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Annoying Kid

30 Jun

Has your child ever taken a class?

There’s usually at least one annoying kid. You know…the one who doesn’t listen, the one who doesn’t do what he’s supposed to be doing, the one who makes his mom cringe…

Sadly, that child is mine tonight! (Sorry, Mr. Ryan)

These are some long days. I’m trying to wear them out and it’s not working!

Summer Vacation is Not a Vacation!

29 Jun

I love summer. I love the sun. So when I state that I’ve been at our town pool for the last 5 days you might think I live a life of leisure.


Because I’ve been at the pool with one five-year old who wants to swim in the “big pool”, one five-year old who wants to be on the water slide, and one four-year old who can’t understand why she just can’t take off those bikini bottoms that won’t stay up!


Well, I did get to go get a manicure when my husband came home from work tonight, and you can see the color I chose!  (Okay just want to make sure you are seeing the name of the color:  NEED A VACATION)

How are you enjoying summer!?

Treasures in the Trunk

26 Jun

We had such a nice weekend with my parents in town.

They visit about once a month.

The kids become psychotic with excitement in the minutes leading up to their arrival. And before they even get out of the car, the kids beckon their grandpa to open the trunk where they ALWAYS find Toys R Us bags!

Its hard to discern whether my children or my parents or more delighted in each others company. :)

Do you remember excitement in receiving special treasures from your grandparents?

Hanes Makes Sleepwear!

23 Jun

I’ve worked at hospitals since 1995 and since 1995 I’ve been wearing hospital scrubs to bed.  Pretty sad.

I just can’t be bothered to buy pajamas because they never end up lasting or feeling comfortable enough.  But I recently had an opportunity to try out the capri sleep set from Hanes…..awesome experience!

Well, I’m not shocked that they are extremely comfortable because that seems to be Hanes strength…comfort!  The other thing I love is that they are cool.  (Tangent — Have you found your body temperature rising since you had kids?  I used to be cold all the time and now it’s just the opposite.)

And the final aspect of these pjs that I like is that I can walk outside and get the newspaper without being embarrassed because they are cute!

Check them out and all the comfortable clothes for the family at

(Sample provided for review.)

Father’s Day Fun

20 Jun

What a beautiful weekend.  It was really nice to enjoy the warm summer weather and relax maybe a tiny bit after this week.  My husband spent Father’s Day morning playing golf with his dad while I took the kids to the park. There was only one other family at the park but it was one of the twins’ classmates so they had such a nice time playing.

When my husband got back we hit our community pool for the first time this season.  The kids were beyond excited. The were running into friends all over the place.  It was extra special because the twins are now tall enough for the water slide.  Though now that they CAN they realize the slide is a little intimidating.  My daughter got her nerve up though but now tells me she is going to wait until she’s a grown up because after she came down the slide she “drowned”.

Because it was Father’s Day the kids were trying to make it special for their daddy, which included unlimited licks on my daughter’s ring pop.

It’s these everyday moments that are the best.  The only thing that would have made it better is if my dad would have been here too.  We skyped him and the kids had some present requests of him and my mom including “a real rifle with bullets” and “a real magic wand”.

How was your Father’s Day?

Graduation and Nastiness

17 Jun

First let me shout out a giant THANK YOU to the twins’ school for not having a kindergarten graduation!  I mean look, my kids are 5,5 and 4 and I have already attended 5 graduations for them!  (You may remember me ranting about this last year.)

Anyway the little one graduated this week.  Truly I don’t even remember which day because of all the sickness, trauma and sleep deprivation that this family has encountered :)

But it was this week.  And she was excited to get to work on her last day.

Aw look she really is a good sweet kid.  But it’s been pretty obvious throughout the year that her teacher couldn’t stand her.

So when her name was called out and she proudly reached for her diploma, that teacher, announces about my precious baby,

Oh look…a smile…those are far and few in between!

Here’s where I feel like a horrible mother.  I didn’t.say.anything.  I didn’t defend her.

All I could THINK was f**k you b**ch.

So I guess I’m actually glad I showed restraint.

But I was at a school function for the parents 2 nights later and every mom in that class approached me and expressed how badly they felt when they heard the teacher say it.  This was also the broken arm day and I had a few drinks in me so I just felt like crying.

Now that I got a some sleep I don’t feel as rotten but I’m still ruminating a little.   I mean if she made a comment like that in front of a room filled with parents, what was she saying when we weren’t there?  I think on some level my little one knows the teacher disliked her.

But I also know she’s a tough cookie who’s getting tougher everyday!

No one ever said parenting was easy, huh?

Broken Girl

16 Jun

My daughter broke her wrist yesterday at school. She fell off the monkey bars at recess. The nurse called and said “she’s not crying but she won’t let me touch it…which usually isn’t good…”

The not crying lasted until she saw her momma! Her brother helped her get into her car seat and off we went for xrays. Well you know the end of the story. She’s now in a pinkalicious cast for a few weeks.

I know I’m jinxing myself here but I’ve never broken a bone so somehow I never anticipated this kind of injury in my kids, at least not this soon!

You know I was really hoping for a better week after last week’s freaky fevers.

Has your little one has ever had a bone break?

Tantrum at Target

15 Jun

The little one had a tantrum at Target today.

I mean it was very understandable…her rage.  There were no carts available with the two kid seat attachment.  Pretty infuriating huh?

Well it brought back memories of past tantrums at Target.

She was 2 years old there so it seems a little more age appropriate.  But at 4 it just seems bratty.

Who else has tantrumy preschoolers?


Itchy Spots

12 Jun

My daughter has eczema.  She therefore sometimes has dry itchy patches on her body.  When she got out of the tub tonight I wiped her down well and then got out her moisturizing cream.  As I scooped it out ready to slather her body I asked if she had any itchy spots.  She said,

Yes, I do…inside my butt.

A nice start to the week :)

How was your Sunday?

Day 5 in the Feverish Fun House

9 Jun

Yesterday I started hallucinating from lack of sleep.  No really, I was seeing moving objects out of the corner of my eye.  My big guy and little girl have been feverish all these days.  When the meds wear off in the early morning, I am awakened around 4 or 5.  I’m a very bad sleeper to begin with (future posts to come on that) so I never get back to sleep.  I’m dying!

But, we may have turned a corner with the big guy as he is doing better today.  I really need them healthy for Saturday as we have a family event that has been in the works for 2 years.  It would be a real shame for any of us to miss it.

We’ve all been going a little stir crazy.  My son was climbing on me this morning and said,

You smell bad…like beauty.

I’ve been taking them out on one small outing per day while they are medicated and bouncing off the walls. Yesterday was Dunkin Donuts.

My son opted to travel out in the 90+ degree weather with a furry mask while my daughter went for the princess look.

Today we went briefly to Target as I needed supplies like Tylenol and Motrin.  I find it so endearing that while my big girl has been at school during these outings, the little one has been occupying the seat right next to hear brother so they can “talk”.

And speaking of the big girl…as we walked to the bus stop this morning I asked if she has been missing her siblings while at school, kung fu, or swim class without them.  She surprised me when she said,

I don’t miss them.  They take all my stuff.  I need a vacation from them.

Well there you have it.  Would it be to much to ask you to please send us some good health vibes!  I am teetering at the edge :)


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