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Status Post Hurricane Irene

30 Aug

So here I was acting all cool about the hurricane coming.  And then the night it arrived, Saturday, I could not sleep at all.  Before bedtime my area was issued a tornado watch.  I was just listening to the wind howling and panicking about my kids being swept away.  It’s all about the kids, obviously.  I mean, if I didn’t have kids I would have gone to sleep and dealt with whatever in the morning.  But I had read about a boy in Virginia who was killed when a tree fell on the roof and I just freaked thinking about my innocents in the rooms nearby sleeping.

The next morning a bunch of friends in my town had no power.  My husband thought we were lucky (and was a little cocky about it) but I had a feeling that wasn’t the case.  I hurried to make my cup of tea (need caffeine in a.m.) and prepare for an outage as the wind was still howling.  It did go out about 11 on Sunday and didn’t get on again until Monday afternoon.

We took a drive when things seemed to calm down outside and saw lots of disturbing images.

This road is right behind our house. I think the part of the tree blocking the road was already moved in this photo because it took a power line down with it.  We think our power was turned off because someone reported a gas line exposed here (though there wasn’t one).  We saw downed trees and debris everywhere.

We found a pizza joint that was open but not fully operational yet so my husband gave the kids their first experience with scratch tickets while we waited.

They had such a blast and were so excited to “win”.

When we returned home they all had a hard time getting used to no TV or computer but they soon got involved in other things like puzzles and coloring.

We were anticipating being without power for several days so I am grateful it was only a little over a day. I have to say there was something so nice about being forced to be home.   And I am so thrilled I did not cheap out on my Kindle cover and was able to read with light!

How did you or how have you managed through hurricanes?

(Not) Calm Before the Storm

26 Aug

Earlier this evening the kids were happily playing outside as the sun blasted down on them.  I heard them say,

Here comes the hurricane…let’s get in the basement!

It’s been hard for them to not know that a major hurricane approaches.  Even they have noticed long lines at the gas stations, the parking lot at Target being fuller than it’s ever been, and an empty half of an aisle at Walgreen (where the water was).

Funny part is that my husband is a preparedness kind of guy so we have dry goods, water, and other things stocked in the basement already.  However last night we realized we didn’t have any C or D batteries.  Five Home Depots, one Walgreen and one CVS later we decided it wasn’t going to happen.  Hopefully our flashlight batteries will last.

There is not only a state of emergency here, but a state of hysteria.  The earthquake talk blended right into hurricane hysteria.  One of my friends couldn’t even leave her house today as she was glued to the weather channel, awaiting the impending doom.

Well I made sure the kids got lots of outdoor time today and I took advantage of the remaining beer and wine at Walgreen (who knew they even sold it!?) as we wait it out.

To all my east coast companions, here’s hoping you get through the hurricane safe and sound.

Nice Day for the Hot Tub!

22 Aug

We’ve got another virus between the kids which totally sucks! I don’t remember any summer that we’ve dealt with so many illnesses!

It’s a beautiful sunny day though and the healthy kid and a half want to be out. So we went to my sister in law’s pool.

Instead of being in the pool, however, they’re hanging in the hot tub! I can relate to that :)

Do you think kids should be contained to the house when they’re sick?

Simple Beauty

18 Aug

I finally got to do some grocery shopping when my husband came home tonight at 7. The kids were off the wall today and I’m tired so I was dragging the cart around going through the mundane motions.

As I left the market it felt good to hit the steamy outside air (I’m always freezing in the market).  I stopped walking for a moment to take a good deep yoga breath and caught a glimpse of the sky. Funny how I, the person who worships the sun and shuns any non warm and sunny weather, in that moment was overwhelmed by the beauty of the oncoming storm.  It wasn’t the beautiful clear blue sky that I see when the sun is blasting.  It was an angry looking blue symbolic of a storm in almost full brew!


And with that my stress level was knocked down a bit.

Are you ever surprised by where and when you see beauty?

Love the Beach

15 Aug

One of the things I love most about where I live is the proximity to the beach.  In just twenty minutes I can be at some of the most beautiful beaches in NY.  Before children I would spend every summer weekend at the beach.  It’s always been the place where I feel most at peace, must be the Pisces in me!

