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Halloween Hoopla

31 Oct

We haven’t even gone trick or treating yet and I’m sitting here scrubbing the little one’s stained and tattered costume!  Well, she has been to 3 parties and 1 parade for crying out loud!

We went to a really fun party last night at my husband’s golf club.  The DJ announced that whoever danced the best would win 100 dollars.

This compelled my money-grubbing girls to dance for 4 hours straight.  I kid you not.  I actually had to ask them to take a break and they were only convinced to do so when I mentioned ice cream sundaes were available for consumption.

The girls even managed to drag their old momma up on the dance floor.  My husband swiftly grabbed the camera and took some fabulous shots.

When my children look back at pictures and videos as adults, they will no doubt see me only as a blurred image of hair and nose as well as an annoying voice in the background of all videos.

Did I mentioned that my hubby donned his famous barbarian costume during all the Halloween parties?

He starts growing the beard at the end of summer and in no time has a full, bristly and smelly animal living on his face.  But I have to say that him being all decked out in costume at his snooty reserved club made me love him more.  (Barbarian dad is greeting the twins at the bus stop right now!) And you may have noticed in those awesome pictures that I had a little devil thing going on that I bought at CVS right before we left.  My daughter beamed when she observed that we were the only adults in costume. :)

The party had an amazing makeup artist who spent almost 20 minutes on each child.  The girls looked amazing.

But what about my son?  Yes he was at this party.  Face painting, dancing, and  pumpkin decoration were of no interest to him.

The little man who chose to sit at the table and eat for 3 hours straight.

But the fun didn’t end there!  The twins had their school parade this morning at 9 while the little one paraded at 9:30.  I miraculously was able to see all of them with some reckless fast driving, Imitrex for the migraine I awakened with, and lots of caffeine.

I honestly couldn’t believe how relieved I was to get to the little one’s nursery school in time to see her parading…this being the last ever nursery school parade after 4 years!

Mermaids blow kisses too!

The two other parties we attended were cute as well.  The kids had a blast.  Last step is trick or treating to commence in one hour….can’t wait. :)

Happy Halloween from a barbarian, devil, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dorothy and a mermaid!!!!!!!!!

And the Halloween Festivities Begin…

29 Oct

When did Halloween become such a giant holiday?!

I mean when I was a child, I had a costume.  I went trick or treating. That’s all.

You can’t believe the schedule of events my kids have for this so-called holiday…..which includes….a party we did not attend yesterday, a party today, a party tomorrow, one we can’t attend tomorrow, Halloween parties and parades at each of their schools, the little one has a party on Halloween after school and then finally trick or treating.

But here I am maligning festivities as usual while at the same time encouraging them!

We made a trek to a local nursery that puts up elaborate decorations featuring a character called Otto the Ghost.

There were all sort of Halloween displays.  But my daughter was obsessed with baby Jesus.

I mean she kept running back over to that, picking it up and talking  to it!

She finally tore herself away for good to antagonize a witch.

I feel done already and it’s only just begun!  It doesn’t help that it is snowing here today…can’t stand it!

Does Halloween drain you as well?

Lunch Duty & Rethinking Kissing Boo Boos

27 Oct

Every Wednesday my little one stays after school for an enrichment program.  She loves it because on those days she has lunch at school.  (and on those days I have no kids until 2 pm which is still hard to fathom!  Making me think about a moment when the little one was a few weeks old and the twins were not even 2.  Someone, maybe my mother in law, came over for a visit and I took a shower.   I had 30 minutes alone and it felt I had gone on a 10 day cruise….for like 5 minutes…)

Yesterday I was on lunch duty at the school.  The cuteness was almost too much to stand.  I can’t even express the way it feels to see my kid so happy, so vibrant, and so social at school.

It confirms how essential a warm and wonderful teacher is to this process.  Her witch of a teacher from last year doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter when we pass her in the hall…can you imagine that?

The happy post lunch girl

By the end of the day she was tired, which was perfect for her brother to really aggravate her.  They started fighting and kicking each other on my bed and she cried.

I asked my daughter to go be a big sister and kiss what’s hurting on the little one. She comes right back and says

But mom…I can’t kiss her vagina!

(big brother had kicked her there, apparently)

To which the little one cried harder and said


It’s been a fun week over here.  How’s yours going?

More Fails

25 Oct

I’m fairly certain you’ll never guess what these guys are mesmerized by on that computer.

