Status Post Hurricane Irene

30 Aug

So here I was acting all cool about the hurricane coming.  And then the night it arrived, Saturday, I could not sleep at all.  Before bedtime my area was issued a tornado watch.  I was just listening to the wind howling and panicking about my kids being swept away.  It’s all about the kids, obviously.  I mean, if I didn’t have kids I would have gone to sleep and dealt with whatever in the morning.  But I had read about a boy in Virginia who was killed when a tree fell on the roof and I just freaked thinking about my innocents in the rooms nearby sleeping.

The next morning a bunch of friends in my town had no power.  My husband thought we were lucky (and was a little cocky about it) but I had a feeling that wasn’t the case.  I hurried to make my cup of tea (need caffeine in a.m.) and prepare for an outage as the wind was still howling.  It did go out about 11 on Sunday and didn’t get on again until Monday afternoon.

We took a drive when things seemed to calm down outside and saw lots of disturbing images.

This road is right behind our house. I think the part of the tree blocking the road was already moved in this photo because it took a power line down with it.  We think our power was turned off because someone reported a gas line exposed here (though there wasn’t one).  We saw downed trees and debris everywhere.

We found a pizza joint that was open but not fully operational yet so my husband gave the kids their first experience with scratch tickets while we waited.

They had such a blast and were so excited to “win”.

When we returned home they all had a hard time getting used to no TV or computer but they soon got involved in other things like puzzles and coloring.

We were anticipating being without power for several days so I am grateful it was only a little over a day. I have to say there was something so nice about being forced to be home.   And I am so thrilled I did not cheap out on my Kindle cover and was able to read with light!

How did you or how have you managed through hurricanes?

4 Responses to “Status Post Hurricane Irene”

  1. elana August 30, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    where i live here in cary, nc we only got strong winds and rains – a great deal luckier than those who live on the NC coast :(

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster August 30, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    I experienced a bunch of typhoons in Japan. I thought they were a blast, and went outside to make little videos documenting the craziness of the experience (obviously not at the worst points).

    As you touched on here, I don’t think I’d feel nearly the same now. As a mom, I, too, read about that child’s death and thought I could not feel less excited for a hurricane–tropical or otherwise–now that I am a mom.

    I’m glad all was well, and that the downtime was a relatively sweet experience for you!

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