrus fruit from Florida.  My girls begged to have some


before dinner tonight.

They sucked it down like it was a milkshake…strange to me, being not a fan of grapefruit (unless it’s grapefruit juice, with some Grey Goose and some cranberry juice :) )

Are you ever surprised about what your kids consume?

They STILL Say the Cutest Things!

16 Nov

My twins are turning 6 next week and I am in complete denial.  Even though the majority of the children in this house are in 1st grade, they are still cracking me up with what comes out of their mouths.

Like at dinner tonight, my daughter was sitting with her sister on one side of the table, a bench.  She says

Move over…I’m on the edge of glory!

She complained that when she had to sleep with her sister she did too much

talk sleeping

Then I hear my son this morning tell his sister,

Hey did you hear that?  It was so cool.  I sneezed and coughed AT THE SAME TIME!!!

This is a guy who, while in Home Depot this weekend, shouted out

I wish I lived here.

Christmas stuff! Or why my son wants to live in this aisle at Home Depot

My son STILL requests his morning waffle with no

black of cook

(and my husband and I actually have incorporated black of cook into our conversations)

And my littlest monkey had a friend over yesterday.  I heard her say she’ll be right back.  Moments later I hear,

Do you know why it’s taking me so long in the bathroom? Because I’m MAKING A DOODEE!!!!!!

At which point her friend came into the bathroom and they had a conversation about princesses.

It’s getting really crazy over here as holidays and birthdays approach so I’m glad to crack a smile once in a while.

Do you record the cute things your kids say?

Damn Right I Travel 30 Miles for a Haircut (A Harrowing Hair History)

12 Nov

Since I am geographically challenged I don’t know if 30 is actually the number of miles I travel.  However, I live on Long Island and I do go to NYC to get my haircut two or three times a year.  My friends think I am insane.  They don’t get that I have a checkered hair history.

So here’s the deal.  I have long thick, (pre Keratin…) curly hair.  Actually it was curly until about 5 and then it straightened out and then it got curly again when I hit puberty.

I swear I remember standing in line in kindergarten to get my school photo.  You know how there’s always someone there straightening the kids clothes and smoothing down stray hairs?  I kid you not I remember that person looking at my hair and sort of sighing as she took one of those black plastic combs and proceeded to part the fluffy mess to one side.

And this is the reason I awaken at 5 a.m. on school photo days to get to work on MY kids! (Um mom, WTF!)

To say I hated my hair was understatement.  Mop head, poodle…those were just a few the names thrown my way.  (And the glasses and braces didn’t help the overall look.)

Growing up with thick sometimes curly hair and a mother who did not know how to manage it left me with some bad, bad hair days.  And every time she took my moppy head for a cut it was disastrous.  The cutter would stare at my head like on my kindergarten school photo day with a confused, frightened look….no clue how to wrangle it all in….which would sometimes result in thinning, as in my hair.  The absolute worst technique on my unruly hair.

My big, curly mess finally found a place in the late 80’s (which I obviously seriously question now!!!) and I just kept it going into the 90’s.

But it’s a fact that curly thick hair is not easy to cut.  So once I find someone who can do it well, I hang around.  This explains why I’ve only had 2 hair stylists since 1993.

In September of 2001 I booked an appointment with a new guy, John for a Sat morning  appointment.  I had a wedding to go to that evening and hoped I would have a fab cut and a blowout.  Turns out this was the Sat right after September 11th, so I vividly remember everything about that appointment.

10 years later, John and I are still together :).  And even better, I’ve been getting Keratin for the past couple of years so I no longer have to wrangle curls.  (Well, not entirely true.  I no longer have to wrangle MY curls.  I do however have 3 curly heads who are damn blessed to have a mother who knows a thing or two about curls.)

Oh c’mon did you really think I’d get through a post without a picture of them?! :)

I got 5 inches cut off last Sat and then had a hair debut night out!

So that’s my story.  When I go to John, I don’t have to worry and flash back to being in the hair place in the mall as a kid and having all my hair thinned out, looking awful.

Boy that was exhausting!

What about you…who else has a harrowing hair history?!


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