Believe it or not the first graders are learning, in gym class, Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance.  My big girl told me she watched some of the video in school and begged me to find it so she could watch the entire thing.

I told the kids they could watch if they got in their pajamas and got ready nicely for bed.


And then my big girl told me her teacher had only let them see certain parts of the video and that some of her friends moms wouldn’t let them watch the video.  What she is saying doesn’t entirely make sense.

But the point is that maybe I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT LETTING MY LITTLE GUYS WATCH A ZOMBIE VIDEO!!!! (and that point was clear at 10:03 when my baby girl was crying for me from her bed that she’s scared of  “monsters outside her window”)

Did I mention that the one who likes to stick things up her nose bit a glow stick today….then grabbed her throat and started screaming hysterically (in public..of course)…

it hurts! it hurts!

Not my most stellar mom moments today…ever have those kind of days?


All in An Average Weekend

23 Oct

He came into the kitchen, threw himself on the floor and told me all about his sister bothering him…

And I have a headache of her

…was the end of his sad tale.

Meanwhile, his sister was in her room writing down her woes on a chalkboard.

Names have been blocked out to protect the guilty innocent

So this basically says this is the worst day of her life and her brother and sister are terrible (“terdl”) and better stop it.  (The social worker in me thinks it’s pretty cool that she decided to vent her feelings by writing them.)

Then there was this evening with the little one telling me she has something stuck in her nose, but she doesn’t know what.  And of course my husband isn’t home.  But thankfully tweezers and a flashlight helped me to extract the little piece of felt she shoved up there because

it was on my floor and I didn’t want it there

Hey how was your weekend!?


Birthday Boy

20 Oct

I called my dad to say happy birthday this morning but he was way too preoccupied to hear me.  He had just received a birthday greeting on his Facebook wall (which he calls his “Facebook web page”) and was having difficulty responding to it.  After a few thousand instructions and when it was all said and done,  he responded to and liked the comment (he also tagged the birthday greeter but I wasn’t about to even try to begin to explain to him what tagging means). :)

Well can I really blame him?  I mean when he was my age, in 1973, the bar code had just been invented.  The most complicated technology he probably dealt with was a calculator!  So good for him for being on Facebook, keeping up with emails and surfing the internet…!!!

I just love this photo of him

But really he does okay, more than okay.

This is a guy who reads the paper everyday and covets and completes the Sunday NYT Magazine Crossword Puzzle.  He knows more about history, economics, politics and geography than most people.  He exercises daily along with my mom (and I’ve mentioned repeatedly that they are in better shape than their children).

To look at him you would never believe he turns 78 (don’t hate me dad) today!

I have no pictures of him alone because when I see him he is usually surrounded by and covered with my children.  He has been having some trouble with his arm and when he was here last he was rubbing it.  I asked why it was hurting.  He said he had just played elevator with my son ( a game where he lifts him up like he’s an elevator).  I said now why would you do that with your bad arm.  My father shrugged and said…”because he asked me to”.

Here’s to one of the best papas around…happy birthday! :)

Pre-K Pumpkin Pickers

18 Oct

My baby girl had a field trip today to a pumpkin farm.

The kids got to go for a hay ride and pick a pumpkin, radishes and green beans.  It was exciting for my girl to be playing with her whole class outside of the school.

They look so grown up from the back!

She had a great time on the playground and I had no idea where she was most of the time!

But the shocking part was how much flirting she was doing with her buddy, Liam!

Actually not that shocking  I guess because she does say she is going to marry him :)

And do you know I brought candied apples home for the kids and only one was interested!?

We learned that eating a candied apple and doing homework is not a good combo.

What’s the deal with pumpkin picking anyway?  I mean I never remember doing any of that as a child.

Do you go pumpkin picking with the kids?

A Sunny Fall Weekend with Parades and Fires

17 Oct

Well if I had to be outside cheering for the homecoming parade, I was praying that at least the weather would be nice…and it was gorgeous!  We met up with our friends and the kids gathered with their flags to cheer on the parade.  It was truly very cute.  And it was also nice for the kids to run into lots of their classmates who were all running wild on the car-less street.

The next day I was feeling a bit guilty.  Our friends were traveling out east with several other families for pumpkin picking.  We opted not join them.  Maybe it had something to do with memories of last years trip, but truly we are just too exhausted.  The weekends are packed with activities.  We wanted to lay low a bit.

