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Ann Taylor Event and Getting Girl Time

29 Jul

Last night I went to an event at Ann Taylor at my local mall to hear about their new fall line.  I tagged along with my friend Vera.  One of the PR girls had my blog listed as Just Another MANIAC Mommy, which, I thought, is brilliant!

But anyway, I find these blogging events motivating to get me thinking more about fashion and style which I pretty much abandoned once I had children.  Ah who am I kidding……..I never had any real fashion or style and probably never will :)

There was a stylist present who mentioned geometric patterns and color blocking.  It seems like color blocking is becoming a big fashion trend.  It combines the use of two or more blocks of color in an ensemble.  Basically it is creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color next to each other. It can include monotone, bright colors, muted colors, contrasting and complimentary colors but Ann Taylor seems to be showing monotone and bright colors together.

It was great that this was event was literally 2 miles from my house.  When it ended Vera and I decided to grab some dinner.  Though we see each other regularly, most of the time we spend together is with the kids present (and therefore we can barely finish a sentence with one another) or sometimes with the husbands present and then we’re all talking.

But girls need to be able to talk just girl to girl right?  The beauty of  our dinner date was that we spoke very little about the kids.  The only interruptions were about delivery of delicious food (at Grand Luxe Cafe…yum, yum, yum!) and ultimately our need to pee!

Friendships change as we hit different life stages, and sometimes are hard to keep in focus with children, or work, or marriage being all-consuming.  I consider myself lucky to have great friends in my life but I don’t always get the opportunity to have the one on one time like I had last night.  I’m here to remind you that we need that.

Do yourself a favor and call a girl friend today and make a date.  (I have one for next week :))  At the very least, have a good juicy phone conversation.  It is a matter of prioritizing our life to the things that are really important.  Remember how important it is to have time with friends!

Do you wish you spent more time with friends?

Slipsliding Away

25 Jul

Today the heat wave seemed to break around here.

But last week we had about seven 100 degree days in a row.  For 5.50 at Target I purchased the greatest solution to dealing with the high temps…

I never imagined how much fun and entertainment the Slip N Slide would provide!  The first night I set it up they played for 3 hours!  I actually tried it as well.  The kids (rightfully actually) told me I am:

So lame

I mean, how many more million times in my life will I hear that from them? :)

How have you been dealing with the hot temps?

They’ve Got the Life

21 Jul


This is what the summer’s been looking like so far…pool, pool and more pools! (With illness and trauma mixed in…)

You would think I’d be living it up a little, right!?  Wrong! I’m so tired! (And that’s why you haven’t been hearing from me.)  But these kids, I tell you, are loving their lives of leisure.

The twins had 2 weeks of half day camp.  Tomorrow is the end.

Oh good camp is ending.

They said in unison.

Finally we can get a break.

Can you even imagine these little guys are lamenting about the strain of attending camp for 10 days (which they APPEAR to love!)?  And then in the next breath is the daily beg request for ice cream.

Oh and incidentally my son got up the nerve to go down the water slide at our town pool.  He ended up losing his balance and coming down headfirst and backwards.  And this, of course, was my fault.

But even though we’re in a heat wave (and thus frequenting some sort of pool everyday) you won’t ever hear me complain about the steamy weather.  I still love summer, dammit!

Who else is dead tired?

(I know my friend is…she just texted me to say “I’m so tired I’ve been taking advantage of the Starbucks treat receipt!” :) )

Awareness of Aging (the kids)

15 Jul

Just this past Wednesday I was leaving our town pool with the kids and as usual I extended my hands to be held.  But when my hand brushed my son’s he rejected it.  He was looking at a group of older boys a few steps ahead of us with admiration.  When they said “hey” to him he tried to hide his delight as I felt a little ache in my heart.

That night I thought about how fleeting the moments are with the kids so young, and to cherish every hug and hand hold that is offered to me as I painfully anticipated them lessening from my first grade little man.