So naturally once I had kids I couldn’t wait to take them to the beach and re experience some of my much-needed ocean tranquility.

I was deluded!  What kind of peace could I hope to acquire with a 1 year old and two  2 year olds at the ocean!!!  See my little guy holding his hand up?  He tried to manage without getting any sand to touch his skin!  I mean they looked cute and all experiencing it all for the first time but boy were they PIAs!

(I just had to post this picture because it may be the cutest one ever :) )

SO my hopes and dreams were dashed and I was beach less for a couple of years.

However, this summer we’ve gone a couple of times and it’s been great!  The girls are still playing together.

But now for longer and without as much fighting!

It was actually pretty monumental when I found myself relaxing!!!  Of course I had all eyes on them, but I was actually sitting…amazing!  My nephews were there too so the kids were in heaven, especially after they all got ice cream…

Oh it was such a great time, and the best part is that I see the kids loving the beach as much as I do. :)

Do you take your kids to the beach?

Lazy Summer Days

11 Aug

Found the kids all snuggled up after a morning of swimming. We’ve been going to the pool or beach everyday. And that’s exhausting, right? :)

I love seeing them relaxing together. Does it warm your heart when your kids get along?

The Kids Took My Camera, And…

7 Aug

It was bad.

I think I had just had it and was escaping into my Kindle (I download free books like a mad woman and some of them are really good.) I’m actually not entirely sure when it happened.

You see I was enjoying my night out in Boston last weekend.  My husband and I were  sipping wine at the hotel bar and scrolling through the pix we had taken that day.  I saw that one above that I didn’t remember taking.

And then ones like this were appearing.

And it got so.  much.  worse.

Like if someone happened to look at my camera I could be accused of harboring kiddie porn.  I mean there were pictures of genitals being propped for the photo by hands of the opposite sex.  And about a thousand butt shots.  That bad.

The potty mouths have escalated. I’m utilizing all sorts of punishments most some of which I’m afraid to even share here!!!

I guess I need to lock up the camera and perform some kind of intervention for my genitalia obsessed kids.  What do you think?!

Trip to Boston…20 Hour Vacation Included!

2 Aug

I have been away from my kids only 2 times since they were born which means I have only slept in twice in almost six years!  I know that sounds weird but we really don’t have a lot of childcare options.

Meanwhile, every summer we travel with the kids up to the Boston area to visit my parents.  (During the rest of the year they visit us monthly.)   I’ve been feeling rather burnt out these past several months so I asked my parents if, during this visit, my husband and I could leave the kids with them and travel into Boston for the evening.  My parents, god bless them, not only agreed, but were excited to have solo time with the kids.

The first fun part of the trip always involves a stop at Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  We do not have any near us so it’s a definite stop for my husband to get his biscuits and gravy.

After we ate, it was pure genius of me to get the kids to run through the store filled with candy that they didn’t even see as they raced to the rocking chairs.  And in the meantime my husband could not leave without getting his beloved candy buttons.

So a few hours after we arrived in Massachusetts, my parents dropped my husband and me off at the subway to head into our mini vacation.  The kids were only too happy for us to get out of the car as they were headed to Toys R Us with their grandparents.

Forty minutes later my husband and I arrived at the Millenium Bostonian Hotel.  It is located right across the street from Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market which is a very cool location.

We walked around the area which is a great, interesting part of Boston and then had a delicious meal, followed by a luxurious stay in a hotel.  It was so awesome!

The next morning my parents picked us up with the kids and we headed out for our Boston Duck Tour. ( Last year we did the Swan Boats.)

I just loooove this picture! Duck tour was really cool and fun to do if you are ever in Boston.

When we got back to my parents, they took the kids swimming and gave us another break!  It may not seem like a lot, but it’s all me all the time with the kids so an afternoon with them in someone elses loving hands is such a relaxing treat!

And even the car rides weren’t that bad…though the kids did.  not.  sleep.  at.  all.  That’s right.  Eight hours round trip and not a second of sleep was had!

It was a  nice couple of days.  Though it might seem like the night away was my favorite part, truly it was really the comfort level I observed every moment there between my parents and my kids.

Do you cherish your kids relationship with your parents?


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