Instead I gathered the kids to go to our town fire department for fire prevention day.

This was way more my speed.  It was very close to home, not too crowded, and once again the kids excitedly ran into classmates and friends.

The fire department did some neat demonstrations that mesmerized the children,

but hands down the best part of the day according to the kids was the free cotton candy!

Do you find yourself running from one activity to the next, even on the weekend?  Do you ever feel badly about turning down an event?

Spirit Week and the Unenthused Mom

14 Oct

(And this brought to you at the end of a week of a 72 hour rain induced migraine and a cricket infested den…)

The kids had spirit day Friday at school.  Parents had the option to dress the kids in spirit shirts that you could purchase or clothes which display our “town colors”.  Since I don’t have any extra MAROON AND GRAY shirts lying around, two were purchased for the twins (because we only have about 500 other non MAROON AND GRAY shirts which say the name of our town on them).

So first off, I hate football.  When I started dating my husband I really tried to get into it but it’s just not happening in this lifetime.  And then I told you once how I attended a high school in the middle of nowhere in Jersey where football was the highlight of everyone’s lives (except mine).  And then there’s the fact that I am not a festive person.

Every mass email from the twins’ school principal this week has closed with “Go Trojans” or something along those lines.  (And really truly when I hear “Trojan” I do not think of a football team…!)  I think those Trojans even came to the twins school today with the cheerleaders for a pep rally.  Sigh.

I don’t even know for sure because I was one of the parent volunteers in my son’s class helping the kids construct flags.

To use to cheer marchers.

At a parade tomorrow.

Which will march to the FOOTBALL GAME!!!

(some faces blurred out to respect privacy of the other kids)

But I do truly love to volunteer in the classrooms because the kids are really so damn cute.  But I was also the mom who:

1-did not bring a glue gun (I’ve never even seen one of these things and people own them…and sometimes more than one! Go figure!)

2-forgot to bring the required pair of scissors

3-brought a 6 inch ruler in lieu of the required 12 inch ruler because we have fifteen 6 inch rulers in our house and zero 12 inch rulers (and surprisingly, the ruler was insufficient)

4-came accompanied by a fiery little red-headed baby sister

One little gal sitting next to my son was staring at me today smiling.  I said “Hi there, I’m his mom” pointing to my guy.  She says, still smiling,

I like your hair.


And all the kids loved playing with baby sister who came with me.  She was like a little pet in the class and fit right in with all the activities.

Okay so despite the fact that I am completely unenthused, I’m doing the best I can muster, for the kids.

The bus, by the way, was late coming home today, again because of the football pep rally being held at the high school!  My son told me all about it when he leapt off the bus,

Mommy the bus was late because the high school had a PEPPERMINT!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

I’ll be at the homecoming parade :), cheering with my spirit flag :) .

GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officially Have a Shoe Tier in the House (thanks Grandma!)

14 Oct

I love when my parents visit because they completely entertain the kids.  I don’t know why I couldn’t have inherited their energy levels; and I don’t know how I’m related to them being so sloth like!

While they were here my daughter was intrigued with my mom’s running sneakers (yes I said my mom’s running sneakers…she runs several miles everyday and she is 76 years old!!!) and asked my mom to teach her how to tie them.

This sweet grandma spent like 4 ever so patient hours working with the little creep who whined about 83% of the time.

After she kind of mastered the tying my parents rewarded her with new sneaks (Keds…so cute!) that she has worn everyday for the past two weeks.

But when my mom left my big girl’s skills started to lapse and she was getting very frustrated when I tried to help her. It was then my mom suggested looking online for a shoe tying song.

I did and found this:

Criss Cross I am Tying My Shoes
(to the tune of “Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath”)

Criss Cross and go under the bridge,
Then you got to pull it tight.
Make a loop but keep a long tail,
That is how to do it right.
Then you take the other string,
and you wrap it ’round the loop.
Pull it through the hole,
Now you got the scoop.
Criss cross and go under the bridge,
Now you made a double knot!

My husband groaned for like an hour after he heard me sing this, but, the song worked!  It all started to click and now she really knows what she is doing.

My little big girl is all about tying her shoes now, sigh, but growing up too fast!

Have you come across any cool tips for teaching your kid to tie shoes?  Or are you not even bothering and sticking with Velcro :) ?


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