Only hours later early the next morning my son came to me with terrible stomach pain.  We spent all day yesterday in close physical contact, with him placing my hand on his stomach each time I tried to remove it.  It was so hard to see him suffer and the only way he seemed to get relief was when I was touching his stomach.  (Thank you, reiki).  His unrelenting pain had us seeking medical attention.  It was a long and difficult day.  Thankfully nothing is seriously wrong with him.

This morning he entered my room and told me he was feeling better.  He climbed in my bed, gave me a hug and said,

You took good care of me when I was sick.

What a gift!  I told him that was my job.  And that I always would.

And when he doesn’t want to hold my hand at the pool today I am going to be okay with it.

UGG® Australia Kid’s Shoe Review and Giveaway — ENTER TO WIN

11 Jul

My little man has some awesome new footwear, the UGG Australia Kid’s Halfhitch Boat Shoes.

If you’re like me, when you think of summer shoes and your little guy, it’s sneakers, flip-flops or sandals.  Sometimes though, we have to spiff him up a bit for parties and those other shoes won’t work.  He has wide feet and it’s been a challenge to find shoes other than sneaks that are comfortable.  I often end up cramming my little man’s Fred Flintstone feet into nicer looking shoes that make him miserable.

And speaking of misery, he was in a bit of a mood when he got dressed for his cousin’s graduation party.  He refused to leave the garage so I could take his photo in his new UGG® Australia Kid’s Halfhitch Boat Shoes.  (And you know how I love mad face pictures!)

But once he walked around (which turned into running around and attacking his sisters) my little guy seriously ended up loving his new shoes!  And then he happily agreed to pose for a pre party photo. :)

When he got to the party, his was so psyched because his older cousins all noticed his UGG® shoes and he felt ultra cool.

They look comfy and casual like sneakers, yet dressier.  My son now calls them his “party shoes”.

Kid’s Halfhitch | The kids UGG® Halfhitch is inspired by a warm weekend family sailing trip. A pint-sized version of the traditional boat shoe, made with canvas or suede uppers and hook and strap closure for easy adjustment and on off.

*    Toddlers size 10-12

*    Kids size 1-13

*    Colors: Medieval blue, Stout, Natural & Taupe (Natural is shown in these photos)

*    Price: $50 USD

They are really adorable and comfortable, and most importantly,  my son approves!  We love them already.  And guess what…

One (1) Just Another Manic Mommy reader will receive one (1) pair of UGG® Australia Kid’s Halfhitch Shoes!

Each of the following will earn an entry:

  1. Check out UGG® Australia and leave a comment here about why you would love UGG® Australia Kid’s Halfhitch Shoes for your little guy.
  2. Became a fan of Just Another Manic Mommy on Facebook, post on the wall, and leave a comment here stating it.
  3. Became a Facebook fan of UGG® Australia, post on the wall, and leave a comment here stating it.
  4. Become an email subscriber of Just Another Manic Mommy, and leave a comment here stating it.

Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada only. Winner will be chosen randomly on 7/19/11 and notified via email.

Sample provided for review.

The prize will be provided by UGG® Australia, but UGG® Australia is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of UGG® Australia.

Color based on availabilities.

Sentimental Siblings

5 Jul

For the past week my 3 children have all been together non stop as we frequented several parties and had lots of pool days. Today, the little one went to camp (her sister gave her a big hug and kiss before she was sent off) and the big guy went to camp and the broken arm girl spent time with mommy.  When they reconvened they had to fill each other in on their days.  It was so cute.  The big guy talked all about how he played lacrosse and “catched” the ball with a stick.  The little one told her sister that she flirted with Liam (so not joking!).

Then we got home and they literally all rolled around, like they needed to touch each other.  It was so cute.

I’m not completely delusional.  I know they’ll be fighting by the end of the day.  However, I really hope and pray that they will always be good friends.  I try to instill that in them…that no matter what they will always have one another.

What do you notice in your children’s’ relationships with one another?

Friday of 4th of July Weekend

1 Jul

I love this day.

The sun is blazing. The skies are blue.  The pool is perfect.

The kids are enjoying watermelon on the grass!

It’s the beginning of a great summer holiday weekend.  (Only sad part being that the summer flies from here.)

Happy 4th everyone!

We plan to be outside everyday.  How about you?


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